Lovehoney Love Bear Bullet

A Lovehoney Love Bear Bullet was given to us as a free gift as part of an order we made at Lovehoney a while ago. I’m not usually one for cutesy toys especially ones shaped like animals except for the odd rabbit or Bad Dragon dildo. The Love Bear actually performed really well however even with its uncomfortable smile and piercing eyes but it’s got one major flaw.

Unlike many other cutesy toys on the market, the Love Bear isn’t made of nasty materials like jelly nor is it made of plastic. The vibrator is actually covered with soft silicone even the head of the toy. Most of my other bullets are made of plastic but it’s nice to have a silicone one as it’s one of my favourite sex toy materials.

The box in which the Love Bear comes supplied does make me feel like I’m on acid. I’ve never seen such a cutesy looking box in my life and I’m not just including sex toy boxes here. The box isn’t in my taste at all but I guess people who are interested in bear headed vibrators could like this box.

We have a flourescent green Love Bear which I think maybe discontinued now as Lovehoney are currently only selling Pink and Purple versions. The green is very bright and does make a change from the standard colours of pink, purple, black and white so it certainly stands out in our toy box.

Decapitated Bear HeadThe bear on the head of the bullet vibrator is not just for show as I’ve found it allows me to more accurately stimulate my clitoris. This is down to the head being much larger than the shaft and the raised detailing on the bears face allows better grip for when my hands are slippery.

To replace the N battery you unscrew the bear’s head which is easy to do by rotating it via the ears. Screwing it on again can be a bit hit and miss due to the threading. A lot of the time the head won’t sit on the shaft flushly which is a pain.

When screwing the head on it makes a grinding noise. Upon inspection I’ve found the metal section of the shaft rubs against the head shaving some of it off. This makes it quite messy, possibly a health risk and will most likely shorten the lifespan of this toy considerably.

Functions / Controls

The vibrations are activated by pressing a raised section on the top of the bear’s head between the ears making it difficult to accidentally press. The Love Bear has a single vibration strength which is powerful for a battery-powered sex toy.

Lovehoney’s product page for the Love Bear states that its extra quiet which I cannot say this is true. It’s quite loud for its vibration strength and can be heard outside a closed-door quite easily.

Her Experience
I didn’t expect to even slightly like this toy but it has never failed to give me an orgasm. This is down to the soft silicone, powerful vibrations and oddly the bear’s head allowing more accurate clitoral stimulation. I’m still not a fan of the bear’s face or the cutesy feeling to the entire product but if I close my eyes then I can try to forget its stare.

His Experience
I’m also very surprised at how well this bullet vibrator performed. As soon as I turned on the vibrations I knew Rox would like it. The vibration noise is a little loud and buzzy for my liking. I really dislike how the copper battery connection is being shaved off when screwing the battery compartment.

Overall Opinion

I’m quite torn with this product as it performs brilliantly even with its cutesy styling but the battery compartment shavings really drag it down for me. If it doesn’t raise a health issue, it could easily lead to the product not working once it has shaved off even more copper. Therefore I’ll hold off recommending it to others which is a real shame.

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