Tantus Rascal

The Tantus Rascal is a gorgeous silicone dildo that really delivers on girth and texture! He arrived on my doorstep a few days ago from Tantus, in a discreet brown box. The packaging inside was a clear plastic bag with the Tantus logo on it, as well as free stickers. I plan on giving them out to friends who need to be converted to the world of good quality toys.

Tantus’ toys are 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone which is hypoallergenic, hygienic, odorless, tasteless, phthalate free, and all around awesome. The silicone is firm with very little give, and it’s finish is matte and has some drag to it, so you may need to use a bit of lube. Plus, lube with the ribbed texture is never a bad idea, as feeling like someone has used a grater on your insides is rarely good! Because this is a silicone toy, be careful to use only water based lubes with it. Silicone lubes can react badly with silicone toys, and having a melted Rascal will just ruin your day. You can clean your Rascal by boiling him, putting him through the dishwasher (on the top rack, please!), or tossing him in the sink with either toy cleaner, or antibacterial soap and water.

The Rascal is a girthy wee beastie, at 1 3/4 ” diameter, and 5″ of insertable length. That’s a lot of toy, and you may find that you need to warm up with a slightly smaller toy before taking Rascal on. The shaft curves slightly, perfect for G-Spot play, and the short length ensures that your cervix isn’t going to get battered during more ‘enthusiastic’ thrusting. The base is flared, so it’s harness compatible, although I am not sure how well it would work, given that he’s a rather short toy. There’s a cavity in the bottom of the toy for a bullet, and my Rascal came with a fairly basic one touch bullet that is fairly strong. The vibrations carry well through the silicone, and reach all the way to the tip.

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for: what he’s like in use. 😉 The ridges are probably my favourite thing about Rascal-they’re the perfect tease. Running the ridges over my clit and outer labia feels really good, and when you add the vibrations, I’m in heaven! The texture is also really noticeable when I’m thrusting with it as well, but as I mentioned earlier, if there’s enough lube, it’s never an annoying thing. The base is easy to hold for thrusting, but I’ve found my favourite way to use the Rascal is to have it in me while sitting or lying down and use the Hitachi on my clit. Best. Orgasms. Ever. The ribs give me something to clench on, and it makes my orgasm just that much more intense.

To sum it up:
+ silicone, so able to be completely sterilized
+ girthy, so gives you that awesome full feeling
+ shorter length
+ texture!
+ harness compatible
– the girth may be too much for someone who isn’t a bit of a size queen
– texture, if it isn’t something you enjoy

I give it four paws up out of five!

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