How to Bring Sex Toys into a New Relationship

Dating brings with it all sorts of tiny milestones, from sharing that first kiss to meeting each other’s friends for the first time. You may store your toothbrush at your partner’s house, but are you ready to bring your sex toys into the bedroom yet? This implies that you have reached a certain level of comfort and trust. If you already have a great love life but want to spice it up a bit with erotic toys, the first step is to find out if your partner agrees.

Communication is always a good idea when you’re up for trying anything new in bed. This is one case when the element of surprise may work against you and leave your partner feeling unsure of how to react. It’s natural to feel a bit awkward bringing up your sexual proclivities with someone you have only known for a short time, but you can look at having a real down-to-earth sex talk as an important part of getting to know each other.

Be sure to bring up the subject when you’re in a safe, comfortable, and private environment. Although you may feel thrilled about the idea of trying something new, it’s possible that your partner will feel threatened or inadequate. Reassure him or her that this is not the case, but that you feel that bringing a sex toy into the bedroom might be something that you feel would be an exciting journey to take together. It’s helpful if you have some idea in mind of the type of toy you’d like to try, so that you can answer any questions your partner might have. Remain open-minded to your partner’s fears and requests to find a solution you both can enjoy.

You both may be open to bringing sex toys into the relationship, but if you’re new to this type of activity as a couple it can be intimidating at first. A good way to ease into getting more adventurous between the sheets is by playing sex games, which tend to be light-hearted and playful. Games can range from the slightly silly to the completely naughty depending on your preference. Sexy dice or card games can be a good way to start exploring new territory and make for excellent foreplay. Roleplaying can also be a fun way to experiment before you bring in a physical toy.

Shopping for sex toys together can help build excitement and will help ensure that you’re on the same page when it comes to kinks. You may be all about full-on bondage gear, but your partner may have a more traditional Rabbit vibrator in mind to start with. If you’re feeling shy about visiting an adult store in person, you can find no shortage of toys online. Read reviews of these products carefully and do your research to find something that will suit you both.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to introduce toys into a new relationship is something that each couple will have to evaluate on an individual basis. Communication, research, and a willingness to get a bit outside of your comfort zone in the pursuit of pleasure can help bring your relationship to a whole new level.

Bondage Boutique’s Hog Hide Twelve Tail Flogger

The Bondage Boutique Hog Hide Twelve Tail Flogger was sent to me by Lovehoney for review, and I had hoped that it would be similar to a particularly stingy and evil flogger I had seen before but couldn’t afford.

This flogger measures 31 inches overall, and the tails are 22.5 inches. Each fall is braided, and ends in a tassel with a knot holding it together. The braids are all tightly woven and don’t look as though they will fray any time soon. The same goes for the tassels. It’s a well constructed toy overall. The handle of the flogger is lightweight, and a bit longer than I am used to at 8.5 inches long.

The downfall of this toy is the material. Yes, it’s leather, but it’s hog hide leather, and however Bondage Boutique’s leather supplier treated and processed it leaves a *lot* to be desired. Simply put, this toy stinks. Badly. Leather used for BDSM toys should smell good, like an expensive pair of shoes, a nice jacket, or maybe even a baseball glove. This did not. It smelled like a package of pig ears, and unless you are a golden retriever, I think most of you will agree that is not a sexy scent in a toy.

When my boyfriend first opened the package from Lovehoney, he thought that there was some sort of chemical off-gassing in the box (I’m so proud of him for making that connection. 6 months ago, he had no idea what phthalates were…and now I’ve thoroughly corrupted him to my body-safe sex toy loving ways.) it smelled so strongly. We ended up hanging the flogger in an empty closet for several weeks before using it, hoping the smell would go away. I wasn’t willing to put it in my toy bag, for fear the smell would transfer onto my other leather pieces and fabrics.

After about a month, the scent went away enough that I felt better about using it on someone, though I still wasn’t ok with putting it in with the rest of my toys. The smell was still noticeable to the point my bottom for the night commented on it while she was picking the toys we were going to use for our scene.

The toy handles well, though the tails and handle are a bit long for me. (I’m 5 ft 6 with size medium hands, so my arm span and grip are smaller.) The tails do fly well in a group, and you don’t have to worry about rogue falls wrapping around your bottom’s ribs. Unless that was your intent, that is. I would have preferred a slightly heavier weight of leather, because when you combine that with the length of the tails it makes them slightly more difficult to control.

The sensation this toy produces is mostly sting. The braided falls end in little knots that have ‘tails’, which is going to give you sting no matter what, but this could have been a much more versatile toy with some extra weight. You’d have been able to switch between thud or sting depending on how much of the falls you hit with. If you strike with just the very tips, this flogger is stingy as hell. Hitting with the tips and more of the falls make it slightly more thuddy, but not much. If you hold the handle with two hands and swing it like a baseball bat and you’re trying to hit that last ball of the game over the fences, you can make thud happen. But I’m a lazy top, and an entire scene like that would be exhausting, so stingy it is!

This toy would be good for you if you have bigger hands than I do, don’t mind toys that smell strongly, and like lightweight and stingy toys. For me, while it is definitely unique, I can’t overlook the flaws to completely love this flogger. I give it 3 paws out of 5, taking one off for the smell and another for the lightness of the leather.

Kama Sutra’s Honey Dust

Now, I normally don’t bother with cute ‘foreplay’ type items or things like whipped cream and sprinkes or honey (Seriously, have you actually brought that stuff into your bed? It gets everywhere, and I have it on good authority from one of my friends that if you get honey in your hair, it takes no less than 3 washings to make the sticky clumps go away.). But, Kama Sutra has a reputation for making good stuff, and I love the taste of strawberries, so I thought I’d give this a try when TabuToys offered me a chance to review their Strawberry Honey Dust.

The Lust Dust came in a large tin that is 4 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches wide-about the size of one of those big cans of tomato sauce (sexy comparison, I know, but hey, it works!). The tin is elegant looking, and the main colour is a medium green with a gold overlay. While I’m not sure if the pattern is actually Indian, I could definitely see this as the pattern on a gorgeous sari. I think that you could leave the tin out in your bedroom without raising too many eyebrows. It actually fits in well with the colour scheme in my bedroom, so I have mine on my dresser.

The powder itself is very light. It makes me think of powdered (icing/confectioners) sugar, or maybe flour that’s be well sifted. It’s soft, fluffy, and isn’t clumpy at all. The Strawberries and Champagne powder has been tinted a soft pink, more like a pastel baby’s blanket colour than Pepto Bismal.

The powder itself is made from a cornstarch base with the addition of glucose, honey, flavor, silica,saccharin and colors/dyes. You’ll want to avoid getting this near your/your partner’s pussy, as the sugars in it can (and probably will) cause a yeast infection. It’s gluten and paraben free, so if you or your partner have allergies to them, this dust won’t give you a bad reaction!

Other than that? It performs just like any corn starch powder. It applies easily and doesn’t make you feel like a powdered doughnut unless you manage to put way too much on. A light dusting leaves you feeling silky smooth, keeps you dry, smells lightly of strawberries and is absolutely lick-able and kissable. There is a slight chalky taste and feel, but it only happens if you absolutely douse yourself or your partner with this.

The taste…really isn’t that bad. I almost expected it to be a sickly sweet ‘candy’ type flavour, but no. It’s definitely sweet and strawberry, but I didn’t find that it was horribly artificial or overly sweet (especially in the small amounts you’ll be using!).

The feather duster included with the kit is nice, but I’m a bit iffy about feathers. I would have liked to have known how they were sourced, and how Kama Sutra cleaned them before they made them into a duster. My cat, on the other hand, has no such qualms, and has stolen it as her new favourite toy ever. I bought a large poofy blush brush from my local drug store for a few dollars, and use that instead for application. It works just as well, probably even better. I found dipping the brush into the powder, then tapping some of the excess dust off before applying it to skin worked best so I didn’t end up with too much.

Ingredient list: Corn Starch Modified, Glucose, Zea Mays (corn) Starch, Honey, Flavour, Silica, Sodium Saccharine, Sodium Benzoate, Red 33, Red 40

Overall, this is an excellent kit for a bit of tasty foreplay! I give it 4 strawberry scented paws up out of 5!

Spartacus’ Blown Glass G-Spot Dildo

One of my favorite colors of glass is cobalt blue. I’m obsessed with the stuff, and have been known to scour thrift stores and antique shops for blue bottles and glasses whenever I can. TabuToys offered Spartacus’ Blown Glass G-Spot Dildo in Blue to me, and once I saw the color I couldn’t refuse. While this isn’t as deep a blue as my beloved cobalt, it’s still a pretty shade that’s somewhere between that and sky blue.

This glass g-spot toy is a very simple design. The head is a upward curving ‘bloop’ of glass, the shaft is perfectly smooth, thin and relatively short, and the handle is a loop/circle. The widest point of the ‘bloop’ is 1.5 inches in diameter, and it ends in a very rounded ‘head’. I found that the handle works well for various sized fingers. I wear a size medium glove and my mate wears a size large, and we both could fit two fingers into the loop comfortably.

The packaging for this dildo was a cardboard tube, with an insert in the middle to hold the toy in place. While I liked that the box was a hexagon shape, it was far too large and bulky for storage, and Spartacus didn’t include any sort of storage bag. I’ve taken to storing my glass toys in random bright (read as: obnoxious) socks that I find at Walmart on clearance. Tacky Halloween/Easter/Christmas socks make excellent toy bags for glass! Glass won’t pick up lint, and it is easy to clean. Water and antibacterial soap works well for day to day cleaning, and to totally sterilize it, you can boil your toy for 5 minutes, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, or even toss it in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

This dildo is made of borosilicate glass, which is what Pyrex baking dishes are made of. This is a great choice for sex toys because it’s resistant to temperature extremes (though switching from extreme hot to extreme cold is a good way to snap your toy), and less likely to break. (Also, if it does break, it will break into large chunks rather than tiny splinters.) This means that you can warm or cool your toy for sensation play without worrying about damaging it. If I’m using a glass toy for temperature play, I leave the toy in a bowl of hot, but not boiling water, or one with ice in it for about 5 minutes. Be smart and test the temperature of the glass before you insert it into someone. Burning or freezing your partner’s ass or pussy is a good way to spoil the mood and possibly get banished to the couch for the night. You should also check your glass out for chips or cracks each time before you use it as well.

This is a pretty simple and basic dildo, and I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by it. However, I was nicely surprised at how well it got me off. The bloop at the end of the toy is nicely angled to hit my g-spot when I’m thrusting, and it’s wide enough that it feels slightly less filling than two fingers. The angle of the head also helps keep my wrist from cramping up when I’m jacking off (Please tell me that I’m not the only one this happens to! Weird angles+epic jack off session=wrist cramps, and occasionally tingly fingers for me.) I’ve come several times while I used the Blown G-Spot dildo, and they’ve been good orgasms. Not gushing/squirting, but very wet, if that makes sense? Short version: this is a great piece if you’re just getting into glass toys or g-spot toys, and well worth investing in.

As always, be careful to not get too carried away when you’re masturbating with a really solid toy, such as metal or glass. Internal bruising can (and does! Bruising your cervix freaking sucks!) happen from thrusting too hard.

I give this 4 blue paws up out of 5! If there had been some sort of storage pouch, I would have given this a 5 out of 5.

Fleshlight’s Frankenstein Dildo

It’s a grey and gloomy time of year, so I thought something a bit dark and morbid would be appropriate…luckily Shevibe had the perfect toy for this!

While Fleshlight is known for their male masturbation sleeves, they branched out into dildos and came out with their ‘Freaks’ line. If you’re a fan of classic horror and/or sci-fi, this line may be for you. The Freaks line has 5 dildos and 5 masturbation sleeves, each paired into male and female versions of fantastic monsters. The options are: Dracula, Frankenstein, Alien, Zombi, and Cyborg. I have to say that my favourites in the line up are the Dracula pair. The dildo has really lovely colouring, and dear gods, the bat-wing shaped labia on the sleeve are adorable!

Now, this is (please pardon the pun, but it has to be made) a monster of a dildo. A giant cock. It’s freaking huge, dude. The Frankencock is 10.25 inches long, with 8.25 inches of that being insertable and is 2.14 inches wide. Definitely the sort of toy a size king or queen would enjoy! It’s also a heavy toy, given how big it is. This is a good and bad thing. I tend to enjoy thrusting with my toys, but when you’re using a 2 pound toy, it’s best to either let someone else use this toy on me (My boyfriend is very obliging, luckily), or to just insert it and leave it there. I guess you could also put it on a flat surface and straddle it, fucking yourself with it, but I’m lazy when it comes to masturbation, and just stick with option A or B.

The details on this dildo are what makes it epic. Even the box, while oversized and really not practical for storage, had a horror film inspired font in several places. On the dildo itself, there are suture marks, nuts, bolts, and even a ‘tear’ on the base of the shaft that reveals a pipeline instead of a urethra. This toy looks like it was a missing prop from a XXX version of Frankenstein, and is decidedly ghoulish. My inner goth is thrilled!

The silicone is fairly firm, having a bit of squish to it. What the picture doesn’t show you is that the colour isn’t just green. There’s a slight shimmer to it, as well as an odd purple-ish undertone. The toy also has a shiny finish, so it picks up hair, dust, and lint like crazy. I don’t have a ziplock big enough to store this in, so I’ve resigned myself to having to wash it before (and after!) every use. Luckily, the cleaning is easy, like most silicone toys. Washing with soap and water works for day to day cleaning, and to deep clean/completely sterilize, you’ll want to put it through the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap!), boiled for 3-5 minutes, or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. I honestly don’t have a pot big enough to boil this in and get it completely submerged, so what I’ve been doing is boiling the top half, flipping the toy over, then boiling the bottom. It’s a bit more time consuming, but I personally prefer it over using bleach. Also, you may need to use a toothbrush to get bits of cum and lube out of the really textured parts.

The Frankencock isn’t the sort of toy you can just shove in and jack yourself into a monster cock induced haze. I had to warm up beforehand with a smaller toy so the stretch didn’t kill my poor vagina. A bit of water based lube (you should only use water based lube with a silicone toy, y’all!) was also needed in the switch from the smaller toy to the monster one. The finish of the silicone itself means there is a lot of drag, and chafing sucks.

I’m a bit of a texture slut, so all the sutures, ridges, and bits and pieces of monster-y goodness were awesome for me! You can definitely feel all of the detailed pieces, and the ridges rub against my G-spot. The angle isn’t enough to give me a G-spot orgasm, but it’s a nice bit of added stimulation to my orgasm. It’s admittedly not for everyone, but if you’re like me, you’ll love it. I do find that if I’m having an epically jack off session, it can chafe a bit. Apart from that, I think it’s amazing and give it 5 monstrous paws up out of 5!

A review of Vixen’s Leoweenie!

When you are a sex toy company that comes out with an orange dildo, you have my attention. When you come out with an orange dildo that is body safe and has freaking BATS all over it, though… Not only do you have my attention, but also my love, promises of undying affection, and all the flailing fangirl enthusiasm a former goth can muster. This translates to lots, but I’m too cool to show it. That, and if I get too excited I’ll overheat, and then my eyeliner runs.

The Vixen Leoweenie is a special edition of their Leo dildo, which normally comes in purple and black. It’s a pretty awesome shade of orange. Not quite a ‘fake Halloween pumpkin’ shade, but it’s not a neon colour either. Inside the dildo, there are a bunch of small black bats, each around an inch long. Depending on where the bats are in the silicone, some of them may look more grey than black. Mine had 7 bats, most of which were perfectly in silhouette, and one or two were on a slight angle. The Leoweenies are hand made, so how many bats you get and their placement is going to vary. The base to the Leo is a suction cup, and it sticks really well. I stuck it to the side of my shower, you know, like you do, and it stayed there for about an hour before losing it’s grip.

The shaft is almost entirely smooth, with some subtly raised pieces that remind me of melted wax dripping down a candle. The head is more realistic, with a pronounced corneal ridge, slit, and foreskin wrinkles. I don’t care for hyper-realistic toys for the most part, but this is just the right combination of realistic and artistic for me. There’s an upward curve to the shaft, which means the head will rub against your g-spot or prostate during use. The head is larger and defined enough that there is a bit of a popping sensation when you pull the dildo all the way out.

The Leo isn’t a huge dildo. For me, it’s on the medium size, but then I’m a bit of a size queen. The length is 8 inches over, and 7 inches are insertable. The diameter is 1.75 inches, which I think is pretty reasonable for both anal and vaginal use, especially when you take into account the way Vixen’s silicone feels.

This toy has a lot of squish to it. Like…way more than what I am used to a ‘regular’ (not dual density) silicone. I can bend the shaft of the Leo completely in half, so it’s pretty bendy. It picks up lint like crazy, so unless you’re keeping it in the tube it came in or a ziplock bag, expect to have to wash this toy before and after you use it. There’s a fair amount of drag to this silicone as well, so you may want to use some water based lube with this. You should always use water based lubes with silicone toys unless you’re willing to take the chance of the silicone reacting badly to your toy. Cleaning options are varied and awesome. You can stick it in the dishwasher, clean it with a toy wipe, use a toy cleaner, and use antibacterial soap/water. To completely sterilize the you, you can boil it for 3-5 minutes or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.

If you’re into pegging, I’d definitely recommend this as an intermediate sized toy. The angle is great for prostate stimulation, it’s got some squish to the silicone, and hey, if you’ve ever wanted to hum the Batman theme song while you’ve got someone bent over, this is going to give you a reason excuse reason to. The base is wide and sturdy and works well with strap on harnesses (I tried it in my RodeoHs, the Spareparts Joque and my Outlaw Leather Annie O), and the upward curve of the shaft means you don’t have a sagging strap on cock.

For vaginal play, the Leo is definitely the Baby Bear of cocks. It’s not too small, not too large, not too hard…well, you get the picture. The head of the toy and the textured details there rub against my g-spot when I use the toy for thrusting, but it’s not overly texture or annoying. For me, it isn’t firm enough to make me gush, but it’s still a really good and wet orgasm. The diameter is enough that I have something to clench around when I orgasm, and the base isn’t so big that it gets in the way of me using my Hitachi.

I’m a fan and I’m giving this 5 black nail polished paws up out of 5!

How to clean your sex toys

With all the different types of sex toy materials out there, there’s also a variety of ways to clean them! Here’s a list of some of the most common toy materials and how to get them clean.

Jelly (also know as Jel-Lee or jellie): Jelly is a porous material, so there is no way to completely clean it. (Also, it usually contains phthalates, which can cause a variety of health issues from a burning sensation, irritation, chemical burns, and some studies have linked them to cancer.) If you absolutely want to use a jelly toy, use a condom! To attempt to clean it…use a toy cleaner. Also, do not let it touch other toys during storage-it may melt them! Store jelly items in their original packaging or in a ziplock bag of some sort.

PVC, SIL-a-gel, Rubber, and Latex: these are all porous, so again, no way to totally clean them. They also may contain phthalates. Use condoms with them during use to be careful and if you’re sharing them between partners. You can’t sterilize these, but can clean them with soap and water or toy cleaner. Again, you may want to keep these from touching other toys, as they may cause them to melt.

TPE/TPR, and TPR Silicone: These are all rubber blends, so again, semi porous. (Don’t be fooled by the name ‘TPR Silicone’! You only need to have 10% silicone in a sex toy product to be able to slap the word silicone on the label!) Condoms for use/sharing are a good idea, and you can clean these toys with soap and water or toy cleaner. These are another toy you should be careful about storing.

Hard Plastic:
Depending on the make, they can be non porous, but should be used with a condom if you plan on sharing them. These should be cleaned with toy wipes, soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution. Don’t boil them! You could end up melting your toy!

Glass, Metal, and Silicone: These are all non porous, and are good material for sharing with your partner(s), provided they get sterilized in between partners. You can completely sterilize them by boiling it for 5 minutes, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, or by putting it through the dishwasher. (Put your toy on the top rack and don’t add dishwashing liquid for this cycle!) Store glass in padded bags or packaging, and always check it for chips/cracks before use! Pure silicone toys can be stored touching other silicone toys without any damage to your toys.

When I’m cleaning my toys, I usually clean my dildos and vibrators before use because a. my storage chest isn’t air tight and b. I own a cat. So it doesn’t matter how clean the toy was before I put it in the box, there’s always a wee bit of dust, etc on it. I tend to pick a day at the end of the month and clean all of my dildos, and as I only have ones that are non-porous, they all get tossed into my giant stock pot and boiled together. I dump them into a colander to drain off the water, and they’re allowed to air dry before I put them away.

Lelo’s Flickering Touch Massage Oil in Spicy Clove & Amber

I have a massage oil addiction. Sure, I have the excuse that my partner has really dry skin and loves massages. And that I’m an amateur masseuse. But I’m always on the look out for my new ‘best massage oil ever’, and there are at least a dozen bottles of various brands and scents in my house at any one time. sent me Lelo’s Flickering Massage Oil to review, and I was hoping to have yet another oil to fall in love with!

Lelo is a fairly well known brand of luxury sex toy makers. While I don’t currently own any of their toys, I’ve heard good things about several of their toys, especially the Ella. I had hoped that the quality would also translate over into their massage oils, and I was in luck!

The packaging for the Flickering Touch oil was lovely. The box was black, with elegant embossed writing on it. I love minimalistic looking packaging, and this was gorgeous and very classy looking. There isn’t anything on the box that would make this ‘inappropriate’ (read as: screams “I bought this from a sex toy shop”) to give to someone at a wedding shower or as a gift in public. The bottle was nestled securely inside the box, and I didn’t have any issues with it leaking during transport. I suppose you could keep the box to store your oil in, but I think the bottle is lovely and looks pretty sitting out, so I recycled mine instead.

The bottle is really pretty. To me it looks a lot like a higher end perfume bottle, and I keep mine out, and it definitely doesn’t look out of place beside my perfume collection. It’s black glass, and the writing is gold paint, which stands out nicely. The top of the bottle is interesting looking. The orange ‘lid’ is a hard plastic or possibly acrylic circle. The colour changes depending on the scent of the massage oil. It has to be pulled off in order for the pump dispenser to be pushed, so you don’t accidentally get massage oil all over everything.

The pump dispenser works well. I didn’t feel as though I got too much oil per pump, and I needed about two pumps of oil to get enough for a decently slick back massage. The oil is a very light and (as oil tends to be) is very runny. Be careful pouring this onto your partner’s back, as it may decide not to pool conveniently and run over their sides. It will stain fabric, so putting down an old towel before you start your massage will keep you from worrying about ruining your sheets or blanket.

The oil lasts a decent amount of time, but I found that the initial few minutes of use left my hands feeling slightly sticky or gummy. Once I worked past that, it was smooth and slick, and my hands glided over my partners skin without any issues. It also does take a bit of time for the oil to sink in, so this isn’t the oil to grab if you just want to do a quick massage and then throw some clothes on. Take your time and enjoy this one!

The ingredient list is short and full of things I recognize:
Apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, perfume There are also tiny flakes of 24K gold in the oil! So, if you are sensitive to any of the natural oils listed or have a sensitivity to gold, I would suggest you avoid this massage oil and find some other brand.

The scent of this oil is Spicy Clove and Amber, and I really like it. Amber has always been one of my favourite scents-it’s the main note in my signature perfume oil that I always wear, and I even have tiny boxes of amber resin in my clothing drawers to softly scent my clothes! The amber in this oil isn’t as strong as I would like, and it’s a soft, almost powder-y note. The clove is the stronger of the two, and it’s sweet and warm, but not overpowering. This oil isn’t going to leave you smelling like a spice shop or baking cookies, instead it’s a soft and sweet scent that clings closely to your skin.

The gold flecks are something I’ve never seen before in a massage oil, and I’m honestly not sure what I think of it. While they don’t leave skin looking like you were attacked bya disco ball or a Twilight vampire, there is definitely a glow/shimmer left behind after a massage. My boyfriend wants nothing to do with this lotion, and has threatened to not use it on me unless I let him use gloves during the massage so he wouldn’t be ‘all sparkly’. (We both consider glitter to be a hard limit.) I haven’t noticed much transfer from skin to clothing or bedding, but I’m still not about to get dressed immediately after a massage with this or go roll around naked in bed.

While I like the consistency and the smell of Lelo’s Flickering Massage Oil, I’d be a bit hesitant to replace this bottle when I run out, due to cost. I’d be much happier if this came without the gold flakes/spanglies and had a lower price as a result. That being said, it’s a great item if you want a luxury massage oil, like the bottle, or just want to splurge!

Aneros Helix review

It’s been far too long since I had a new review on my site that focused on a toy for males and sexshop.netwas awesome and sent me the Aneros Helix to review. Luckily, my mate/boyfriend/fiance, BloodHound, likes occasional anal play, so was willing to help test this toy out for me, report back, and help with the review. Aneros Helix

Aneros is known for their line of male prostate toys. Most of their line consists of sleek white toys that look vaguely clinical, with one or two forays into coloured toys. They have also recently made a toy for female bodies, the Evi.

The Aneros Helix is a butt plug that is shaped specifically for prostate massage. The main part of the plug is curved slightly upwards, and the shape of it reminds me of a finger, with the different bulges echoing the shape of knuckles. So, it stands to reason that shape should work pretty well for prostate massage. The taper to the toy is the opposite of what I normally see in anal toys, though. This starts larger, and then tapers into a slim neck.

The helix is 4 1/2″ long, with 4″ of that being insertable. It is 3″ in circumference, so slightly less than 1″ in diameter.
The material is hard plastic, smooth to the touch, and has no seams that I can see or feel. If you’re used to squishier toy like silicone or some other material, this is going to feel bigger than a toy of similar girth as there is no give to it at all. Because it’s hard plastic, you can use any type of lube you want with it (silicone, water, or oil based), and cleaning is also simple. A toy cleaner, soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution will all work. Don’t boil this toy! You’ll wreck the toy and quite possibly your pot, and scraping melted sex toy off the bottom of a pot will just ruin your day.

The base of the toy is a bit different looking. It has two curved tabs that The p-tab (perineum tab) extends horizontally from the toy’s base and curves up to apply pressure on the perineum. My fiance loves perineum pressure/massage during handjobs/blowjobs, so really liked this part of the design. He says that it can get a little annoying during really long sessions, as the rubbing is more pinpoint than a finger would be. I’m not really thrilled with the base, as it feels a bit flimsy to me, and I’m worried that it may break at some point. So far, it seems sturdy enough, but I would have been happier with slightly thicker arms on the base.

Aneros has some awesome packaging. The box looks almost like a book, and has an outer sleeve holding it together. The scarlet box closes with a magnetic closure, which I really like a lot better than traditional (and cheap looking) sex toy packaging. The massager itself sits in an inner tray if you like to keep toy packaging, tucking this away on a bookshelf would be an excellent way to store your Helix. I didn’t keep my box, as it’s a bit bulkier than I would like, and instead, it’s just tucked into one of my storage drawers.

There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve with this prostate massager. When you clench around the toy, your body pulls it a bit deeper into you, and this causes the body of the Helix to rub against the prostate. In theory, you can have an orgasm from just this sort of repetitive prostate stimulation, without ever having your cock touched. This may not work for everyone, though, so don’t be upset if you don’t have hands free orgasms from this toy. Every body is different, and some just may not like having their prostate messed with as much as the next person. Bloodhound wasn’t able to, and instead he liked this toy a lot better as an added bonus during handjobs, blowjobs, or sex. He definitely had stronger orgasms when he used it, and I noticed that there was a lot more cum to clean up afterwards (Grab a towel if you’re experimenting with prostate massage, just in case. I talked to a few other male friends who are into this, and several of them also said that they came a lot more when they added anal play to their orgasms.).

Overall, this is a great toy if you like prostate massage, are willing to spend a bit of time learning to use it, and prefer your anal toys to be made of really firm material. We give it 4 out of 5 paws up, with the one star removed for how the base is shaped.

Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator

The Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator is a brand new sex toy created by the fabulous Lovehoney store. I’ve been keeping quiet about this product for a long time but I can finally talk about it now it’s released to the public.

I have a love/hate relationship with rabbit styled vibrators as many rabbits I’ve tried in the past have failed to impress me. The Happy Rabbit however is an excellent feature packed product at an excellent price point of only £49.99. This toy is covered in soft silicone, rechargeable and is whisper quiet making it one of my favourite sex toys of its kind.

This vibrator is styled like a normal rabbit but with a bulbous head designed to hit the g-spot. The shaft measures up at 5″ in insertable length and has a maximum diameter of 2″ at the tip. This toy is a little heavier than other rabbit style vibrators of this kind but it’s not heavy enough for me to complain about.

I do find I need to warm up a little with a clitoral vibrator before using this toy internally as the head is quite wide for me. If the head was slimmer, I think it wouldn’t perform as good as it does at stimulating my g-spot so I wouldn’t change the size of the head.

The shaft and rabbit ears are made of a very soft silicone. The silicone makes this toy very easy to clean and most importantly its non-porous making it very hygienic. The shaft on this toy is flexible making insertion easier and use more comfortable, especially when thrusting , compared to a more rigid toy.

The ears on this toy are longer than average (1.5″) which is good as I’ve found with some products the ears can be too short to reach my clitoris. The ears are quite flat and very flexible which transfer the vibrations very well. The ears nestle nicely on my clitoris and feel very comfortable with no pinching whatsoever.

Near the bottom of this vibrator is a large white handle which also holds the buttons to control all of the vibrations. The handle is ergonomically shaped in a way which makes holding the vibrator really comfortable. I’ve used this sex toy for long periods without any hand aches.

Included in the box is a nice drawstring bag which the vibrator can be stored in when not in use. This is a good little addition especially for a silicone product as it should be kept separate from other materials as it can react to them. This Happy Rabbit is not waterproof which is a shame as I would’ve liked to be able to use it in the shower.
Functions And Controls

The Happy Rabbit takes around six hours to fully charge and a red light appears above the socket whilst it is charging which changes to a steady green when complete. The rabbit lasts a good amount of time when in use and it also holds its charge when not in use very well.

Many rabbit vibrators tend to have rotating beads in the shaft which I’ve never really liked so I’m glad that the Happy Rabbit doesn’t do this. Instead the shaft vibrates which feels really good especially as the vibrations are the most powerful at the tip. I feel the vibrations are above average for a rechargeable vibrator, but importantly they’re well focused.

This rabbit is extremely quiet! It’s one of the quietest sex toys we have ever tested especially taking into account the vibration strength of this toy. I’ve managed to use this toy in the same room without Steve realizing (until I wanted him to) which goes to show how quiet it is. If you live in a shared house then I’d definitely recommend this product.

One concern I did have before trying this product was that I could accidentally change the speed or pattern due to where the buttons are located. Due to the shape of the handle and the buttons being only slightly raised I have yet to accidentally change the setting though.


For me to like a rabbit vibrator it takes something special and the Happy Rabbit G-Spot is certainly that. As soon as I insert the toy I get an instant ‘need to wee’ feeling which means the toy has reached my g-spot perfectly. This toy is only one of a few sex toys in our collection that has actually given me a squirting orgasm.

The vibration strength might not be the most powerful I’ve experienced but the vibrations are perfectly focused. The ears sit nicely on my clitoris making me squirm in pleasure very quickly. I’ve found I get the most powerful orgasms by thrusting this toy hard making the bulbous head rub against my g-spot which makes my toes curl.

Overall Opinion

I’d highly recommend the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator. I’m not usually a fan of rabbit styled toys but this one is brilliant. The bulbous head instantly finds my g-spot. This coupled with perfectly located and flexible ears makes this toy perfect for giving me amazing orgasms.