You deserve some new masturbation toys

There is a lot of fun to be had with masturbation toys. Why not get some new masturbation toys for yourself?

Get these new masturbation toys and you will have fun

These masturbation toys are some of the best I have ever found. I didn’t really think that it was possible for toys to be as fun as these are, but then again I had only owned one before that. I picked up a pocket pussy when I was at the local porn shop and was seriously disappointed by it. I didn’t really believe that I would ever buy any toys again after that.

When I found out about these masturbation toys I thought it is too good to be true. I mean, how could you have a realistic sexual experience with a four pound pile of rubber? Well, the guys who make these toys did a great job molding that rubber and silicone into something that not only feels like the real thing, but it also looks like it, too. They made sure that it was set up just right so that you could mount and fuck it, as well.

These masturbation toys are both made by Mangasm. The first is the DSRV, which I believe stands for doggy style rear view, and it is one hell of a view. It does look like you are staring at a woman who has bent over to present her pink lady to your cock. It has a vagina that feels great and if you are in the mood for something dirty you can go ahead and get in the butt, too. I didn’t expect there to be anything greater than this, but then I found out about another toy in their lineup of ultra realistic fake pussies.

These masturbation toys are great. The Pussy Paradise is almost identical to the DSRV except that it is positioned for missionary style fucking. You can lay down on top of it and slip your dick inside because it is at the right angle. The butt is there for your taking, too. If you are really looking forward to being able to actually let your hips take care of the action then these are the toys that you should be thinking about purchasing. Again, I really thought that these toys wouldn’t be as great as they are, but now I am a believer.

If you get either of the items I mentioned you will be glad. You can find them both at, and one of the best things about that site is the discreet shipping. They will send it to you without a single mark on the package that indicates what is inside. Your credit card statement also won’t show that you bought yourself a sex toy, which is important if there are any ladies looking over the bill. Go over to the site and check out all of the masturbation toys that they have because I am sure you will find something that pleases you.

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