Lelo Smart Wand Massager Medium

Ever since I got my grubby hands on my Hitachi I’ve wanted to extend my collection of wand style vibrators. When Sh! Womens Emporium asked us if we would like to test and review the much talked about Lelo Smart Wand we literally jumped at the chance. As many people have had experience with the Hitachi and I’ve had requests about comparing the two I shall be comparing them in this review.

When the product arrived we were immediately shocked at how small this product is compared to the Hitachi. We’d seen some photos of the vibrator before it arrived but it still didn’t prepare us for how small it really is. The weight of the wand is much less also which is great for prolonged usage.

The main section of this product is covered in soft silicone with a gold plastic section at the handle. I would have preferred the entire product to be silicone as there’s a small gap where the silicone meets plastic. This allows fluids and dirt to collect in this gap which can be difficult to clean. Having a silicone wand vibrator, even though it’s not 100% covered, is very welcomed as it feels softer in use and more hygienic.

The Smart Wand isn’t straight like the Hitachi as there’s an angle about a third of the way up the product. I found this angle helps me get it into position easier and also makes the vibrator easier to hold.

The head of the Smart Wand is quite flexible but I wouldn’t suggest people get over-vigorous with it as it may cause internal damage. It’s easy to tell how much you should flex the head as it suddenly becomes very difficult to flex it further. The head of the Lelo is much smaller than the Hitachi Wand which allows me to rest it on my clitoris much easier.

Unlike the Hitachi the Lelo is rechargeable making it wire-free. Trailing wires can be a pain as they sometimes distract me from the task at hand and I always have to think about my distance to a mains socket. Having a rechargeable wand allows me to go where ever I want to and never have to worry about trailing wires.

The Smart Wand states that it’s 100% waterproof which is absolutely brilliant. I feel wand vibrators lend themselves to use in the bath of shower. However the charging point at the base of the Smart Wand is totally open with no cover. This makes me really unsure if to trust this claim and won’t test it out until I know for sure.

Functions / Controls

The control unit on this vibrator is not where I thought it would be as it actually begins half way up the product. This for me is perfect as it stops any accidental presses of the buttons at the worst possible time. Having the control panel not where I hold the wand isn’t a hassle though as the curve of the wand makes it easy to change strength or pattern.

The Smart Wand has variable strengths ranging from extremely mild to above average for a rechargeable vibrator. The strength is definitely enough to make me orgasm and I liked how there’s a variety of strengths but I sometimes cannot help but crave more power. Before I got this product I knew it wouldn’t be as powerful as the Hitachi as it’s not mains powered but I really hoped that Lelo kicked the power up a few notches.

This vibrator has 8 patterns which are controlled by the centre button on the control panel. For each pattern you can change the vibration strength by pressing the + and – buttons. Having a variety of strengths and patterns on a wand vibrator is new to me but I’m very happy to have them compared to the 2 basic strengths on the Hitachi.

This vibrator is quiet for its vibration strength. There was no need to do a behind the door noise test for this sex toy as we knew straight away that it wouldn’t be heard even on its highest setting.

Her Experience

There’s so much to like about the Lelo Smart Wand which makes it a big contender. The size, shape, being rechargeable and having multiple vibration modes are a great combination of features. Don’t get me wrong I would’ve loved this sex toy to have more power as I feel it could be much better. Lelo are known to listen to user feedback and improve their toys so hopefully they’ll hear my cry for more power.

His Experience

The only bad things I can say about this vibrator are that it lacks strength and that the join between the plastic and silicone lets fluids and dirt in. I can see this sex toy being used a lot in the future thanks to the other great features it has. Compared to the Hitachi the Lelo Smart Wand is a dream to hold and use and will most likely replace the Hitachi on many occasions when we don’t want something bulky.

Overall Opinion

I would definitely recommend the Lelo Smart Wand as it’s got lots of great things going for it. If you like really powerful vibrators however you may be better looking elsewhere as you might be a little let down. For me it’s a great versatile toy that will see plenty of use even though deep down I would’ve liked more power.

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