Erolution Super Fckr

We’d never heard of the Erolution Super Fckr+ nor did we expect it to arrive so when we opened the package we were shocked but also extremely impressed on first inspection of this product. Keep in mind you can find the best sex toys for men reviewed here:

Design / Shape / Size

On first glance we actually thought the black section of this masturbator was a hard material but the entire product is actually made from a unique Feelsoft™ material. This allows the user of the Super Fckr+ to squeeze the product to give a tighter experience (more on this later in the review).

The Feelsoft™ material is extremely soft and very lifelike to a point that it’s one of the most realistic feeling to the touch male masturbators we have ever tried.

The vagina on this masturbator is exceptionally well designed and very detailed, it looks as though it has been molded from a real vagina as the lips are not symmetrical like most real vaginas. Without having to spread the lips apart we can see the entrance hole which is about average sized for a masturbator and stretches very easily which would allow it to accommodate very girthy penises without an issue.

The masturbator is around 7 inches in length which will accommodate most average penis lengths, it does have a hole at the base which allows a penis to pop out if you are more well endowed. This hole also helps with cleaning which we will go into further in the cleaning section.

The inside of the masturbator is wide so it does not feel tight when using it and probably wouldn’t feel tight for even wider penises. The texture is quite interesting as it has very large ridges inside that, when thrusting, are very obvious and makes the experience with the Super Fckr+ not very realistic. This is a shame as the material feels very realistic and without the ridges we feel the masturbator would have fared better in getting a realistic feel. The ridges do feel stimulating however, not overly but enough to create orgasms.

This male masturbator allows the user to put pressure of the shaft whilst thrusting thanks to its flexibility which we thought would help with the lack of tightness but it only slightly helps and we end up giving up trying to make a tighter feel.

The Super Fckr+ is very noisy and can be heard very easily through a closed-door so using the toy secretly in a shared house would be an issue. The noises are very slurpy and if heard by other people they would be very curious of the noise (if not already know what it is).

This masturbator does have an odor and not a particularly nice one, which did transfer onto our hands when we held it when first received but this smell does dissipate in time after a few washes. The Super Fckr+ is quite heavy for its size, but not overly so to be an issue when using to cause wrist or arm strain.

As with most realistic feeling masturbators it is extremely important to only use water based lubricant as other lubricants could damage the material of this toy.


The packaging of Erolution Super Fckr+ is simply excellent. The outer box is minimalist but informative and has a definite guys gadget feeling to it. Inside you have a lovely black Erolution branded presentation box with a lift off lid that holds the masturbator inside.

Underneath the masturbator holds the instruction/information manual that tells you how to use, clean, and shows you other products in the range. There is a great looking silver drawstring pouch also that keeps the Super Fckr+ safe from the elements.


Cleaning the Super Fckr+ is quite easy for a male masturbator but it has the common masturbator issue of not being able to access the internal sleeve to make sure the product is completely clean. We found the best way to clean is as described in the instruction manual which is to wash it with antibacterial soap and water then lightly pat dry and then to leave out to air dry completely.

To maintain the softness of the Super Fckr+ the manual suggests using talc which we would suggest everyone use or maybe some cornstarch/cornflour as without doing this the material may go tacky.

His Experience
“With a generous amount of water based lube penetrating the Super Fckr+ is very easy thanks to the wide entrance. The material does feel very realistic but the ridges seem very unrealistic which does detract from the experience. The ridges do provide a little extra stimulation but I would have preferred them to be less pronounced or none at all.

I prefer my masturbators to be tight and this masturbator is far from it so I can struggle orgasming with this product but I do get there with some perseverance. The Erolution range has a product called the Tight Fckr which is described in the manual as mega tight which probably would be better suited to me.”

Her Experience
“I was shocked by how realistic this toy looks and feels to the touch. The packaging of this toy is gorgeous especially the presentation box. The included drawstring bag is the best I’ve seen that has been included with any toy we have received, the quality is simply amazing. The noise when we use this toy is a bit loud for my liking and did make a giggle a little.

It’s good to see a masturbator that is designed to fit an entire average length penis inside. I like to see Steve penetrate a toy fully without popping out the other end so this product has a definite thumbs up from me for that.”

Overall Opinion of the Erolution Super Fckr+
We can see a lot of people liking this product if they are not into tight masturbators as it’s very realistic feeling (except the ridges).Unfortunately for us however we prefer much tighter masturbators and less pronounced stimulators. We would recommend this toy to people who dislike tight masturbators and like highly pronounced ridgid masturbators.

Pros of the Erolution Super Fckr+
– Realistic feeling material
– Long enough to take a full length average penis
– Amazing packaging

Cons of the Erolution Super Fckr+
– Not tight enough
– Ridges are a bit extreme

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