Sinclair Institute’s Glass Crystal G-Spot Wand

The colour green is one of my favourites. Neon, emerald, kelly green, any shade really. I love them all. Sadly, in the sex toy industry, green is a colour that is apparently isn’t cool. Most companies seem to think that women will only use a toy if it’s a ‘non threatening’ shade like pink or purple. Luckily, some toy companies offer other colour options, and I may have squeed a little when I saw the gorgeous mint green detailing on the Glass Crystal G-Spot Wand.

The G-Spot Wand isn’t a terribly large piece, as it measures 6 inches across from tip to tip. The shape is this odd almost a semi-circle/ the letter ‘J’, with three bloops on the more curved end. It’s also fairly thin, at only 1.25 inches diameter. The toy is clear, with really beautiful and delicate twining vine details in green. I absolutely love the way this toy looks! It’s gorgeous, and I want to leave it out on my desk where I can occasionally reach over and pet it because it’s that pretty. (I may be a bit superficial, but looks can be everything sometimes.) The green vines do have a slight texture to them, enough that you can feel a bit of roughness/texture when you rub your fingers over them, but it’s not noticeable during use.

The dildo is borosilicate glass, which is what Pyrex baking dishes are made of. This is a great choice for sex toys because it’s resistant to temperature extremes (though switching from extreme hot to extreme cold is a good way to snap your toy), and less likely to break. This means that you can warm or cool your toy for sensation play without worrying about damaging it. If I’m using a glass toy for temperature play, I leave the toy in a bowl of hot, but not boiling water, or one with ice in it for about 5 minutes. Be smart, guys, and test the temperature of the glass before you insert it into someone. Burning or freezing your partner’s ass or pussy is a good way to get your access pass to those regions revoked. You should check your glass out for chips or cracks before you use it as well.

Special storage is pretty much required so your piece of glass isn’t damaged. This toy didn’t come with a bag of any description, and the original packaging was far too bulky for me to keep, as space is at a premium, and my sex toy drawers already runneth over. I ended up making a padded bag of my own to store it, but there are definitely commercial options out there. Worse case scenario, you can always store your dildo in a clean sock or two. The glass won’t pick up lint, so you won’t have to worry about that, and cleaning glass toys is fairly simple. Water and antibacterial soap works well for day to day cleaning, and to totally sterilize it, you can boil your toy for 5 minutes, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, or even toss it in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Glass is compatible with any and all types of lubes, so grab silicone or water based lubricant, it really doesn’t matter. I found I didn’t need lube unless I was playing with this toy anally, as it is a fairly small dildo, and I get wet easily. The shape of the G-Spot Wand actually is well designed for g-spot play. This shouldn’t be a shock, but hey, false advertising happens, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when a toy does what it’s supposed to do! The ball on the end of the wand manages to find my g-spot easily due to the curve, and could reasonably be compared to the smaller end of the Pure Wand. The similarities stop there though. The length of the G-Spot Wand means that there isn’t much extra toy to hold on to when you have it inserted, and that makes for messier masturbation. I end up with come and lube all over my fingers and hand, and it makes it difficult to keep a good grip on it. My partner also had similar issues when he used it on me. I think that it would have been improved by another inch or two of length. (Please note my maturity and the lack of ‘That’s what she said’ type comments at this time.) My g-spot is set a bit more deeply, though, so your mileage may vary.

I can definitely orgasm from masturbating with the G-Spot Wand. The length and slipperiness issues mean that I can’t thrust as hard or fast as I normally would, which results in me not having my normal ‘gushing’ g-spot orgasms. Instead, I just get really wet, but there are not puddles to deal with afterwards. This may be a bonus. It certainly means less laundry to wash afterwards! That being said, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this often, though, as I already have a Pure Wand, and it has the extra weight and length to get me off in sheet soaking ways that the G-Spot Wand can’t.

I give the Glass Crystal G-Spot Wand 4 damp paws up out of 5. It’s a lovely piece of glass, and would be great for a lot of people, but I personally need a bit more length in my g spot toys.

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