Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

The original Sqweel came out a few years ago which intrigued and impressed many. I was quite impressed by the original product but did feel it could have been made better. As soon as we heard that the Sqweel 2 was about to be released we couldn’t wait to see if the niggles we had with the original had been ironed out.

Sqweel 2 without lidThe exterior of the Sqweel 2 has a gloss finish unlike the original which has a matt finish. I prefer the gloss as it doesn’t show fingerprints as much. Another exterior change is instead of a solid black plastic removable lid the Sqweel 2 is transparent showing the tongues inside. I feel this makes the product look more stylish.
One change I do like about the new version of this product is the change in design cut out of the clam shell. More surface area of the tongues are exposed making placing them on my clitoris easier and more comfortable as the plastic casing is further away.

One of the biggest changes to the look of this sex toy is the control panel. Instead of a sliding mechanism at the base there are 2 buttons on the face of the product. Unlike the original, the Sqweel 2 is available in two colours. I have the black version, which I prefer as I felt the pink tongues contrast better against the black compared to the white version.

Speed Comparison

One of my biggest gripes about the original Sqweel was cleaning due to the internal texture of the clamshell case. This issue has been resolved with this new version as it’s completely smooth making cleaning a breeze. The Sqweel 2 has a new locking feature which stops the case coming off when you don’t want it to which is a nice addition.

10 tonguesThe Sqweel 2 tongues look very similar to the original only sporting a more striking colour and being made of silicone. The amount, the size and the angle of tongues stay true to the original. The only important functional difference I can tell is that the Sqweel 2 tongues are more rigid and less squishy.

The extra rigidity of the tongues may only seem slight to the touch of the finger but once on my clitoris this difference is more noticeable. This rigidity causes more drag compared to the original even when lubed up. I prefer the original’s more flexible tongues by a long way to a point I’ve put the old tongues in the new casing as they are compatible.

Overall I feel the styling of this product has improved in most ways except for the tongues which for me is the most important aspect. The redesign of the Sqweel makes it look more expensive than it is and it looks more of a finished product.

Functions and Controls

PackagingAccording to the marketing blurb, the Sqweel 2 is 30% more powerful than the original. After comparing the two side by side at their top speed I couldn’t tell a difference. So after some slow motion video recording I found the original Sqweel to actually be slightly faster than the Sqweel 2. I double checked the batteries and swapped with the original Sqweel winning every time.

This makes me feel the 30% more powerful claim is to do with the other 2 speeds as they are much more powerful. Like its predecessor the Sqweel 2 has three speeds but it also has the ability to reverse the direction of the tongues and has a ‘Flicker’ Mode.

The Flicker mode of the Sqweel 2 changes the direction of the tongues every 3/4′s of a rotation. You can change the speed of the Flicker mode by pressing the play button which is good to see. I prefer the standard rotation feature of this product but I think others will like this function.

The biggest difference between the original and this one by a mile is the 3 selectable speeds. As I said before I much preferred the slower speeds of the original Sqweel. So as you can imagine much to my huge disappointment the slower speeds of the Sqweel 2 are much more powerful than its predecessor. The first speed of the new Sqweel is probably just a little more powerful than the second speed of the original.

Slow Motion Analysis

The reason why I like the slower speeds so much is that it feels much more like oral sex than the higher speeds. I spend much of my time on the slowest speed on the original and only move up to the second speed now and again but usually move back down soon after. This slower speed causes less drag also which is extremely important for a product of this nature.

Spinning Sqweel TonguesWhen I heard that the Sqweel 2 was going to have 30% more power I felt that they might just increase the power of the top speed which wouldn’t have bothered me. By basically removing the two lower speeds they’ve removed the only reason I liked the original Sqweel which is a massive shame.

One of the other new touted features of the Sqweel 2 is that it’s “Quieter than ever”. The two toys definitely sound different with the new version having a deeper, less sex toy sound and would agree that it’s quieter than the original. There’s quite a big difference between the two but Steve still can hear it outside a closed-door. I feel volume is always going to be a big obstacle with a toy like this due to the mechanism so I have to applaud Lovehoney for improving this.

With lidControlling the Sqweel 2 is much easier and I’m less likely to accidentally change the mode I’m on thanks to the buttons. The buttons also light up once the unit is on so controlling this sex toy in the dark is simple.

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