Nexus G-play

When I was contacted last month by Chloe of Nexus, and was offered a chance to review a toy of my choosing, I was a happy girl. I’d heard good things about the Nexus range, and was curious if their toys would live up to the hype. I picked the G-Play in large, as one of the few types of toys I don’t own is a vibrating butt plug, plus the shape of this intrigued me.

Ladies and gentlemen (and whomever else is reading this), I am in love.

The G Play large is a silicone vibrating butt plug that is designed to be used anally or vaginally, and stimulates the G-spot in women or the prostate in men. It has a very unique shape, with a hook at the top that is perfect for catching my G-spot or a prostate. While this toy is listed at a large, it’s a large in comparison to the G-play medium and small. It measures 4 inches long, with 3-1/3 inches insertable, and the diameter is 1-3/8 inches at its widest point. I would personally consider this an intermediate anal toy.

The silicone that Nexus uses is a plushy velvet with a bit of a drag to it. It doesn’t pick up lint or dust like some other silicone toys I own, which is a lovely change. (Having to wash your toys before and after use gets old after a while sometimes.) Because this is a silicone toy, you should only use water based lube with it, so as to not damage it. The G Play large is not a waterproof or even a splashproof toy, sadly. For cleaning, you can actually pop the vibrator part of this toy out of the bottom, and then clean the silicone plug the way you normally would. (Antibacterial soap and water, boiling, wiping down with a 10% bleach solution or tossing it in the top shelf of the dishwasher will all work!)

The vibrations are great. Slightly buzzy, but still strong enough to feel amazing. G-play large is also controlled by 1 button on the bottom. There are 5 different vibration patterns:

1.) a low to high oscillating pattern, followed by a fast pulse.
2.) long fast pulses with extended stops. (I really dislike this particular vibration setting when I am being teased by Sir with it! Every time I start getting close to that “ooh, I could just maybe orgasm from this” sensation, it stops. So frustrating!)
3.) constant high vibrations
4.) long high pulse with short stops.
5.) rhythmic oscillating pattern escalating low to high, punctuated by a pause. (This and the high constant are my two favourite patterns!)

To turn it off, just press and hold the on button for a few seconds. Because some of the patterns do have pauses in them, it make not be immediately obvious if you’ve shut down this toy properly, which I find slightly annoying.

Using the G-Play vaginally was interesting. The hook on the end found my G-spot and the vibrations felt good, but I need thrusting to have a G-spot orgasm, and this toy isn’t shaped ideally for thrusting, or at least for me. It’s not long enough for that, and the angles required are ones that make my wrists tired and sore quickly.

Anally is where this plug delivers. Dear gods, does it deliver. The shape is one of the first anal plugs that seems to fit my body perfectly…while I am definitely aware it is inside me, I don’t feel any discomfort or as though I’m constantly having to try to relax my muscles around it. It just…fits. It could be because of the odd shape, or maybe because that this plug isn’t round. The G-Play has an oval diameter, which may be part of the reason it’s so comfortable?

I had this plug in during sex with my Master earlier in the week, and he said that the vibrations really transferred well, and that it made me feel like ‘The best vibrating pocket pussy ever’. The base of the plug is a little large, and was slightly annoying during sex, but turning the plug to the side worked well, and didn’t take away from the sensations for either my Master or myself.

I give this plug 5 sated paws up out of 5. The G-Play Large is an amazing addition to my toy box, and I”ll definitely be recommending it to several of my play partners and friends. Thank you so much, Nexus, for letting me review this toy!

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