Lelo’s Flickering Touch Massage Oil in Spicy Clove & Amber

I have a massage oil addiction. Sure, I have the excuse that my partner has really dry skin and loves massages. And that I’m an amateur masseuse. But I’m always on the look out for my new ‘best massage oil ever’, and there are at least a dozen bottles of various brands and scents in my house at any one time. Adultsensations.com sent me Lelo’s Flickering Massage Oil to review, and I was hoping to have yet another oil to fall in love with!

Lelo is a fairly well known brand of luxury sex toy makers. While I don’t currently own any of their toys, I’ve heard good things about several of their toys, especially the Ella. I had hoped that the quality would also translate over into their massage oils, and I was in luck!

The packaging for the Flickering Touch oil was lovely. The box was black, with elegant embossed writing on it. I love minimalistic looking packaging, and this was gorgeous and very classy looking. There isn’t anything on the box that would make this ‘inappropriate’ (read as: screams “I bought this from a sex toy shop”) to give to someone at a wedding shower or as a gift in public. The bottle was nestled securely inside the box, and I didn’t have any issues with it leaking during transport. I suppose you could keep the box to store your oil in, but I think the bottle is lovely and looks pretty sitting out, so I recycled mine instead.

The bottle is really pretty. To me it looks a lot like a higher end perfume bottle, and I keep mine out, and it definitely doesn’t look out of place beside my perfume collection. It’s black glass, and the writing is gold paint, which stands out nicely. The top of the bottle is interesting looking. The orange ‘lid’ is a hard plastic or possibly acrylic circle. The colour changes depending on the scent of the massage oil. It has to be pulled off in order for the pump dispenser to be pushed, so you don’t accidentally get massage oil all over everything.

The pump dispenser works well. I didn’t feel as though I got too much oil per pump, and I needed about two pumps of oil to get enough for a decently slick back massage. The oil is a very light and (as oil tends to be) is very runny. Be careful pouring this onto your partner’s back, as it may decide not to pool conveniently and run over their sides. It will stain fabric, so putting down an old towel before you start your massage will keep you from worrying about ruining your sheets or blanket.

The oil lasts a decent amount of time, but I found that the initial few minutes of use left my hands feeling slightly sticky or gummy. Once I worked past that, it was smooth and slick, and my hands glided over my partners skin without any issues. It also does take a bit of time for the oil to sink in, so this isn’t the oil to grab if you just want to do a quick massage and then throw some clothes on. Take your time and enjoy this one!

The ingredient list is short and full of things I recognize:
Apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, perfume There are also tiny flakes of 24K gold in the oil! So, if you are sensitive to any of the natural oils listed or have a sensitivity to gold, I would suggest you avoid this massage oil and find some other brand.

The scent of this oil is Spicy Clove and Amber, and I really like it. Amber has always been one of my favourite scents-it’s the main note in my signature perfume oil that I always wear, and I even have tiny boxes of amber resin in my clothing drawers to softly scent my clothes! The amber in this oil isn’t as strong as I would like, and it’s a soft, almost powder-y note. The clove is the stronger of the two, and it’s sweet and warm, but not overpowering. This oil isn’t going to leave you smelling like a spice shop or baking cookies, instead it’s a soft and sweet scent that clings closely to your skin.

The gold flecks are something I’ve never seen before in a massage oil, and I’m honestly not sure what I think of it. While they don’t leave skin looking like you were attacked bya disco ball or a Twilight vampire, there is definitely a glow/shimmer left behind after a massage. My boyfriend wants nothing to do with this lotion, and has threatened to not use it on me unless I let him use gloves during the massage so he wouldn’t be ‘all sparkly’. (We both consider glitter to be a hard limit.) I haven’t noticed much transfer from skin to clothing or bedding, but I’m still not about to get dressed immediately after a massage with this or go roll around naked in bed.

While I like the consistency and the smell of Lelo’s Flickering Massage Oil, I’d be a bit hesitant to replace this bottle when I run out, due to cost. I’d be much happier if this came without the gold flakes/spanglies and had a lower price as a result. That being said, it’s a great item if you want a luxury massage oil, like the bottle, or just want to splurge!

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