Tantus Twist and Juice Plugs

When this series of Tantus plugs came out, I remember having a Pokemon-esque moment of ‘Oh gods, I need all three!’. It’s not normal for me to want a trio of similar toys, but each one has unique differences that call to me.

The Twist, Juice, and Neo all have the same general shape. They’re tapered at top and bottom, with the middle being the widest point. The bases are also all the same, with a thin and long base that tapers at the end without become poke-y or uncomfortable. There’s a fair amount of flex to the base, but the part near where it turns into the ‘stem’ of the plug is much more solid, so I’m not worried about it being pulled into my body by a random muscle spasm. There is a small seam that runs down one of the sides of the Twist, but given the ridges that was to be expected. It’s barely noticeable to the touch, and not at all during use.

The material of these plugs is insanely awesome. I’m not sure what sort of black magic Tantus is cooking up to make these toys so freaking soft and plushy and smooth, but whatever it is, it works. The silicone is honestly the softest and smoothest (without having any drag!) that I’ve ever groped. Embarrassing story time, guys. When I got the package containing my Twist in the mail, I was rubbing it on my face within minutes of getting it out of it’s packaging. It’s that soft! The silicone has a medium amount of squish to it-it’s firmer than their Ryder, but not rock solid. Be sure to take your time with warming up, use lots of lube, and it’ll be just fine. Pet owners take note! This particular silicone does *not* pick up cat hair. I may have tested this out by rubbing one of the new plugs on my cats, but it was FOR SCIENCE, so that makes it ok, right? Right?

In use, these are hugely different toys. While the Juice is solid with only light texture (lines running down it’s length), Twist is an entirely different beastie. It’s highly textured, as it’s shape echoes that of a corkscrew, and while the material is smooth, it’s intense to use. If you’re new to anal play, I would suggest picking up the Juice or the Neo. (While I don’t own the Neo, it’s similar to the Juice in every way, except with even less texture, due to it’s lack of lines.) The Juice is inserted like any other plug, while the Twist is best, well, twisted as it is inserted. It’s a fairly intense sensation, and that was with a fuckton of Sliquid Sassy. I found the best way to get lube on the toy, short of dipping it, was to cover my fingers in it, and then follow the ridges from top to bottom, and also use a fair amount elsewhere. I wasn’t brave enough to try just inserting the Twist without twisting, but I imagine that would be too much for most folks unless they’re a huge fan of texture on their anal toys. The ridges are still noticeable, at least to me, once they’ve been inserted. It’s not uncomfortable, just different, and definitely not something any of my other butt plugs offer.

The Juice performs like most other plugs I’ve had. The light texture from the grooves is nice, but not too much, and I don’t notice it as much as I do the Twist’s texture. The material doesn’t have drag, and given the minimal texture, I didn’t near anywhere near as much lube as with other toys. The base on this series of toys is fabulous. It’s not so wide that it spreads my cheeks uncomfortably, but still sturdy enough that I’m not worried about it going anywhere. The base may look like it curves inward and is going to be pointy, but I promise it’s not! The softness of the silicone means it flattens and adjusts to your body so there’s not poking.

Cleaning these plugs is easy. Tantus’ silicone is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free of phthalates, and is going to last forever with just a bit of TLC. You can wipe your toys down with a 10% bleach solution, put them through the dishwasher (top rack, no dish soap!), or boil them in a pot for 5-10 minutes. For day to day cleaning, I just use anti-bacterial soap and water, and once every other month, gather up all my toys to make a giant pot of dildo soup and boil them. These do need a bit more care cleaning, as there are grooves in the Juice and the Twist has plenty of areas for lube and bodily fluids to collect. There is also the Tantus logo on the side of the base, which is set in slightly, so extra care should be used there. When in doubt, grab a spare toothbrush and scrub! (Make sure you label that toothbrush well, or tuck it into your toy storage. Otherwise, you may have an unpleasant tooth brushing experience. /voice of experience)

Overall, I love both these toys, but the Twist is my favourite of the two. The unique shape and texture offers me something no other toy has so far, and I adore the soft and silky material!

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