Shunga exotic massage oil-Fuzzy Peaches

Shunga exotic massage oil by Shunga Erotic Art is a brilliant sensual product. I’m an amateur masseuse, and this is definitely one of the better oils I have managed to get my paws on! It currently comes in nine different scents, however my review is on the Peach.

The peach scent is very sweet, almost candy-like, but not sickeningly so. It reminds me of Fuzzy Peaches with a very light floral undertone. After a few minutes, the sweetness dies down and it becomes much more faint and subtle. You almost have to have your nose against the skin to smell it at all ten minute after application, which is a good thing, as my Sir apparently doesn’t appreciate smelling like candy! There’s no aftertaste to the oil either, so licking over the areas you’ve just massaged is still on the menu.

The bottle is clear with a black flip-up top, and the front has an erotic Nishiki-e (gorgeous style of Asian woodcut printing) print of a couple having sex, with the woman seated in the man’s lap. I think the bottle would probably not raise any eyebrows if someone gave it a quick glance, but if they picked it up to get a better look at the picture it could make for an awkward conversation. I would suggest keeping it tucked away from visiting relatives or friends! The lid seems to hold up well and hasn’t leaked in my toy box, but if you were traveling with it, I would probably put it in a plastic bag just to be safe. The back of the bottle has a quick description of the oil in multiple languages as well as the ingredients, which are: Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sesame Oil, Avocado Oil, Safflower Oil, Vitamin E, Ylang Ylang, Fragrance. You get 8 oz. of product, and even with the half dozen or so massages I have given since I got it, there’s still more than 3/4ths of a bottle left, so it’s a very generous size.

The consistency is just about perfect. It’s not too thick or gloopy and it’s not overly watery. I usually pour out a palm full (a highly technical measurement, I know) and rub it between my hands to warm it before pouring it onto my partner’s back. I found that it didn’t leave skin feeling overly greasy during the massage, it just enhanced sensations and reduced the drag of my hands. I also didn’t need to keep constantly re-applying the oil during the massages, which usually lasted 15-25 minutes. It doesn’t take too much oil to make skin pleasantly slick, just make sure you don’t put too much on, or it won’t absorb properly into the skin. However, if you do have too much oil, you can always wipe it away with a cloth once the massage is finished or go hop in the shower with your partner to rinse off.

This product is worth investing in if you like nicely scented massage oils that aren’t overpowering and last well. I’m lusting after the other eight scents right now, and really wish that Shunga offered a sample pack of all the different oils. I’m also going to be checking out more of their products in the future, and will be buying more of this oil when I eventually run out!

I give it 5 paws up out of five!

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