The Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls

The Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls come packaged in a clean-looking white box with some tasteful design on the outside. There is a window and on the front of the box to allow you to see the Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls through.

Inside the box the Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls are and presented in some shaped foam with the charger cable, underneath this is the leaflet telling you how the vibrating balls work and there is also some information about the rest of the range.

Size and Shape

The Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls are essentially two vibrating balls linked together with a loop to make removing them easier when you have finished playing.

The shape of these kegal balls is the same as most silicone ben wah or Kegal ball sets and the size is about right for anyone to be able to securely hold them in place when they are being used, not to big or to small as conversely the smaller ones are the harder ones to use as they take more muscle control to hold them in place.

How do they work?

When you first get these balls they will have a small amount of charge in them,  I would advise that you still give the balls a charge before the 1st use.

They come with a USB lead that can be used to charge it either with a computer or an adapter plug which most people have from phone chargers or apple devices. This fits into a small hole on the side of the Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls.

Another thing to note is that when they arrive the Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls have the travel lock on, simply press the power button three times quickly and this will be turned off, then hold down the power button and the vibrations with start, they start off slow initially but keep your finger on that button and they will get faster and stronger.

I like toys that have this kind of speed settings as it means that you can choose exactly how fast or slow you want them to go, on toys which don’t have this you might find that they are either not quite fast enough for you or just too fast.

The button to control the power is on the main body of the toy, I personally didn’t like this and I would prefer the controls to be on the retrieval cord if at all possible to allow it to be controlled whilst it is in use. With it being on the side of one of the balls you can’t do this, once you set the speed and insert the balls you are stuck with the speed that you have.

Feel and Power

As I have already mentioned this is vibrator with variable speeds, it does not have any patterned vibrations just the simple speed setting, it is also rechargeable.

The vibrations are of a medium strength when they are on full which is more than enough for me when been worn internally. They are small enough to be easily inserted with a small amount of lube and comfortable when worn, the silicone loop does feel a little cumbersome at times as it is pretty solid but it’s not something that would put me off from using them.

These vibrate and most people will find it hard to wear vibrating balls to walk around and do anything with as the vibrations make is almost impossible for your muscles to grip it properly, add to that lube making it super slippy and it is a recipe for disaster. I would therefore recommend wearing them without the vibrations turned on if you wish to be able to do other things, but using them with the vibrations turned on if you are just playing and planning on having some fun.

The vibrations do feel good and I would use these whilst playing with my partner but if I wanted something to use as an exercise for my kegals I would use something such else which doesn’t have the vibration option.


The Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls are made from some superb quality silicone which is free from seams and feels soft and warm to the touch. It has a slight stretch to it which means that the balls have some flexibility to them; this makes them comfortable to wear.

Cleaning and Lube

This is a toy that is designed to be used internally and therefore it is super important that it is kept as clean as possible, it is made from body safe silicone and it is also waterproof. This means that it can be washed in some super hot soapy water (but not a dishwasher due to its electrical components). I would advise doing this both before and after each use. I would also recommend that you use a good quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner when you have finished cleaning it with soap and water to ensure that you get rid of any nasty bugs.

As for lube, as always I would recommend a good quality water based lubricant, avoid anything with silicone in it as this could damage this silicone toy.


As vibrating kegal balls go these Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls are pretty good, they do exactly what you would want and exactly what you would expect them to do The vibrations are of a good strength and easy to control, although I would prefer to be able to control them when I am using it not just before and after.

They are rechargeable and easy to recharge with the included lead. They have a travel lock so that they will not go off whilst they are being stored and this should save the battery. The instructions which come with them are very brief but they are so easy to use that you really don’t need much.

They are easy to clean and the box that they come with is good enough quality that you can use it to store them in when they are not been used.

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