Wahl All-Body Massager

I’d heard lots of great things about the Wahl Massager before I purchased it. It kind of reminded me of the Hitachi being a large brash product that wasn’t really meant to do what many people use it for.

Wahl without headThe Wahl all-body massager almost resembles a hair dryer when you hold it, especially when a couple of the attachments are on it. It is quite a heavy product but it’s quite well-balanced meaning the weight seems less than it really is.

The Wahl has 7 different attachments which all have different purposes;

Facial – This attachment is smooth for a gentle face massage
Muscle Kneading – This stimulates blood flow
Scalp – Stimulates blood flow to the scalp and provides a good head massage
Knuckle & Joints – The triangular shape helps to get into harder places
Deep Muscle – Helps with those tight knots and eases pain
Spot Application – This attachment is for pin-point massages
General Body – For an all over soothing massage

All of the attachments are made of PVC and are slightly flexible. These attachments are easy to push onto the massager and are just as easily removed when you have finished. As they are PVC, they are porous which is unfortunate but at the price point of the Wahl I cannot really complain.

AttachmentsThe attachments are a mixed bag with some performing brilliantly for clitoral stimulation whilst others are great for massaging my stresses away. There isn’t one attachment I really hate which surprised me with saying there are 7 different ones.

Functions And Controls

Controller on the WahlThe Wahl All Body Massager is a mains powered product which has a 9ft cord. We found the length of the cord was great as we don’t have to worry about plug socket locations. As this is an american product a UK plug adapter will be needed.

On the handle of the Wahl there’s a switch that easily slides up to switch on the two settings and then slides back down to switch off the massager. This product is very powerful even on the lowest speed which is perfect for me.

Switching the Wahl to top speed is something I’m going to need to work up to much like I did with my Hitachi. The Wahl is definitely in our top 5 most powerful vibrators and most likely in our top 3. I feel the Wahl is for people who are lovers of power.

With headThis massager is very quiet, even on the most powerful setting, so it can be used discreetly if needed and I was able to fall asleep with it on. This is great as I’ve always hated the loudness of other mains powered vibrators like my Hitachi. I can safely use this toy in the bedroom without Steve noticing even if he’s behind the door.

I can feel the vibrations on the handle during use but not much to become irritating or numbing even after long periods of use. The handle does get a little warm after using it for a while but it doesn’t get anywhere near too hot to handle.

Her Experience

I really like the Wahl Massager as it’s very powerful making me orgasm very quickly if I let it. Even though it’s quite heavy it’s quite well-balanced making it comfortable to use. It’s also great as a standard massager especially thanks to the 6 different attachments available.

If I had to choose between my Hitachi and this I would choose the Wahl. It adds variety of sensations thanks to the attachments, it’s much quieter and more ergonomic.

His Experience

I can see why Rox loves this product as I’ve had a few massages with it and it’s very powerful but still relaxing. It’s great at relieving all of my aches and pains which is great as I get them a lot due to my spine and neck conditions. Having 7 interchangeable heads means that each one has its own job to do and they all feel so different.

Overall Opinion

I would highly recommend the Wahl All-Body Massager to anyone who enjoys really powerful products. Not only does it perform brilliantly as a clitoral stimulator, it works great at giving a relaxing massage at the end of a hectic day.

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