Leatherbeaten ‘Imp’ paddle

Ah, Leatherbeaten . How I adore you. Leatherbeaten is an Ontario based company that specializes in leather work and inventively evil little toys. (yes, Delrin Cane, I am looking at you.) I lust more than a girl with an evil Master should over their Penitent Series and whips.

I’ve already reviewed the Spanker paddle, and now it’s time to introduce the Spanker’s partner in crime (Or at least that’s what they are in my play bag), the Imp.

The Imp measures 14 inches long from end to end, and 3 inches wide. The handle is 6 inches long, 1 1/4 inches wide, and has been reinforced with steel. It fits beautifully in my hand. and has a hole in the bottom so there is the option to hang it up when not in use.

The Imp is made of two thick pieces of 8oz harness leather sewn together with the ends left open. The ‘raw’ sides of the leather are facing each other, and the fact that you can occasionally see the rough leather doesn’t spoil the aesthetics of the paddle. The stitching is hand sewn with heavy duty thread, and I have had no issues with fraying or it trying to unravel. Because the paddles aren’t mass produced, the stitching is slightly less than perfect, but not enough for it to be noticeable. (or mess with my OCD!)

To take care of your Imp, you can wipe it down with a lightly damp cloth after play, and store it once it has thoroughly dried. As leather is porous, you can’t ever totally sterilize it, so I would not recommend using it on someone with open cuts, and if you do get blood on it, it should be reserved for that partner alone. If you want to baby your paddle a bit more, you can always treat the finished sides of the leather with Saddle Soap. This removes any dirt or grease and helps condition the leather, keeping it supple and shiny. Again, I am not an expert on leather care, but this is what works for me and my various pieces, and I haven’t had any issues with them. This is a solidly constructed impact toy, and while the leather has some signs of wear after over a year of use, they are my fault, as I kept it in a bag with a wartenburg pinwheel at one point, but there are no other problems!

The Imp is a ‘slapper’ style paddle, but isn’t a lightweight by any means. Hitting with the paddle straight on gives a bit of thud as well as some sting, but when you give the paddle a flick as you swing, it’s pure sting, baby! While it isn’t anywhere near as evil as a singletail whip may be, I would put it at a 4-5 out of 10 on the evilness scale.
I’ve used this paddle on several different partners, and have one who affectionately refers to it as the ‘Evil Paddle of Owch’. I tend to use this as a counterpoint to the Spanker paddle, and usually use it so it’s all sting. Hey, I’ve never claimed to be a nice person! It leaves gorgeous red marks, but I have only been able to raise welts once with the Imp, and that was during a particularly long scene.

I purchased my Imp through Leatherbeaten’s website, and was thoroughly impressed by their customer service. My first choice of colours for my paddle wasn’t available, and the staff was quick to inform me of this, apologize, and inform me of my other colour choices. Their replies to my emails were always quick and courteous. I was informed when my toys shipped, and was given a tracking number, as well as being thanked repeatedly for my purchase. I love love love their amazing customer service! That alone makes me want to be a return customer.

I give the Imp 5 stingy paws up out of 5!

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