How to clean your sex toys

With all the different types of sex toy materials out there, there’s also a variety of ways to clean them! Here’s a list of some of the most common toy materials and how to get them clean.

Jelly (also know as Jel-Lee or jellie): Jelly is a porous material, so there is no way to completely clean it. (Also, it usually contains phthalates, which can cause a variety of health issues from a burning sensation, irritation, chemical burns, and some studies have linked them to cancer.) If you absolutely want to use a jelly toy, use a condom! To attempt to clean it…use a toy cleaner. Also, do not let it touch other toys during storage-it may melt them! Store jelly items in their original packaging or in a ziplock bag of some sort.

PVC, SIL-a-gel, Rubber, and Latex: these are all porous, so again, no way to totally clean them. They also may contain phthalates. Use condoms with them during use to be careful and if you’re sharing them between partners. You can’t sterilize these, but can clean them with soap and water or toy cleaner. Again, you may want to keep these from touching other toys, as they may cause them to melt.

TPE/TPR, and TPR Silicone: These are all rubber blends, so again, semi porous. (Don’t be fooled by the name ‘TPR Silicone’! You only need to have 10% silicone in a sex toy product to be able to slap the word silicone on the label!) Condoms for use/sharing are a good idea, and you can clean these toys with soap and water or toy cleaner. These are another toy you should be careful about storing.

Hard Plastic:
Depending on the make, they can be non porous, but should be used with a condom if you plan on sharing them. These should be cleaned with toy wipes, soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution. Don’t boil them! You could end up melting your toy!

Glass, Metal, and Silicone: These are all non porous, and are good material for sharing with your partner(s), provided they get sterilized in between partners. You can completely sterilize them by boiling it for 5 minutes, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, or by putting it through the dishwasher. (Put your toy on the top rack and don’t add dishwashing liquid for this cycle!) Store glass in padded bags or packaging, and always check it for chips/cracks before use! Pure silicone toys can be stored touching other silicone toys without any damage to your toys.

When I’m cleaning my toys, I usually clean my dildos and vibrators before use because a. my storage chest isn’t air tight and b. I own a cat. So it doesn’t matter how clean the toy was before I put it in the box, there’s always a wee bit of dust, etc on it. I tend to pick a day at the end of the month and clean all of my dildos, and as I only have ones that are non-porous, they all get tossed into my giant stock pot and boiled together. I dump them into a colander to drain off the water, and they’re allowed to air dry before I put them away.

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