Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Review

cobra libre 2I have never used a male vibrator before, I’ve always stuck to sleeves (poor choice of words, hah!), and so trying the Libre II for the first time was a new experience. At first I missed the immediate pleasure you get when you slide into a sleeve, the Libre II covers the top of your head and possibly an inch-ish more (internal length is 3.5 inches) and yet I find that it’s now my go-to toy – and I’ll now explain why.

The box was very unassuming, simply stating Fun Factory, nothing too conspicuous, and it was very nicely laid out inside, which made me feel like I was getting my value immediately. The blowjob toy itself looks very sleek, I have the black model and it has a low-profile, minimal design – which makes it a lot easier to clean.

Now, onto usage.

To start with, you need lube. Not an insane amount, though you can if you want I guess, go crazy – but enough so that you can slide in without friction. I did a dry test, for science, and it’s pretty uncomfortable though I came to no serious harm. It doesn’t really seem to matter what lube you use, so long as it’s water based. I prefer LH’s Liquid Silk, but the Durex Feel one was fine too.

You turn the Libre II on and off using the Fun button (yay!). There are a lot of different vibration speeds and styles, the first few are constant and they’re the ones I use the most, and you can flick through using the + and – buttons with ease to find the setting best for you. The lowest vibration I imagine I could probably sit with indefinitely, it’s a nice, tingly buzz, it’s good for using if you’re close to climax but want to calm down for a while.

The highest constant vibration speed, however, is intense. There’s no other word for it. There’s a small recess inside the Libre II where you can rest your head and the vibrations run all the way down your shaft, more so if you tense up. Oh and my hand went numb once, that was cool.

The other settings are alternating pulses, broken up into ‘slalom’ and ‘rock’n’roll’ mode, (there’s a booklet included explaining the ‘shape’ of the vibrations) which I quite liked, as the alternating power means your pleasure comes in waves.

I found there were two ways I mainly used the Libre II. I would either keep it in one place and massage, ahem, other areas, or you can use it a little like a stroker, but with gentler movement. With the latter there can sometimes be a vacuum effect which feels amazing though I have found my orgasms just as mind-blowing with either method. Seriously, I love this toy.

Clean-up is relatively easy, there’s not a lot of surface material, and it’s all smooth… and in theory waterproof. I found one or two wipes did the job and it never had any residual smell. The downside to the small surface area is that cum doesn’t have much place to go, and so it usually sort of flows with gravity. Easy way around this is to have a tissue at hand as you orgasm. Not a big deal, really. Alternately just come all over yourself.

Charging the device is wonderful, the battery lasts for a very long time, and the vibrations are only weakened right near the end of battery life. The usb magnetic charger is great and I am yet to electrocute myself, which is always a plus. The lights on the buttons are good indicators of charge, too.

If I was going to point out one issue, with the Libre II, and this really would be my only complaint, it’s the noise. This thing sounds like an electric toothbrush on steroids. I tend to only use it when it’s during the day or when I know everyone is out of the house, and even during the day I tend to put music on. But then, you can’t have such intense vibration without the noise, so there isn’t really a compromise.

Overall I loved this toy, it’s easy to clean, it looks good, it feels good (even if it’s a little noisy). The reason I prefer it to strokers is purely down to the orgasm. It’s just a better orgasm, it’s more intense, I feel I get more release. That’s it.

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