Jopen’s Key Comet G

I’ve not been a fan of Jopen before now. I know, blasphemy. But the Vanity line was completely done in a neon fushica purple with no variation, and the Intensity was pink and both were out of my price range. With the Key line, Jopen’s toned down their ‘all pink all the time’ stance, and lowered the prices. While the new line is still ‘luxury’, it’s much more affordable, and they come in more colours now (Pink, purple, teal, and an awesome shade of blue.). That’s some classy tequila right there. The toy ain’t bad either.

Eden sent me the Key Comet G by Jopen to review, and I was utterly thrilled. I’d been lusting after it ever since I caught a press release for the line, because it looked like it would make my g-spot happy, and I was so very right. By now, I’m pretty sure everyone has compared this to the Pure Wand, and guess what? I’m going to do it too. Don’t worry, Pure Wand, I still love you. I’m just have a bit of a dirty affair with the G Wand. I’ll come back to you, really! What we have, it’s *real*.

The differences between the Comet G and Pure Wand are fairly noticeable. The Comet G is made of glass, with the lower 2/3rds of the shaft dipped in silicone. The handle has a small silver medallion stuck to one side of the handle’s grip. The shape of the Comet G is more of a ‘J’, rather than the Pure Wand’s semi-circle. There’s also a huge weight difference between the two. Stainless steel is a lot heavier then glass and silicone. Also, the Pure Wand tapers dramatically after the balls on either end. The Comet G’s shaft is thicker overall, and I actually like it a bit better for that reason. I tend to clench really hard when I orgasm, and with the Pure Wand it’s almost uncomfortable to do that because there’s so little to.

Just because it’s being compared to the Pure Wand doesn’t mean this toy isn’t awesome in it’s own right. I love the silicone. It’s got a bit of drag, so I usually put some water based lube on it before I use it. The drag to the silicone does mean that the bulb will feel a bit larger than it is. There’s also a ridge running down the side of the toy, but I didn’t find the texture to be really noticeable while I was using it. For me, it’s decorative, rather than functional. But if you’re really sensitive to texture, this may not be for you. I do love that the ridges start in the glass and are continued into the silicone…it’s a unique touch and makes the piece look more finished.

The Comet G isn’t a huge toy. The end measures 1.5 inches, which is the same as the Pure Wand’s larger ball. End to end it’s about 8 inches, which isn’t that long, either. The length is one of the few places I have an issue with the Comet G, though. I have short arms (I’d love for you to think of me as a T-Rex, but with multicoloured hair, freckles, and cleavage that doesn’t stop for days), and chronic pain/occasional mobility issues. That means there’s going to be days I’m not going to be able to use this on myself to thrust, as the short length means I have to stretch my arms or twist in a way that’s going to make me hurt worse or in new ways. Of course, there’s always the option to delegate to my mate, and I have taken advantage of willing partners before. Just be clear in your communication with your partner when they’re using a toy on you! Angles change, and with a harder toy like the Comet G, accidentally thrusting too hard or hitting the wrong place is possible.

So far, my favourite way to get off with the Comet G has been to sit down at my computer desk chair with the head of the toy inside me and use a vibrator on my clit at the same time. I can rock in the chair to change the angle of the toy on my g-spot, and the constant pressure is amazing. It makes it easier on me, because again, T-Rex arms, and can tweak my wrist or shoulder sometimes to jack off using the handle of this toy.

Cleaning is a bit different with this toy than a straight up silicone or glass toy. The silver emblem on the handle is glued on, and boiling or putting this toy through the dishwasher could wreck it. I suggest sticking with a 10% bleach solution or just washing with antibacterial soap and water.

I’m definitely a fan of the Key Comet G. The design is sleek, the material combination unique, and I’m glad that Jopen is branching out!

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