Glow Stroker Beaded Lips

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips is a male masturbator. As with most mastubating sleeves, the Glow Stroker gives a different texture to most of the other strokers that I have, as well as M’s hand, and also masturbating myself.

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips has 4 beads inside the stroker that rub against the upper side of my cock. They don’t touch directly, however they can be felt with mild pressure.

The stroker itself is manufactured from TPR, and doesn’t appear to have any residual smell like I expected given my experience with other TPR products. Being manufactured from TPR, only water based lubricants should be used.

The length of the Glow Stroker Beaded Lips appears to be rather short, and will be sufficient for an average sized cock. Larger cocks will find that they poke out the end of the stroker during use. Â The open is rather narrow as well, but with the flexibility and stretchy-ness of the TPR, most cocks can fit inside the Glow Stroker.

We found the product reasonably easy to clean. We simply rinsed with water and a small amount of soap, and we let it air dry before storing in a zip lock bag in our bedside table.

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips is probably not a stroker that I would buy having tested the product, however the packaging would possibly entice me if I saw it on the shelf in an adult toy store.

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