Spartacus Fleece Lined Blindfold

The Spartacus Fleece Lined Blindfold is a leather blindfold with a fleece lining the inside. It has two elastic straps that hold it in place and is fairly solidly constructed. The fleece and the leather are sewn together with stitching around the outside, and the elastic band is sewn on between the piece of leather and the piece of fleece. The blindfold measures 8 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide, not including the elastic band.

Now, I should start the experience part of this review out by saying I hate sensory deprivation. I can’t stand having my eyes covered, even during non-kinky sex, so when my Master decided to start poking at my buttons and playing with this particular fear, I was not a happy girl. But…I’m his, and I trust him, so decided to try to take the experimenting with as much grace and as little hyperventilating as possible. I was told to kneel as he put the blindfold on, and then guided so I was half bent over the bed. Various painful and interesting things happened, but this isn’t the post to go into details. Another post later, maybe. Not being able to see where in the room my Master was, or see what the hell he just hit me with definitely made the experience a lot more intense for both of us. I found I was pushed into subspace a lot faster than I normally get there, and that I also was needier during aftercare and required more cuddling/reassurance than usual.

The blindfold was very comfortable against my face. The fleece lining isn’t perfectly soft or smooth, but I didn’t find it irritating. Well, not physically irritating, that it. I had my hair pulled back in a ponytail at the crown of my head, and we found the straps worked best when one was above and the other below the ponytail. Despite my best efforts during the scene to rub the blindfold off against the sheets so I could see *something*, it stayed firmly in place. Blast.

How does it work at blocking out the light? Far too well for my comfort. When it’s settled in place, I can’t see anything. Nada. Even with my eyes open, there’s total darkness. It’s a very disconcerting feeling for me, but I’m sure some will love it! It’s definitely comfortable enough that you could use it as a sleep mask. I’ve also used this with a male submissive I play with, and he found it worked quite well to block out the light for him and his facial structure as well, but said that it was a bit tight to be completely comfortable.

The nose piece of this blindfold is a bit on the small side, so if you have a broader nose, you may feel a bit pinched (although this may be something that amuses the top/sadist in your life) Another thing I have noticed is that the leather on the front has wrinkled slightly with use and storage, which hasn’t effected the use of the blindfold, but does spoil the aesthetics a bit.

To take care of your blindfold, simply wipe down the leather portion with a damp cloth after use to remove and sweat/bodily fluids from the leather and allow it to dry thoroughly before storage. You could also used Saddle Soap to clean the leather more thoroughly if you wanted. I am unsure how to go about cleaning the fleece part of the blindfold, as there were no care instructions included with it. I’d recommend storing it somewhere flat, to try to avoid more wrinkles or bends in the leather!

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