Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream

Mmm, chocolate. One of my all time favourite indulgences. Milk, dark, I’m not picky, just as long as you don’t try to foist any of that white chocolate nonsense on me. (It’s not really chocolate anyhow!) When I was offered some of the Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream from Babeland, I was all over the chance to use a body product that has real chocolate in it!

The Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream is a really thick body cream. The base to the cream is a cocoa butter, and I’d consider it more of a body butter than a cream, really. (If I hold the pot upside down, it’s so thick it won’t spill out, which to me equals body butter.) It contains 100% natural ingredients, including organic, fair trade-certified chocolate (nom!).

The full ingredient list is: distilled water, grape seed oil, shea butter oil, capuacu butter and babassu seed oil infused with organic fair trade cocoa and nibs, cocoa absolute, vegetable emulsifying wax, glycerin, stearic acid, natural chocolate flavor oil, honeysuckle extract, citric acid.
All ingredients are natural and sourced responsibly, so this is something you can gift to friends who are eco-sensitive and who prefer fair trade goods! Because there’s no preservatives, this cream has a 6 month shelf life, and should be stored in a cool and dry place. You can buy it in a 2 oz. container for $8 or an 8 oz. container for $20. I know it may seem a bit steep, but it’s definitely worth the splurge (and this is coming from a cheap/poor student!).
You’re probably wondering how this stuff works. Ridiculously well is the answer. The cream is really heavy, and it moisturizes nicely. After using it for a month, my elbows no longer have the icky rough feeling leftover from the winter. I use it sparingly, and while it does take some extra work to rub in completely, I am not left with a sticky or greasy feeling on my skin. I’ve also used it on my face without having any issues with break outs!

Also, I smell freaking delicious when I wear this! The lotion actually smells like chocolate to me, and I’ve had several of my friends threaten to lick me (This is how we learned that while the cream isn’t edible, it doesn’t taste terrible if you accidentally get some in your mouth.) when I go out after putting some of the Chocolate Body Cream on. It’s definitely not a dark chocolate scent…more of a milk chocolate with some nuttiness to it.

Random side note: The label calls the little pot of lotion a ‘Pot de crème’ which makes my little linguaphile heart happy. ‘Pot de crème’ (pronounced POH-d?-krem) is a cooking term, and it refers to a type of custard!

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