Oxballs Nutt Pure Silicone Ball Stretcher

You’ll have to forgive the Home Improvement reference in the title, but when you’re reviewing a toy that oozes ‘powertool wielding dude’ vibes out of every inch, I’m not going to pass up a cheesy Tim Allen reference.

The Oxballs Nutt is a thick silicone ball stretcher and/or cock ring, shapes like a nut. Nut as in ‘nuts and bolts’, not acorns. My mate and I are always interested in adding new toys to our play, so he was more than willing to test it out when Uber Kinky sent this to us for review!

First off, I was a bit surprised by the minimalistic packaging Oxballs uses. The cock ring arrived in a small ziplock baggie, with a company sticker on the front. This isn’t a complaint, as I am all for getting rid of useless and extra plastic being thrown away, it just wasn’t what I normally see. The second impression was ‘Holy crap, that’s thick!’. The Nutt is 1.25 inches thick, has a 2.5 inch diameter, and the inner diameter is 1 inch (unstretched). I was able to stretch it so that the inner diameter was almost 3 inches, so there’s a lot of give to it! It weighs 2.5 ounces. One thing I should note is that the Nutt we received was trimmed slightly roughly on the back-there were a few lumps on one side, but some gentle paring with an X-acto knife soon made it uniform. I’m not complaining about it, though, as it was a tiny cosmetic flaw that was easily fixed.

The silicone is ‘Skin-Flex platinum silicone’, and it has no scent or taste that I could detect, which is how silicone should behave. The silver colour, Zinc, is really gorgeous. There’s a metallic shimmer to it that honestly does make it look like real metal from a distance. If silver isn’t your thing, UberKinky also offers it in black, orange, or red. If you’ve not used a silicone toy before, cleaning it is really simple. You can wipe it with a 10% bleach solution, put it through the top rack of a dishwasher (without soap), or boil it for 5 minutes to sanitize it. For day to day cleaning, I just use antibacterial soap and water, but you could also use a toy cleaner if you wanted. Silicone toys may react badly to cheap silicone lube, so do a ‘patch test’ on your toy first! If the place you tested the lube is gummy or doesn’t look or feel the same, you should probably stick to water based lubes. However, Uber Kinky does say that this is compatible with all lube types!

Guys, before you use this toy, you’re going to want to do some manscaping. Unless having the hair on your balls ripped out by the roots is your kink, then go right ahead and just slide it on! My mate decided to go the trimming route as he was worried about violent hair removal. We slicked up the toy (inside only so I could keep a decent grip on it) and his balls with water based lube, and had no problems with the stretcher not being flexible enough to allow his balls to pass through without too much squishing. He has said that he would be a bit worried to try putting the Nutt on by himself, as he fears he might lose his grip in the middle and the ring would close quickly around his balls. I don’t even have balls of my own, but imagining that made me cringe! This may just be beginner jitters, though, as we haven’t used cock rings or ball stretching toys very frequently. There’s a lot of stretch to it. As you can see in the picture, I can get it over my hand, and I wear a size medium glove!

We also tested this out as a cock ring (around the base of the cock, both behind and in front of the balls), and it was an interesting experience. With the Nutt in front of his balls, the added thickness to Bloodound’s cock at the base was pleasurable for me, and while he didn’t experience the same sort of orgasm delay he would get from a cock ring, the pressure on the base of his shaft was “surprisingly comfortable”. ‘Surprisingly comfortable’ seems to be the repeated theme for this toy. No matter how we experimented with it, Bloodhound was thoroughly pleased with the toy’s performmance, and didn’t have any issues with unwanted pinching or having the ring shift during use. I’m glad he likes it, because I get to benefit from longer play sessions and harder erections-everyone wins!

So, it’s time for a quick bit of cock ring safety. Because a cock ring restricts the flow of blood in the cock to the rest of the body and vice versa, you need to watch for any abnormal swelling, numbness, or paleness. These are all signs that the cock ring is too tight. Also, an erection for several hours is potentially dangerous, because the blood can start to coagulate in the penis, which will end with you having to visit the ER to resolve the issue. Just be smart…if it feels bad or wrong, take the ring off. Try a larger size, try a different day, just be smart about your toy usage!

Overall, the Oxballs Nutt Pure Silicone Ball Stretcher is an excellent toy. It’s made of high quality materials, is aesthetically pleasing, and works well. I’m glad we have it in our toy box.

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