Eroscillator 2

The Eroscillator 2 is one of the most unique vibrators on the market. Not because of the styling of the toy but the fact that it doesn’t actually vibrate, it oscillates. The meaning of oscillation for people who aren’t sure is to ‘swing back and forth with a steady, uninterrupted rhythm’. This motion is designed to simulate the motion of a real finger but at high speeds.

There are two versions of this product… The Eroscillator 2 Plus which we’re proud owners of and the Eroscillator 2 Deluxe which is said to be 20% more powerful and it comes with more attachments. The attachments can be purchased separately so people who have purchased the basic version can upgrade without purchasing the deluxe version.

I have to say the Eroscillator is really ugly-looking with a rusty coloured exterior and looks very similar to an old fashioned electric toothbrush. There has never been such a right time to use this saying.. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. This sex toy is ugly as hell, but it currently stands at the best sex toy I’ve ever used.

Included in the Eroscillator box are three separate attachments which easily clip onto the top of the handle. The attachments are made of soft rubber with strong plastic clips at the base to secure them to the main unit. Each attachment is double-sided so there are six different sensations to try. Each of the 6 sensations are very different to each other and we feel there’s something for everyone.

What sets this toy apart from everything else in our collection is the motion on the head. It feels nothing like a vibrator and that’s definitely a good thing. The head can oscillate up to 60 times per second which is seriously fast. Even if I’m not in the mood before using the Eroscillator 2 it quickly changes that.

About the included Eroscillator heads..

Ball and Cup – The concave side is designed for clitoral stimulation whereas the convex side may help exercise the vagina.
Grapes and Cockscomb – The grapes provide a bumpy stimulation to the clitoris and body whilst the cockscomb head is made to stimulate the labia.
Golden Spoon – One side to stimulate the clitoris and nipples and the droplets side is designed to stimulate the inner and outer labia.
Included in the box is one of the most useful instruction manuals we’ve seen for a sex toy. It is extremely informative and not only gives a lot of information about the Eroscillator but it also has a lot of advice about how to learn to orgasm if you never have.
What I didn’t expect from the Eroscillator is that it’s completely waterproof apart from the plug. I’d never really trust a mains powered sex toy underwater but according to Eroscillator it’s 100% waterproof but that’s just me being overly safety conscious.

Functions And Controls

A big plus about this toy is that it is mains powered as I never have to worry about it running out of power. The plug fits into the bottom of the toy very snugly and actually locks into place. The cable is very long at 12ft so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a plug socket too close by.

There are 3 oscillation settings on the toy which are controlled via a sliding panel on the side of the main unit. There’s a good step-up with speed on each setting with setting 1 and 2 being my current favourites but I’m sure I’ll use setting 3 more once I get more used to the oscillation movement. Working myself up from setting 1 I’ve found the best way to get the most out of the toy as going straight to setting 2 or 3 is just too much too soon.

Even though the Eroscillator 2 is very powerful, it’s very quiet even on setting 3. This was a big surprise to me as such power usually means lots of noise (like the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Rock Box). Steve is unable to hear the oscillating noise from outside a closed door so it would be great for people who live in a shared house but crave power.

Her Experience

The Eroscillator may not be the most attractive sex toy on the market but it’s my go to toy which I keep very close by in the bedroom. I’ve used many powerful vibrators including the very popular Hitachi Magic Wand but the oscillating motion of this product sets it apart from everything else I’ve currently tried.

I love the fact that it has 3 different attachments which are double-sided making 6 different sensations making this product great value for money. Normally if I wanted a different type of sensation mid-session I would need to get out an entire new toy but with the Eroscillator I could just turn it around or simply clip on another attachment.

I could talk about the Eroscillator for hours and hours as it’s a wonderful product. I would encourage everyone who has the spare money to spend on this product to get one asap as I feel it’s a great investment.

His Experience

It’s a shame some people will disregard the Eroscillator due to it being an ugly duckling. As designer sex toys are becoming more popular I feel there’s too much emphasis on looks which is a shame. Yes a sexy looking toy might look nice but if it can’t perform as well as it could then it will just collect dust and be a waste of money.

The design of this product has actually been thought out very well. The cable is so long that it will almost stretch to the other side of our living room, the settings are easy to control and the product is even waterproof. I was very surprised with the low noise level of this toy as it’s a very powerful product but it’s also very quiet.

Overall Opinion

I can see why the Eroscillator 2 is the only device ever to be endorsed by Dr.Ruth. The Eroscillator is simply amazing and my current favorite sex toy of all time. I implore everyone who even has just a slight interest in sex toys to try this product out.

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