Top Fantasies

1. A threesome with two guys and myself. I’ve wanted to try this for years, but just haven’t found the right men to make it happen. I don’t understand why some guys have issues about close proximity to another cock, but eh. *shrugs* A girl can dream, damnit!

2. Watching a cute boy give me head while I’m wearing a strap-on. I may not get the sensations a male may get from it, but damn…it’s still sexy as hell. Or fucking someone with a strap-on. There are definitely days I wish I had been born with a cock.

3. Co-topping a cute girl with either my Sir or the ex-military boy (his tag is Mein Hund, and I’m probably going to just refer to him as Hund that from now on). I love the dynamic that having a partner in evil brings to a scene, and I know both Master and my Hund well enough that I know what they’re going to do and where they’re going to take the scene. Yummy.

4. Having one of my lovers watch me playing, be it with toys, another person, or just being able to have them in the same room as a scene I’m in. It makes my inner exhibitionist all happy.

5. Medical play scenes. Hey, I know my kinks, and this is one that always gets me gushy. The whole Doctor/patient thing does nothing for me, but if you stick needles into me and do a blood draw or let me be a distant and medical professional at you…woof. I’m a happy happy girl.

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