Lia Love Ring

The Lia Love Ring from Calexotics is a silicone cock ring, vibrator and probe.

We found that the ring slipped over my cock and stayed there long enough for me to turn the vibrator on, and slip my cock inside M’s pussy. Once I had slipped my cock inside, the vibrator stayed in place, and put pressue on M’s clitoris. Due to the size of the ring, unless I got my cock inside quick enough, we found that the Lia Love Ring could slip and not face the right direction.

The Lia Love Ring comes with a vibrator the has 10 different vibration patterns. You may or may not like some of the vibration patterns but they are strong enough, and well placed that both myself and M could feel them at full strength.

Lia Love Ring Highlights

The texture on the probe portion of the Lia Love Ring felt great, and would rub on M’s clit as I drove my cock inside M’s pussy. It rubbed just enough, and would even work without the vibrator. We were surprised that the bumps worked as well as they did.

Lia Love Ring Let Downs

One let down with the Lia Love Ring is the lack of stretchability. It would be great to have the ring stretch slightly more to allow the ring to be behind my balls. Maybe it is something to do with my cock and ball size, but getting the ring behind my balls was very much impossible.


The Lia Love ring is an excellent cock ring, vibrator and probe. While it has a minor let down, the highlight of the bumps definitely outweighed the let down.

We would recommend the Lia Love Ring to our friends.

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