Ultimate Beginner Anal Plug

The Ultimate Beginner Anal Plug from The Adult Toy Shoppe is from the Love Pacifier range from California Exotics. It is my first experience into anal play with myself. Being a newbie to anal play, I was hoping for a beginners toy to start off with before moving onto some of the much larger toys that are out there. I’ve been looking forward to my first butt plug for a while actually.

When a website gives the dimensions of the various parts of the toy, I sometimes wonder how large, or small, the toy may be, and whether the dimensions really are a true representation of the actual toy. The Ultimate Beginner Anal Plug dimensions are as the website describes, and in fact, it actually looks slightly smaller than the dimensions say it is. I knew that I wouldn’t have much trouble to begin with, and I sure wasn’t disappointed.

The plug is certainly a beginners plug. The bulb is approximately the diameter of my thumb, and with a little coaxing I was able to slip it inside my anus. Being a butt plug, plenty of lube never goes astray, and as they say, any amount of lube you use will never be enough. One problem I did have was that the narrow neck made insertion of the toy difficult when your hands and finger and the toy are covered in lube. Relaxing enough to get the toy inside makes it slightly simpler, however trying to insert it on my own proved a little more difficult then I expected the first time I used it.

Subsequent times I tried different angles of insertion, as well as different positions, I haven’t tried them all yet, or at least all the ones I have come up with to determine the best position to make insertion rather easy. I’ll keep at them and report back once I have worked it out.

This butt plug is manufactured from silicone, an excellent material for butt plugs and sex toys in general, and it is phthalates free which is a definite must. One word of warning, even though silicone lube has a longer lasting time in which it acts like a lubricant, it should not be used with this product. It will destroy your lovely toy.

The more I used the Ultimate Beginner Anal Plug, the more comfortable I felt inserting and removing it. Being new to the whole anal insertion experience I was initially hesitant, but as I have used it, I grew more confident each time. I’m sure that you will find the same thing as you experience and play with your anal toys.

I have also recently posted a list of my top tips when it comes to anal toys, and I hope that you find it useful.

Being new to most adult toys in general, this butt plug is also my first experience with anal penetation, and I would certainly recommend this toy to any man or woman who are new to anal plug, and looking to purchase their first butt plug.

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