Posh Silicone Performance Kit

Calexotics kindly provided the Posh Silicone Performance Kit for us to review, and I am looking to share my thoughts with you in a way that words just don’t quite express.


Silicone is considered to be hypoallergenic and phthalate free. Silicone is considered one of the safest sex toy materials, however it still retains smells after use. So don’t expect a smell free toy after use, especially without a condom.


As with all silicone toys, it is advisable to avoid using silicone based lubricants. I personally recommend Astroglide lubricants as they are not only safe for use with the Performance Kit, but are also high quality themselves.


The three different sized cock rings make this toy suitable for most couples without having to try finding a cock ring to suit the male of the relationship. Being an average sized male I found the middle sized ring to be the best size for me. I am yet to try out, but I’m wondering if the largest ring would fit over my cock and balls and sit right at the base of my cock. Will have to try that out soon.

The butt plug is solid enough to feel it within my ass, but also soft enough to not be uncomfortable and press on areas that have been prodded by other more solid toys. The large base actually sits on my bum cheeks rather then deep in my butt crack. The length between the base and the narrowest portion of the butt plug is just enough to allow me to sit down, but walking around leads to some movement of the plug out of my ass. If I had a less plump ass, maybe it would stay inside me while walking around.


The Posh Silicone Performance Kit didn’t really enhance my performance above anything I regularly experience with other cock rings and butt plugs. Being a supple butt plug, yet solid enough to allow easy insertion makes this a toy almost perfect. The only flaw with the toy is the large round base which I would prefer to be more ‘T’ shaped to sit between my bum cheeks.

The cock rings feel good, and I would consider the Posh Silicone Performance Kit an above average toy, but definitely not perfect.

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