Leatherbeaten ‘Imp’ paddle

Ah, Leatherbeaten . How I adore you. Leatherbeaten is an Ontario based company that specializes in leather work and inventively evil little toys. (yes, Delrin Cane, I am looking at you.) I lust more than a girl with an evil Master should over their Penitent Series and whips.

I’ve already reviewed the Spanker paddle, and now it’s time to introduce the Spanker’s partner in crime (Or at least that’s what they are in my play bag), the Imp.

The Imp measures 14 inches long from end to end, and 3 inches wide. The handle is 6 inches long, 1 1/4 inches wide, and has been reinforced with steel. It fits beautifully in my hand. and has a hole in the bottom so there is the option to hang it up when not in use.

The Imp is made of two thick pieces of 8oz harness leather sewn together with the ends left open. The ‘raw’ sides of the leather are facing each other, and the fact that you can occasionally see the rough leather doesn’t spoil the aesthetics of the paddle. The stitching is hand sewn with heavy duty thread, and I have had no issues with fraying or it trying to unravel. Because the paddles aren’t mass produced, the stitching is slightly less than perfect, but not enough for it to be noticeable. (or mess with my OCD!)

To take care of your Imp, you can wipe it down with a lightly damp cloth after play, and store it once it has thoroughly dried. As leather is porous, you can’t ever totally sterilize it, so I would not recommend using it on someone with open cuts, and if you do get blood on it, it should be reserved for that partner alone. If you want to baby your paddle a bit more, you can always treat the finished sides of the leather with Saddle Soap. This removes any dirt or grease and helps condition the leather, keeping it supple and shiny. Again, I am not an expert on leather care, but this is what works for me and my various pieces, and I haven’t had any issues with them. This is a solidly constructed impact toy, and while the leather has some signs of wear after over a year of use, they are my fault, as I kept it in a bag with a wartenburg pinwheel at one point, but there are no other problems!

The Imp is a ‘slapper’ style paddle, but isn’t a lightweight by any means. Hitting with the paddle straight on gives a bit of thud as well as some sting, but when you give the paddle a flick as you swing, it’s pure sting, baby! While it isn’t anywhere near as evil as a singletail whip may be, I would put it at a 4-5 out of 10 on the evilness scale.
I’ve used this paddle on several different partners, and have one who affectionately refers to it as the ‘Evil Paddle of Owch’. I tend to use this as a counterpoint to the Spanker paddle, and usually use it so it’s all sting. Hey, I’ve never claimed to be a nice person! It leaves gorgeous red marks, but I have only been able to raise welts once with the Imp, and that was during a particularly long scene.

I purchased my Imp through Leatherbeaten’s website, and was thoroughly impressed by their customer service. My first choice of colours for my paddle wasn’t available, and the staff was quick to inform me of this, apologize, and inform me of my other colour choices. Their replies to my emails were always quick and courteous. I was informed when my toys shipped, and was given a tracking number, as well as being thanked repeatedly for my purchase. I love love love their amazing customer service! That alone makes me want to be a return customer.

I give the Imp 5 stingy paws up out of 5!

Good Vibrations Rippler

I have a thing for green toys. Pink and purple vibrators are so boring, overdone and girly…I don’t understand why more companies don’t embrace the unisex awesomeness of green. When Good Vibrations offered me a chance to review their Rippler, I may have made a noise so high pitched only dogs could hear it and begged Mandi for one of the green ones (it also comes in a metallic purple and black). She was awesome, and sent one my way. <3 The silicone of the Rippler is gorgeous. It has a metallic sheen to it and looks like a piece of malachite that has been sculpted into a stunning dildo. *loves* It has some pliability to it, and you can bend it straight fairly easily. There isn’t much give to it, though, so you feel all of the ridges and bumps. This silicone is really shiny, so it does tend to pick up Every. Single. Piece. of cat hair/dust/whatever in the room if you set it down for a second, so storing it in it’s original packaging or a bag would be best unless you feel like washing your toy before and after playing. Speaking of packaging, I loved Good Vibes packaging! It was a simple plastic clamshell with a shiny cardboard insert. Definitely not discreet, as you can see the toy through it, but much more appealing to me than half naked women posed provocatively all over it. Basic care instructions were printed on the insert, as well as info about the toy. The Rippler is a girthy toy, and definitely not for the novice toy user. It measures 7 ¼ inches long and is 1 5/8 inches diameter at it’s thinnest point and 1 7/8 inches at it’s thickest. I don’t have small hands (yay, Irish/German peasant bloodlines!), but my thumb and middle finger can barely touch each other when I wrap my hand around the base. Add the incredible texture to that and you have a seriously epic dildo. I could probably bludgeon someone unconscious with this if I tried. Why yes, I do evaluate my sex toys at potential weapons, why do you ask? The texture to the Rippler is definitely unique. It has a semi realistic phallic shaped head, and ‘V’s running down it’s length on the underside. The front/top has 6 raised and slightly curved bands on it. I love the look of the bottom pattern though…it reminds me of the simplistic Christmas trees I’d draw as a kid. Well, either that or some sort of alien cock, which can make for some smokin’ hot abduction fantasies. Want to be probed repeatedly by a not-so-little green man? This is definitely the dildo for you. The base also works fairly well as a suction cup, as I found out when I was cleaning it. It sticks to smooth surfaces (like counter tops and the side of the tub) when the base is wet, and required me using two hands to pull it free! I couldn’t get it to stick to the wall, though. Because this toy is made of pure silicone, you’re going to want to only use a water based lube with it, as the silicone can react negatively with your toy. For cleaning, it’s the usual options. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and water, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, boil it, or put it through the dishwasher. I’m a fan of textured toys, so the Rippler and I got along very well. The girth was a bit intimidating at first, but once I warmed up with my Hitachi and a smaller toy I was good to go. The bands on the top were nice, but not the texture I was looking for. It does really well for g-spot play when used this way, though-the raised bands felt awesome rubbing against my g-spot! Because the ripples are all on the bottom of the toy, I didn’t find they were very noticeable during thrusting unless I turned the toy upside-down or was using it doggy-style. Woof! This definitely is not for the faint of heart or pussy! You can feel every single ridge as it rubs against you, and it’s really intense. I wanted to try this in my strap-on harness with my girlfriend, as she’s also a fan of textured toys, but the O-ring I have was too small. (Fortunately, Good Vibrations sells O-rings of various sizes.) I was feeling exceptionally adventurous this week and decided to attempt using the Rippler anally so my review could be a bit more through. It is a fair bit larger and much more textured than my normal toys, so I was more than a little intimidated, but I’m glad I decided to experiment. With the combination of girth plus length, I could only manage to take a few of the ripples, but they were a really intense sensation. This isn’t something I see myself using anally on a regular basis, but it’s definitely a unique experience I think I will find myself craving more in the future. I adore the Rippler in all it’s textured glory. It’s filling and is perfect for the days I want more from my toys…more girth, more sensation, more everything! I give it 5 paws up out of 5!

Top Fantasies

1. A threesome with two guys and myself. I’ve wanted to try this for years, but just haven’t found the right men to make it happen. I don’t understand why some guys have issues about close proximity to another cock, but eh. *shrugs* A girl can dream, damnit!

2. Watching a cute boy give me head while I’m wearing a strap-on. I may not get the sensations a male may get from it, but damn…it’s still sexy as hell. Or fucking someone with a strap-on. There are definitely days I wish I had been born with a cock.

3. Co-topping a cute girl with either my Sir or the ex-military boy (his tag is Mein Hund, and I’m probably going to just refer to him as Hund that from now on). I love the dynamic that having a partner in evil brings to a scene, and I know both Master and my Hund well enough that I know what they’re going to do and where they’re going to take the scene. Yummy.

4. Having one of my lovers watch me playing, be it with toys, another person, or just being able to have them in the same room as a scene I’m in. It makes my inner exhibitionist all happy.

5. Medical play scenes. Hey, I know my kinks, and this is one that always gets me gushy. The whole Doctor/patient thing does nothing for me, but if you stick needles into me and do a blood draw or let me be a distant and medical professional at you…woof. I’m a happy happy girl.

Sinclair Institute’s Glass Crystal G-Spot Wand

The colour green is one of my favourites. Neon, emerald, kelly green, any shade really. I love them all. Sadly, in the sex toy industry, green is a colour that is apparently isn’t cool. Most companies seem to think that women will only use a toy if it’s a ‘non threatening’ shade like pink or purple. Luckily, some toy companies offer other colour options, and I may have squeed a little when I saw the gorgeous mint green detailing on the Glass Crystal G-Spot Wand.

The G-Spot Wand isn’t a terribly large piece, as it measures 6 inches across from tip to tip. The shape is this odd almost a semi-circle/ the letter ‘J’, with three bloops on the more curved end. It’s also fairly thin, at only 1.25 inches diameter. The toy is clear, with really beautiful and delicate twining vine details in green. I absolutely love the way this toy looks! It’s gorgeous, and I want to leave it out on my desk where I can occasionally reach over and pet it because it’s that pretty. (I may be a bit superficial, but looks can be everything sometimes.) The green vines do have a slight texture to them, enough that you can feel a bit of roughness/texture when you rub your fingers over them, but it’s not noticeable during use.

The dildo is borosilicate glass, which is what Pyrex baking dishes are made of. This is a great choice for sex toys because it’s resistant to temperature extremes (though switching from extreme hot to extreme cold is a good way to snap your toy), and less likely to break. This means that you can warm or cool your toy for sensation play without worrying about damaging it. If I’m using a glass toy for temperature play, I leave the toy in a bowl of hot, but not boiling water, or one with ice in it for about 5 minutes. Be smart, guys, and test the temperature of the glass before you insert it into someone. Burning or freezing your partner’s ass or pussy is a good way to get your access pass to those regions revoked. You should check your glass out for chips or cracks before you use it as well.

Special storage is pretty much required so your piece of glass isn’t damaged. This toy didn’t come with a bag of any description, and the original packaging was far too bulky for me to keep, as space is at a premium, and my sex toy drawers already runneth over. I ended up making a padded bag of my own to store it, but there are definitely commercial options out there. Worse case scenario, you can always store your dildo in a clean sock or two. The glass won’t pick up lint, so you won’t have to worry about that, and cleaning glass toys is fairly simple. Water and antibacterial soap works well for day to day cleaning, and to totally sterilize it, you can boil your toy for 5 minutes, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, or even toss it in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Glass is compatible with any and all types of lubes, so grab silicone or water based lubricant, it really doesn’t matter. I found I didn’t need lube unless I was playing with this toy anally, as it is a fairly small dildo, and I get wet easily. The shape of the G-Spot Wand actually is well designed for g-spot play. This shouldn’t be a shock, but hey, false advertising happens, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when a toy does what it’s supposed to do! The ball on the end of the wand manages to find my g-spot easily due to the curve, and could reasonably be compared to the smaller end of the Pure Wand. The similarities stop there though. The length of the G-Spot Wand means that there isn’t much extra toy to hold on to when you have it inserted, and that makes for messier masturbation. I end up with come and lube all over my fingers and hand, and it makes it difficult to keep a good grip on it. My partner also had similar issues when he used it on me. I think that it would have been improved by another inch or two of length. (Please note my maturity and the lack of ‘That’s what she said’ type comments at this time.) My g-spot is set a bit more deeply, though, so your mileage may vary.

I can definitely orgasm from masturbating with the G-Spot Wand. The length and slipperiness issues mean that I can’t thrust as hard or fast as I normally would, which results in me not having my normal ‘gushing’ g-spot orgasms. Instead, I just get really wet, but there are not puddles to deal with afterwards. This may be a bonus. It certainly means less laundry to wash afterwards! That being said, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this often, though, as I already have a Pure Wand, and it has the extra weight and length to get me off in sheet soaking ways that the G-Spot Wand can’t.

I give the Glass Crystal G-Spot Wand 4 damp paws up out of 5. It’s a lovely piece of glass, and would be great for a lot of people, but I personally need a bit more length in my g spot toys.

Anal Sex

So, August is apparently Anal Sex Month! Had I realized this earlier, there would have been much more anal play in the last few weeks. (Do I get half points for having bought a new butt plug last month?)

So, here’s some basic info for safe anal play from Pixel!

Clean up first! Go to the bathroom before you play, clean with soap and water (I’ve always found that dragging a partner into the shower with me worked well.), a cleaning wipe, or, if you feel like it’s needed, use an enema.

Foreplay! It’s your friend. The more relaxed you are, the less tense your muscles will be. A massage is great for this, and some oral and/or heavy petting are usually part of my pre-anal foreplay.

Use lube. It seems like a blindingly obvious statement, but lube (how much, and what kind you use) is really the best thing to make your butt sex feel good. I love Sliquid. Their Sassy formula is a thicker gel and great for use with toys, and their Silver (silicone based, because the extra slickness makes friction no longer an issue) is my ‘go to’ lube for fucking. Just remember, silicone toys+silicone lube=a bad idea, and possibly a ruined toy.

Try some clit stimulation. Seriously. The Mimi is the toy I generally I grab, as it’s small enough to not get in my way during sex, and the vibration levels aren’t overwhelming. For me, lower levels of vibration are what my body needs to relax before penetration, and once I’m comfortable with penetration, I turn it up! The Tango also rocks for this.

Try switching up positions. Missionary not working out for you? Try doggy, or spooning, or cowboy. The angle just may be wrong for you and your body!

Don’t use numbing sprays or lubes. If things are hurting during anal sex, you need to know about it!

Watch for lubes that have parabens-some people are allergic to these chemicals, and experience a burning sensation when they come in contact with them.

Take your time. This isn’t a race, and if it takes you a half hour or more of teasing and being fingered before you’re ready to be fucked, then that’s how long it takes.

Above all, communicate with your partner. If something doesn’t feel right, if you need more lube, or just aren’t up for anal play today, tell them! Otherwise, how are they going to be able to make the experience better for you?

A Coochy Body Rashfree Shave Creme

Despite the ridiculous name, Coochy Creme by Classic Erotica rocks. It’s a thick shaving cream, and can be used by any gender, on pretty much any body part you want to be smooth and hair free. The Intimacy Book sent a bottle my way for review, and I’m really glad that they did.

I love this stuff. Seriously. Up until I started using this brand of shaving cream, I thought that it didn’t really matter what I used to shave my pussy with. I’d mostly used hair conditioner, and, in a pinch, soap. Both were terrible ideas. The fragrances in the conditioner usually irritated my pussy, and the soap never quite got me a decent shave. Both options left me with a variety of nicks and ingrown hairs in the days afterwards, as well as plenty of regret that I had even bothered to de-fuzzy myself. This, however, does not give me post-shaving guilt, or the normal epic razor bumps!

The Coochy Creme is fairly thick, about the consistency of a conditioner (which makes sense, given that it can double as conditioner if you want). It doesn’t slide off my skin after I’ve put it on, unlike some shaving creams, and it rinses off the razor fairly easily. I also didn’t notice any residue on my skin after rinsing off. I like that I don’t need to use a whole lot of creme each shave. Doing both legs, plus my pussy only ends up being 4-5 pumps, and given that the container only dispenses a small amount each pump, I foresee my bottle lasting me several months.

This product comes in an 8 ounce bottle, and has a pump top dispenser, as well as a clear cover/pop off top. The sticker on the front isn’t terribly discrete, as it does say ‘Coochy’ in fairly large letters on the front. I keep my bottle in the bathtub, tucked behind the shampoo, and it doesn’t stick out too much from the other bottles. You may want to remove the label or just hide it if you have company over, though.

Ingredients: D.L. Water, Steralkonium Chloride, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Glycerin Stearate SE, Jojoba Oil, Lanolin, Keratin Protein, Panthenol, Allantion, Methyloparaben, Fragrance, Propylparaben

This shave creme has three different types of parabens (Methylisothiazolinone, Methyloparaben, and Propylparaben) in it, so you’ll want to find another option if you’re sensitive to them. While both my partner and I have paraben sensitivities, we didn’t have any sort of reaction to this, though. Also, Coochy Creme is not vegan friendly, as Hydrolyzed Keratin and Allantoin are derived from animals.

I received the unscented version of this creme, as most commercial fragrances bother me, and it hasn’t triggered a migraine or bothered my allergies at all. But, if you like your shaving products to smell good, this comes in 5 other scents, including Green Tea and Citrus.

My boyfriend recently used the Creme for shaving his face, and is now a convert too. His comment was “My face hasn’t felt this smooth since I was 14!”. He got an incredibly close shave, without any of the normal irritation, and the smoothness lasted much longer than normal. A day and a half later, he’s a bit scruffy, but it’s barely more than a 6 o’clock shadow. I think we’re going to have to invest in ‘his and hers’ bottles, because I really don’t want to share mine.

I give this shaving creme 4 smooth paws up out of 5! (One star was lost for the parabens. If it was paraben free, I’d have absolutely no complaints about it.)

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

I love glass toys. Dildos, butt plug, probes…if you can make it out of glass, I probably will want one. Lovehoney was awesome and sent me the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set for review to further enable my glass toy obsession.

This set of glass dildos is a great buy for beginners or glass aficionados. It offers two very different glass insertables at a really reasonable price. The two dildos included are pink and clear. The pink dildo is 7.25 inches long and 4.25 inches in circumference at the widest part, and the clear dildo is 8.25 inches long and 3.5 inches circumference at the widest point. The pink toy is very textured, with a row of small raised nubs running down the top of the shaft. It also has a pronounced head, and two bloops on the end to make a good grip/handle. The clear dildo is much more curved, sort of a stretched out ‘S’ shape, and has four smaller ‘heads’ or bloops on one side, and is smooth glass on the other. Yay, variety!

While I love pretty much everything about these two toys, I’m actually a bit on the fence about the packaging. I appreciate that two bags are included for the dildos, I would have preferred something a bit more padded than the typical velvet-ish bag with a drawstring. I’m not in the habit of bouncing my toy storage around, but things do shift in my drawers (also, I am ridiculously clumsy) and I like the extra bit of reassurance padding brings, so mine are stored in extra socks. They won’t pick up lint, and, luckily, glass is easy to clean. Water and antibacterial soap works well for day to day cleaning, and to totally sterilize it, you can boil your toy for 5 minutes, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, or even toss it in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

These dildos are made of borosilicate glass, which is what Pyrex baking dishes are made of. This is a great choice for sex toys because it’s resistant to temperature extremes (though switching from extreme hot to extreme cold is a good way to snap your toy), and less likely to break. This means that you can warm or cool your toy for sensation play without worrying about damaging it. If I’m using a glass toy for temperature play, I leave the toy in a bowl of hot, but not boiling water, or one with ice in it for about 5 minutes. Be smart and test the temperature of the glass before you insert it into someone. Burning or freezing your partner’s ass or pussy is a good way to spoil the mood and possibly get banished to the couch for the night. You should also check your glass out for chips or cracks before you use it as well.

As you can tell, the pink has the most texture of the two toys. The little bumps along the shaft are really intense, and for me, can get me to the point of being overstimulated, even when I’m using lots of lube. It’s not quite as bad as, say, fucking yourself with a cheese grater, but definitely verging on unpleasant. The clear dildo is the clear (sorry, the pun had to be made) winner of this pair. The shape is reminiscent of Njoy’s Fun Wand, and for me it’s amazing on my G-spot. It’s not as intense as a Pure Wand, for me, but it’s something that I can come from and I’ve had several awesome gushing orgasms with it. As always, be careful to not get too carried away when you’re masturbating with a really solid toy, such as metal or glass. Internal bruising can (and does! Bruising your cervix freaking sucks!) happen from thrusting too hard.

Glass is compatible with any and all types of lubes, so grab silicone or water based lubricant, it really doesn’t matter. I found I didn’t need lube unless I was playing with these dildos anally. For me, the pink’s texture was just too much for my ass as well, so it took the backseat again while I played with the clear toy. It also works well for anal play, and my (male) partner is excited to try it out for prostate stimulation. His and her dildos, anyone?

Overall, I give this set 4 paws up out of 5! (I took away one paw for the unpadded bags, as well s for the fact my pink toy had some imperfections in the glass.) It’s a great set that gives you a variety of textures and shapes to explore with, and the price is really reasonable.

All About Bondage, aka Kink 101

So, you’ve read ’50 Shades of Grey’, and now you want to start spanking and paddling and tying your partner up. That’s great! Just make sure you’re doing it safely.

Handcuffs seem like a great idea, but in reality, they can be unsafe. If your partner is someone who likes to pull at their restraints (or, if you plan on doing things to them that may make them pull against their bonds or jerk/flail), get leather cuffs instead! I personally love these locking leather cuffs, but have heard great things about the Fresh, Hearts, and Aslan cuffs.

Rope is also something you may wish to try! This rope is a cotton blend, despite what the company claims, and it a decent beginner’s rope. Make sure that you don’t tie anyone too tightly, that you have emergency shears close by, just in case your partner needs to get free in a hurry, and never leave someone alone who is tied up!

Ballgags are something fun, if you like the thought of muffling your partner’s moans. It doesn’t make things entirely quiet, but does soften the sounds the wearer can make. Silicone balls have no taste or scent, and I rec the Beginner’s Ball Gag and Aslan’s gag! Also, if you’re interested in a different look, why not check out this bit gag? With a gag, you can’t clearly hear what your partner is saying, so you should have some other way for them to tell you that they want things to stop! Have them hold keys, or something else that will make a loud sound when dropped.

Does the thought of a spanking make your pants tight or your panties damp? Why not try out some impact toys? Crops, paddles, slappers, and floggers can all be deliciously painful, and can pink up a bottom’s bottom nicely. Want to know where safe places to hit are? Check out this cool diagram! (The places that are highlighted in green are the least likely to cause damage to your bottom.)

Nipple clamps can also be a fun way to introduce kink into your sex life! While butterfly clamps are not for the faint of heart (or the sensitive of nipple!), tweezer style clamps are much more forgiving, as are these!

The most important thing to do before trying any new kinky activities is to talk about them with your partner! Don’t just spring kink onto them, make sure that they know what’s going to happen and are ok with it! And, above all, be safe and have fun!

Love Toys, Inc.’s Pussy Pump

I’ve always been intrigued by pussy pumps, ever since I saw one being used in some random porn I found online. The way it made the porn star’s vulva look was just so cool, and I have to admit, I wanted to know how much of her apparent hypersensitivity was acting, and how much was real. So, when I saw that The Intimacy Book had a pussy pump on their site, I immediately put it on my wishlist!

Now, you’re probably wondering exactly what does a pussy pump do? Well, it’s pretty much the same thing as penis pumping, except with a cup that goes over the whole genital region rather than a cylinder over the shaft of the penis. As you pump the air out of the cup, it creates a vacuum within the cup, which causes mild swelling from the extra blood flow to the area. Some women find that this suction feels pleasurable, and others like it because of the way it makes their vulva look, or because it makes their clit and labia more sensitive. Personally, I love the sensation of having a partner suck on my clit during oral, and this is similar to that sensation, only more intense and covering more area.

The pump will make your clitoris and lips swell and get much bigger than they normally look, but this doesn’t last very long. If you’re only leaving the pump and suction on for a few minutes, your labia will get smaller again as soon as you take the pump off. Even when I had been playing with this for a half hour or so, the engorgement went away in a half hour or so. So, don’t worry about the effects being long term!

The pump’s ‘cup’ has a cool shape. It’s an oval that has been gently pointed on both ends, and I found that it cups my vulva well. It’s 6.25 x 3 inches, and should fit a variety of body shapes. You will need to hold the cup to your skin for the first few pumps, but after that suction keeps it there. I found that I got the best suction when I was waxed/shaved, as pubic hair will break the seal that is formed. Also, you can spread a bit of lube on the rim of the cup to help get good suction. As a bonus, the lube will let you or your partner move the cup around a little once you’ve started pumping. It’s an interesting/weird sensation.

The box is pretty raunchy looking, and it ended up getting trashed pretty much instantly. It’s definitely NC-17 rated, and had naked women, close up of pussies (post pumping), and loud print all over it too. Not something I feel like having in my bedroom or my house, even though we don’t need to hide our toys. The box would be ok for storage if you didn’t have any other options. For me, I just out it in a ziplock baggie, and it gets tossed into one of my toy drawers.

The pussy pump is made of plastic and rubber. I’ve been only washing the cup, as I don’t think there would be any way to completely dry out the pump, and it doesn’t come into contact with body fluids anyhow. The rubber rim around the cup semi-detaches, which is annoying, because it means that I need to do some serious deep cleaning. Scrubbing toys with a toothbrush isn’t exactly my favourite things to do. I also wouldn’t be ok with someone else using this toy, as rubber is porous, and can’t be completely sterilized.

I was actually surprised at how much I like this toy! While I know that I like suction on my clit, I wasn’t sure how suction on my whole pussy would feel. It’s an intense feeling, and the continued suction feels *good*. The first time I used this (Ok, the same day I got it, let’s be honest. I was curious as hell!), I messed around with the pump, increasing and decreasing the suction, seeing how many pumps it took til the pressure got uncomfortable, things like that. I was surprised that after a few minutes I started to feel really horny! I ignored the sensation for a bit, because I was still experimenting, but it didn’t go away. So, I fully released the pressure and started to masturbate. Apparently my body reacts to pussy pumps really well, because I was quite literally dripping wet!

BloodHound, my mate, really enjoys using this toy with me. I’m not sure if it’s that he’s a really visual sort of guy, if his inner sadist gets all giggly about pumping until it’s uncomfortable/hurts a bit, or that he likes that I can come from oral after I’ve used this, but I’m not complaining. Toys that make my partner instigate sex? Hell yes. Also, it should be mentioned that normally, I have a hard time orgasming from oral sex, but after a session playing with the pump, I was actually able to have an orgasm from just from oral! That’s an unexpected bonus, and one that I am really happy about.

I give this 4 paws up out of 5 (one paw removed for the rubber material on the cup, vs the more hygienic silicone)!

Tantus’ Anaconda Dildo

One of Bloodhound’s few complaints about using dildos on me is that his fingers will sometimes cramp up as he’s holding onto the base to use on me. Luckily Tantus (and PinkCherry) came to the rescue with the Anaconda.

The Anaconda is a thick realistic looking dildo, only it’s on a stick. It’s definitely a thicker toy, with a diameter of 1.75 inches, and not something I’d recommend for someone new to larger toys. The insertable length is 7 inches, with a total length of 11.5 inches. This is definitely not a toy that I would ‘slip into my bag’ for a weekend getaway, as it’s almost of foot of dildo, but I’ve got plenty of room in my toy chest, so the size doesn’t bother me.

The dildo part of the Anaconda is a very firm silicone, with barely any give. The handle, while still stiff, is floppier. If you hold on to the handle and shake it, it doesn’t flop over, but bends instead. The head of the toy is a shiny silicone that has some serious drag to it, while the rest of the toy is lightly textured and matte. It’s a semi-realistic design, with foreskin ‘wrinkles’ under the head, and some lightly raised veins along the shaft, but nothing too pronounced.

As with most silicone toys, this one does pick up lint, but not as badly as a more smooth finish might. I would recommend storing the Anaconda in a fluff free bag, but a ziplock bag would also work if you could find one big enough to hold this! You should probably just be prepared to have to wash your toy before each use. Tantus’ 100% pure platinum silicone toys are easy to sterilize and can be washed with antimicrobial soap, wiped down with a bleach solution, boiled, or even tossed into the top of your dishwasher (without dishwashing liquid) for cleaning! You may need to do a bit of scrubbing with a toothbrush to get lube/come out of the grooves under the head. As usual, silicone toys should only be used with water based lubes, as silicone based ones can damage your toy.

The handle is comfortable to hold for a variety of hand sizes. I usually wear a size medium glove, and have no grip issues with my Anaconda’s handle, and neither does Bloodhound, who wears a size large glove. The toy is long enough that you probably won’t have to worry about getting lube and come on your hands when you’re using it. I found that the handle was also long enough that I was able to use it solo without getting the usual wrist soreness I get when I have an extending a jacking off session, yay! If you’re planning on using this with a partner, make sure that you’ve talked to them about how hard they can thrust with the Anaconda. The firmness of the silicone isn’t as forgiving as other toys, and if they use the toy roughly, it could be pretty uncomfortable.

You could maybe get some g-spot stimulation with this toy if you got the angle just right or you had your partner angling the toy, but it’s not going to work well for most people. I loved the girth, and that combined with the matte texture really made this a unique toy in my toy box, and is totally worth all the extra lube I need to douse this with every time I use it. (matte=drag=me actually needing to use lube with a toy for once!) The material does have another drawback, which is that if I’m not careful, I can thrust too hard and hit my cervix, which is not the sort of pain I am into.

I didn’t try this toy anally, as the girth and the lack of squish make it a bit more intense than what I normally like for anal play. If you are interested in putting this toy in your ass, you will want to make sure you’re well stretched/lubed beforehand, as the blunted tip is going to be a bit hard to take otherwise. While there is a flared base at the very bottom of the handle, it’s not a huge flare, so I’d recommend not inserting the Anaconda past the end of the dildo part.

Overall, this is an awesome toy, and a unique design! I give it 5 paws up out of 5!