Sex and Metal’s Vanquisher

I’m sure it’s shocking to exactly none of my readers that I’m kinky. I’m active in my local scene, run a kinky educational group, and my fiance and I have an entire wall dedicated to our toy collection. So, when posted that they were looking for toy reviewers who might be interested in reviewing some of their toys, I jumped at the chance. I’d been admiring their products for a while, especially The Vanquisher, The Reaper, and The Bird Cage (seriously, please click over. It’s well worth a look and worth drooling over.) Sadly, my apartment is too small for the Bird Cage, so they sent me the Vanquisher.

This toy is a dragon’s tongue (Dragon’s tail is another name I’ve seen used) style impact toy. It’s essentially a length of thin silicone that has been rolled into a tube, leaving a single curling tip at the end. The handle is utterly gorgeous. It’s steel, though it comes in gorgeous candy apple red finish as well, and has been etched with a tribal design on the sides. The edges of the design feel like they’ve been lightly buffed so there’s no sharp edges, and it does add a bit of extra grip to the metal. There’s a loop at the end to hang your toy from or to thread a handle through as extra security during use-mine came pre-threaded with a leather lacing loop.

Materials: raw powder coated steel and silicone
Handle length: 7 inches
Length of tail: 20.5 inches
Width of tail: 3 inches at the widest point

When it arrived, Sexandmetal had packaged it well in a plain box with paper packing to keep it safe. The return address was listed as ‘S.A.M.’, with nary a mention of ‘Kinky Sex Toys inside this box!’. The silicone tail had been folded over, but because silicone is such a resilient material, it instantly bounced back to it’s normal shape and this didn’t effect the accuracy of the toy during use.

The Vanquisher is easy to take care of. Silicone and metal are both non-porous, and they can be disinfected between partners by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. I bring this up because I could maybe see this toy breaking skin, and unlike a leather toy, you can actually clean this material and use it with other partners afterwards! I’ve also used medical grade cleaning wipes on mine, and have seen no discoloration of the metal or any issues with the silicone. Storing your toy is also simple. Hang it up, tuck it into a drawer, or just leave it in your toy bag! The one downside I’ve noticed is that the silicone of the tail loves to pick up dust and cat fur in my house, so I’ve taken to storing it with a plastic ziplock style bag over the tail. Also, if you’re a material snob, you can rest easy. This silicone arrived with no smell, no taste, and while I’m not going to perform a flame test on it, I’m fairly confident that it is 100% silicone!

This is definitely a versatile toy! There’s so many ways you can use it, and the variety sensations that are produced are pretty impressive. I wouldn’t recommend this for the beginner kinkster, though, unless you already know that they’re a masochist. All of the different types of sensations the Vanquisher can produce are pretty intense and on the stingy side. I have left a variety of marks on my bottoms from pink marks to bruises to welts with this toys.

You can throw the Vanquisher in a variety of ways. Here’s a few of the ways that I’ve used it the last few times I’ve had a scene:
1. Like a flogger. I use a ‘figure 8′ pattern when I flog, bringing the toy down in longer strokes along the back. The more of the toy that makes contact with your bottom, the thuddier it is.
2. Like a whip, or a ‘rat-tail’ towel. I tend to hold on to the very tip of the tail to aim the toy for better accuracy. Using the toy like this tends to be a far stingier impact.
3. Flicking it. I was shocked at how much sensation (and squeaks and whimpers) was produced by just flicking the tip over my bottom’s skin.
4. Doubling the tail in half and using it the silicone portion as an incredibly thick and thuddy impact toy. I usually hold the very tip against the handle with my palm so I don’t lose my grip.

These will all feel different, but are all fairly intense sensations. I’ve also noticed that there can be a bit of a delay between the impact and actually feeling it. When I first tried the toy out (Soapbox moment: I think as a responsible top you should test what your new toys feel like on yourself before you use it on another person.), I flicked it against my outer calf. My thought process was “Oh, this isn’t so ba…wait, tingles…oh. Ow. Ow. Ow.” I’m pale, so my skin instantly pinked up too. It was an interesting sensation and reminded me yet again of why I am not a masochist.

I’ve used this on a few different bottoms at this point and they all have different reactions to it. T. loved it, and the sharpness of the sensation made her squeak and giggle. (She’s the lovely model in my pics sporting the pretty triangular marks). J. prefers thuddy toys, so we tried it once, and it was deemed ‘way too stingy’ for her. N.’s reaction was “Owch! That hurts…but I kinda like it!”. We ended up having to vary the stingy stuff with thuddier toys, but she said it was definitely something she wants to play with again. In all three scenes, I had warmed the bottom up well with other toys that were definitely on the thuddier side. I don’t see anyone handling this toy well without a good warmup unless they’re insanely heavy masochists.

Overall, this is a great toy. The quality and craftsmanship are excellent, it’s unique looking (Admit it, you like having toys no one else at the party has. Everyone does.), and it packs one hell of a stingy wallop. I’d recommend it for anyone who has a heavy bottom, folks who like stingier play, and kinksters who want to add something that’s a bit more evil to their toy bag. I personally love mine!

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