How to Bring Sex Toys into a New Relationship

Dating brings with it all sorts of tiny milestones, from sharing that first kiss to meeting each other’s friends for the first time. You may store your toothbrush at your partner’s house, but are you ready to bring your sex toys into the bedroom yet? This implies that you have reached a certain level of comfort and trust. If you already have a great love life but want to spice it up a bit with erotic toys, the first step is to find out if your partner agrees.

Communication is always a good idea when you’re up for trying anything new in bed. This is one case when the element of surprise may work against you and leave your partner feeling unsure of how to react. It’s natural to feel a bit awkward bringing up your sexual proclivities with someone you have only known for a short time, but you can look at having a real down-to-earth sex talk as an important part of getting to know each other.

Be sure to bring up the subject when you’re in a safe, comfortable, and private environment. Although you may feel thrilled about the idea of trying something new, it’s possible that your partner will feel threatened or inadequate. Reassure him or her that this is not the case, but that you feel that bringing a sex toy into the bedroom might be something that you feel would be an exciting journey to take together. It’s helpful if you have some idea in mind of the type of toy you’d like to try, so that you can answer any questions your partner might have. Remain open-minded to your partner’s fears and requests to find a solution you both can enjoy.

You both may be open to bringing sex toys into the relationship, but if you’re new to this type of activity as a couple it can be intimidating at first. A good way to ease into getting more adventurous between the sheets is by playing sex games, which tend to be light-hearted and playful. Games can range from the slightly silly to the completely naughty depending on your preference. Sexy dice or card games can be a good way to start exploring new territory and make for excellent foreplay. Roleplaying can also be a fun way to experiment before you bring in a physical toy.

Shopping for sex toys together can help build excitement and will help ensure that you’re on the same page when it comes to kinks. You may be all about full-on bondage gear, but your partner may have a more traditional Rabbit vibrator in mind to start with. If you’re feeling shy about visiting an adult store in person, you can find no shortage of toys online. Read reviews of these products carefully and do your research to find something that will suit you both.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to introduce toys into a new relationship is something that each couple will have to evaluate on an individual basis. Communication, research, and a willingness to get a bit outside of your comfort zone in the pursuit of pleasure can help bring your relationship to a whole new level.

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