Fun Factory Teneo Uno

I have to admit, I got these as more of a teasing sex toy than for their exercise purposes, and my review is going to reflect that fact.

And it’s even in the same colours as I have.

I purchased the Teneo Uno about two months ago, so can’t really comment on the packaging, but I do remember that it was Fun Factory’s normal shiny silver and red, and it came with a little packet of Toyfluid lube. Toyfluid is a water based lube, so totally safe to use with your silicone toys. However, it does have Glycerine in it, so if you have a sensitivity, best avoid! The official site has lots of different color options for the Uno now as well. I’m actually tempted to get a purple one!

The Teneo Uno is an elastomed ball that has been coated with silicone. the ball is about 1-1/2”, and the cord is 3-1/3″. T The ball is very easy to insert and even has a hollow at the top for your finger! I am normally a bit wet, so I rarely have to use lube with the Teno, but women who are not as *ahem* damp as myself might want to use a bit of water based lube. The little ridges weren’t rough and didn’t catch as I inserted them, but once they were inside…*purrs* It made it a lot easier to clench down on, and definitely motivated me to do um..Kegels. Yeah. Totally was doing Kegels. Wanking had nothing to do with this very scientific review. I’m terribly proper.

I wore it for most of an eight hour shift at the bakery, and it was definitely noticeable shifting inside me (and made my shift so much more enjoyable!). I am on my feet constantly, lifting, bending, and by the time they let me have my first break, I was a very horny kitty. I snuck out to my friend’s car to enjoy my break and some alone time. There was a layer of thick white come all over the toy, and it ended up all over my panties as I pulled it out. Oops? Next time I know to have a towel handy. Luckily clean up (for the toy, at least!) is easy. You can just toss it in the sink and clean it with antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner if you prefer.

To sum it up:
+ silicone, so able to be completely sterilized
+ easy to use/insert
+ feels amazing and is a good way to ensure you do your Kegels
– the ridges and cracks take a bit more cleaning than a smooth toy would
– the size may be a bit small for some women, luckily Fun Factory also sells the Teneo Duo. 🙂
– I worry about the retrieval cord snapping if I tug on it too hard.

Edited November 8, 2010 to add: I broke the cord while trying to pull the toy out of me a few days ago, so am taking two points off my score. It’s less pretty with a broken cord and much harder to remove. 🙁

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