Good Vibrations Rippler

I have a thing for green toys. Pink and purple vibrators are so boring, overdone and girly…I don’t understand why more companies don’t embrace the unisex awesomeness of green. When Good Vibrations offered me a chance to review their Rippler, I may have made a noise so high pitched only dogs could hear it and begged Mandi for one of the green ones (it also comes in a metallic purple and black). She was awesome, and sent one my way. <3 The silicone of the Rippler is gorgeous. It has a metallic sheen to it and looks like a piece of malachite that has been sculpted into a stunning dildo. *loves* It has some pliability to it, and you can bend it straight fairly easily. There isn’t much give to it, though, so you feel all of the ridges and bumps. This silicone is really shiny, so it does tend to pick up Every. Single. Piece. of cat hair/dust/whatever in the room if you set it down for a second, so storing it in it’s original packaging or a bag would be best unless you feel like washing your toy before and after playing. Speaking of packaging, I loved Good Vibes packaging! It was a simple plastic clamshell with a shiny cardboard insert. Definitely not discreet, as you can see the toy through it, but much more appealing to me than half naked women posed provocatively all over it. Basic care instructions were printed on the insert, as well as info about the toy. The Rippler is a girthy toy, and definitely not for the novice toy user. It measures 7 ¼ inches long and is 1 5/8 inches diameter at it’s thinnest point and 1 7/8 inches at it’s thickest. I don’t have small hands (yay, Irish/German peasant bloodlines!), but my thumb and middle finger can barely touch each other when I wrap my hand around the base. Add the incredible texture to that and you have a seriously epic dildo. I could probably bludgeon someone unconscious with this if I tried. Why yes, I do evaluate my sex toys at potential weapons, why do you ask? The texture to the Rippler is definitely unique. It has a semi realistic phallic shaped head, and ‘V’s running down it’s length on the underside. The front/top has 6 raised and slightly curved bands on it. I love the look of the bottom pattern though…it reminds me of the simplistic Christmas trees I’d draw as a kid. Well, either that or some sort of alien cock, which can make for some smokin’ hot abduction fantasies. Want to be probed repeatedly by a not-so-little green man? This is definitely the dildo for you. The base also works fairly well as a suction cup, as I found out when I was cleaning it. It sticks to smooth surfaces (like counter tops and the side of the tub) when the base is wet, and required me using two hands to pull it free! I couldn’t get it to stick to the wall, though. Because this toy is made of pure silicone, you’re going to want to only use a water based lube with it, as the silicone can react negatively with your toy. For cleaning, it’s the usual options. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and water, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, boil it, or put it through the dishwasher. I’m a fan of textured toys, so the Rippler and I got along very well. The girth was a bit intimidating at first, but once I warmed up with my Hitachi and a smaller toy I was good to go. The bands on the top were nice, but not the texture I was looking for. It does really well for g-spot play when used this way, though-the raised bands felt awesome rubbing against my g-spot! Because the ripples are all on the bottom of the toy, I didn’t find they were very noticeable during thrusting unless I turned the toy upside-down or was using it doggy-style. Woof! This definitely is not for the faint of heart or pussy! You can feel every single ridge as it rubs against you, and it’s really intense. I wanted to try this in my strap-on harness with my girlfriend, as she’s also a fan of textured toys, but the O-ring I have was too small. (Fortunately, Good Vibrations sells O-rings of various sizes.) I was feeling exceptionally adventurous this week and decided to attempt using the Rippler anally so my review could be a bit more through. It is a fair bit larger and much more textured than my normal toys, so I was more than a little intimidated, but I’m glad I decided to experiment. With the combination of girth plus length, I could only manage to take a few of the ripples, but they were a really intense sensation. This isn’t something I see myself using anally on a regular basis, but it’s definitely a unique experience I think I will find myself craving more in the future. I adore the Rippler in all it’s textured glory. It’s filling and is perfect for the days I want more from my toys…more girth, more sensation, more everything! I give it 5 paws up out of 5!

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