Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Review

cobra libre 2I have never used a male vibrator before, I’ve always stuck to sleeves (poor choice of words, hah!), and so trying the Libre II for the first time was a new experience. At first I missed the immediate pleasure you get when you slide into a sleeve, the Libre II covers the top of your head and possibly an inch-ish more (internal length is 3.5 inches) and yet I find that it’s now my go-to toy – and I’ll now explain why.

The box was very unassuming, simply stating Fun Factory, nothing too conspicuous, and it was very nicely laid out inside, which made me feel like I was getting my value immediately. The blowjob toy itself looks very sleek, I have the black model and it has a low-profile, minimal design – which makes it a lot easier to clean.

Now, onto usage.

To start with, you need lube. Not an insane amount, though you can if you want I guess, go crazy – but enough so that you can slide in without friction. I did a dry test, for science, and it’s pretty uncomfortable though I came to no serious harm. It doesn’t really seem to matter what lube you use, so long as it’s water based. I prefer LH’s Liquid Silk, but the Durex Feel one was fine too.

You turn the Libre II on and off using the Fun button (yay!). There are a lot of different vibration speeds and styles, the first few are constant and they’re the ones I use the most, and you can flick through using the + and – buttons with ease to find the setting best for you. The lowest vibration I imagine I could probably sit with indefinitely, it’s a nice, tingly buzz, it’s good for using if you’re close to climax but want to calm down for a while.

The highest constant vibration speed, however, is intense. There’s no other word for it. There’s a small recess inside the Libre II where you can rest your head and the vibrations run all the way down your shaft, more so if you tense up. Oh and my hand went numb once, that was cool.

The other settings are alternating pulses, broken up into ‘slalom’ and ‘rock’n’roll’ mode, (there’s a booklet included explaining the ‘shape’ of the vibrations) which I quite liked, as the alternating power means your pleasure comes in waves.

I found there were two ways I mainly used the Libre II. I would either keep it in one place and massage, ahem, other areas, or you can use it a little like a stroker, but with gentler movement. With the latter there can sometimes be a vacuum effect which feels amazing though I have found my orgasms just as mind-blowing with either method. Seriously, I love this toy.

Clean-up is relatively easy, there’s not a lot of surface material, and it’s all smooth… and in theory waterproof. I found one or two wipes did the job and it never had any residual smell. The downside to the small surface area is that cum doesn’t have much place to go, and so it usually sort of flows with gravity. Easy way around this is to have a tissue at hand as you orgasm. Not a big deal, really. Alternately just come all over yourself.

Charging the device is wonderful, the battery lasts for a very long time, and the vibrations are only weakened right near the end of battery life. The usb magnetic charger is great and I am yet to electrocute myself, which is always a plus. The lights on the buttons are good indicators of charge, too.

If I was going to point out one issue, with the Libre II, and this really would be my only complaint, it’s the noise. This thing sounds like an electric toothbrush on steroids. I tend to only use it when it’s during the day or when I know everyone is out of the house, and even during the day I tend to put music on. But then, you can’t have such intense vibration without the noise, so there isn’t really a compromise.

Overall I loved this toy, it’s easy to clean, it looks good, it feels good (even if it’s a little noisy). The reason I prefer it to strokers is purely down to the orgasm. It’s just a better orgasm, it’s more intense, I feel I get more release. That’s it.

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You deserve some new masturbation toys

There is a lot of fun to be had with masturbation toys. Why not get some new masturbation toys for yourself?

Get these new masturbation toys and you will have fun

These masturbation toys are some of the best I have ever found. I didn’t really think that it was possible for toys to be as fun as these are, but then again I had only owned one before that. I picked up a pocket pussy when I was at the local porn shop and was seriously disappointed by it. I didn’t really believe that I would ever buy any toys again after that.

When I found out about these masturbation toys I thought it is too good to be true. I mean, how could you have a realistic sexual experience with a four pound pile of rubber? Well, the guys who make these toys did a great job molding that rubber and silicone into something that not only feels like the real thing, but it also looks like it, too. They made sure that it was set up just right so that you could mount and fuck it, as well.

These masturbation toys are both made by Mangasm. The first is the DSRV, which I believe stands for doggy style rear view, and it is one hell of a view. It does look like you are staring at a woman who has bent over to present her pink lady to your cock. It has a vagina that feels great and if you are in the mood for something dirty you can go ahead and get in the butt, too. I didn’t expect there to be anything greater than this, but then I found out about another toy in their lineup of ultra realistic fake pussies.

These masturbation toys are great. The Pussy Paradise is almost identical to the DSRV except that it is positioned for missionary style fucking. You can lay down on top of it and slip your dick inside because it is at the right angle. The butt is there for your taking, too. If you are really looking forward to being able to actually let your hips take care of the action then these are the toys that you should be thinking about purchasing. Again, I really thought that these toys wouldn’t be as great as they are, but now I am a believer.

If you get either of the items I mentioned you will be glad. You can find them both at, and one of the best things about that site is the discreet shipping. They will send it to you without a single mark on the package that indicates what is inside. Your credit card statement also won’t show that you bought yourself a sex toy, which is important if there are any ladies looking over the bill. Go over to the site and check out all of the masturbation toys that they have because I am sure you will find something that pleases you.

Glow Stroker Beaded Lips

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips is a male masturbator. As with most mastubating sleeves, the Glow Stroker gives a different texture to most of the other strokers that I have, as well as M’s hand, and also masturbating myself.

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips has 4 beads inside the stroker that rub against the upper side of my cock. They don’t touch directly, however they can be felt with mild pressure.

The stroker itself is manufactured from TPR, and doesn’t appear to have any residual smell like I expected given my experience with other TPR products. Being manufactured from TPR, only water based lubricants should be used.

The length of the Glow Stroker Beaded Lips appears to be rather short, and will be sufficient for an average sized cock. Larger cocks will find that they poke out the end of the stroker during use. Â The open is rather narrow as well, but with the flexibility and stretchy-ness of the TPR, most cocks can fit inside the Glow Stroker.

We found the product reasonably easy to clean. We simply rinsed with water and a small amount of soap, and we let it air dry before storing in a zip lock bag in our bedside table.

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips is probably not a stroker that I would buy having tested the product, however the packaging would possibly entice me if I saw it on the shelf in an adult toy store.

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Lia Love Ring

The Lia Love Ring from Calexotics is a silicone cock ring, vibrator and probe.

We found that the ring slipped over my cock and stayed there long enough for me to turn the vibrator on, and slip my cock inside M’s pussy. Once I had slipped my cock inside, the vibrator stayed in place, and put pressue on M’s clitoris. Due to the size of the ring, unless I got my cock inside quick enough, we found that the Lia Love Ring could slip and not face the right direction.

The Lia Love Ring comes with a vibrator the has 10 different vibration patterns. You may or may not like some of the vibration patterns but they are strong enough, and well placed that both myself and M could feel them at full strength.

Lia Love Ring Highlights

The texture on the probe portion of the Lia Love Ring felt great, and would rub on M’s clit as I drove my cock inside M’s pussy. It rubbed just enough, and would even work without the vibrator. We were surprised that the bumps worked as well as they did.

Lia Love Ring Let Downs

One let down with the Lia Love Ring is the lack of stretchability. It would be great to have the ring stretch slightly more to allow the ring to be behind my balls. Maybe it is something to do with my cock and ball size, but getting the ring behind my balls was very much impossible.


The Lia Love ring is an excellent cock ring, vibrator and probe. While it has a minor let down, the highlight of the bumps definitely outweighed the let down.

We would recommend the Lia Love Ring to our friends.

Erolution Super Fckr

We’d never heard of the Erolution Super Fckr+ nor did we expect it to arrive so when we opened the package we were shocked but also extremely impressed on first inspection of this product. Keep in mind you can find the best sex toys for men reviewed here:

Design / Shape / Size

On first glance we actually thought the black section of this masturbator was a hard material but the entire product is actually made from a unique Feelsoft™ material. This allows the user of the Super Fckr+ to squeeze the product to give a tighter experience (more on this later in the review).

The Feelsoft™ material is extremely soft and very lifelike to a point that it’s one of the most realistic feeling to the touch male masturbators we have ever tried.

The vagina on this masturbator is exceptionally well designed and very detailed, it looks as though it has been molded from a real vagina as the lips are not symmetrical like most real vaginas. Without having to spread the lips apart we can see the entrance hole which is about average sized for a masturbator and stretches very easily which would allow it to accommodate very girthy penises without an issue.

The masturbator is around 7 inches in length which will accommodate most average penis lengths, it does have a hole at the base which allows a penis to pop out if you are more well endowed. This hole also helps with cleaning which we will go into further in the cleaning section.

The inside of the masturbator is wide so it does not feel tight when using it and probably wouldn’t feel tight for even wider penises. The texture is quite interesting as it has very large ridges inside that, when thrusting, are very obvious and makes the experience with the Super Fckr+ not very realistic. This is a shame as the material feels very realistic and without the ridges we feel the masturbator would have fared better in getting a realistic feel. The ridges do feel stimulating however, not overly but enough to create orgasms.

This male masturbator allows the user to put pressure of the shaft whilst thrusting thanks to its flexibility which we thought would help with the lack of tightness but it only slightly helps and we end up giving up trying to make a tighter feel.

The Super Fckr+ is very noisy and can be heard very easily through a closed-door so using the toy secretly in a shared house would be an issue. The noises are very slurpy and if heard by other people they would be very curious of the noise (if not already know what it is).

This masturbator does have an odor and not a particularly nice one, which did transfer onto our hands when we held it when first received but this smell does dissipate in time after a few washes. The Super Fckr+ is quite heavy for its size, but not overly so to be an issue when using to cause wrist or arm strain.

As with most realistic feeling masturbators it is extremely important to only use water based lubricant as other lubricants could damage the material of this toy.


The packaging of Erolution Super Fckr+ is simply excellent. The outer box is minimalist but informative and has a definite guys gadget feeling to it. Inside you have a lovely black Erolution branded presentation box with a lift off lid that holds the masturbator inside.

Underneath the masturbator holds the instruction/information manual that tells you how to use, clean, and shows you other products in the range. There is a great looking silver drawstring pouch also that keeps the Super Fckr+ safe from the elements.


Cleaning the Super Fckr+ is quite easy for a male masturbator but it has the common masturbator issue of not being able to access the internal sleeve to make sure the product is completely clean. We found the best way to clean is as described in the instruction manual which is to wash it with antibacterial soap and water then lightly pat dry and then to leave out to air dry completely.

To maintain the softness of the Super Fckr+ the manual suggests using talc which we would suggest everyone use or maybe some cornstarch/cornflour as without doing this the material may go tacky.

His Experience
“With a generous amount of water based lube penetrating the Super Fckr+ is very easy thanks to the wide entrance. The material does feel very realistic but the ridges seem very unrealistic which does detract from the experience. The ridges do provide a little extra stimulation but I would have preferred them to be less pronounced or none at all.

I prefer my masturbators to be tight and this masturbator is far from it so I can struggle orgasming with this product but I do get there with some perseverance. The Erolution range has a product called the Tight Fckr which is described in the manual as mega tight which probably would be better suited to me.”

Her Experience
“I was shocked by how realistic this toy looks and feels to the touch. The packaging of this toy is gorgeous especially the presentation box. The included drawstring bag is the best I’ve seen that has been included with any toy we have received, the quality is simply amazing. The noise when we use this toy is a bit loud for my liking and did make a giggle a little.

It’s good to see a masturbator that is designed to fit an entire average length penis inside. I like to see Steve penetrate a toy fully without popping out the other end so this product has a definite thumbs up from me for that.”

Overall Opinion of the Erolution Super Fckr+
We can see a lot of people liking this product if they are not into tight masturbators as it’s very realistic feeling (except the ridges).Unfortunately for us however we prefer much tighter masturbators and less pronounced stimulators. We would recommend this toy to people who dislike tight masturbators and like highly pronounced ridgid masturbators.

Pros of the Erolution Super Fckr+
– Realistic feeling material
– Long enough to take a full length average penis
– Amazing packaging

Cons of the Erolution Super Fckr+
– Not tight enough
– Ridges are a bit extreme

Does an artificial vagina need lubing?

An artificial vagina is a device designed to give males sexual pleasure when a woman is not available by emulating the warmth and sensation of a female genitalia. However, it is made of unnatural materials like silicone, latex, rubber and plastic. So to answer the question whether a rubber vagina needs lubing or not, it does. Unless of course, you want to run the risk of burning your man part while doing do the deed.

If a silicone vagina is made of unnatural materials, how can it deliver pleasure to a man?

An fake pussy is specially designed to be a substitute for the real thing. This means that it can look and feel like the real female orifice, which is warm, soft and snug. So by using a pocket pussy, you can still achieve orgasm without the actual help of a woman.

Another great thing about a vagina toy is that it can be used to treat or to put it more accurately, ‘train’ a man with premature ejaculation problems to last longer. This means to say that a rubber vagina is a practical device for men of all ages.

Aside from that, couples can also use an artificial vagina. For example, if the man takes so much time ejaculating, it can be hard for the woman. But if they use a fake pussy, the woman won’t need to exert too effort to get the man to be ready for their sexual encounter. What’s more, it can be quite useful if sex in not an option for the couple because of pregnancy, illness or menstruation.

But to ensure immense pleasure, while avoiding any pain, you need to make sure the device is well-lubricated before use. This is because an artificial vagina can’t produce natural lubrication, which means that you could get hurt due to friction.

Although a vagina toy may be specifically created to look and feel like the real thing, the materials used to make it are unnatural, thus the need for lubrication.

In case you are wondering what quality fake pussies are made of, read on.

Soft plastics
A fake pussy can be made of soft plastics or poly vinyl chloride, which are the kind of materials commonly used for sex toys, thanks to their jelly-like characteristic. If you don’t mind the smell of rubber while you’re doing the deed, then this is the fake pussy for you.

Also known as ultra realistic or futurotic material, cyberskin is a mixture of silicone, PVC and other patented materials. This means that if a rubber vagina is made of this, any man using it will like he is doing the real deal because the device is highly and has a natural feel. However, sex toys made of cyberskin need special care and attention because of its porous nature.

Rubber or elastic hydrocarbon polymer is a material that is highly flexible and resilient. It’s also quite durable, making it ideal for the creation of your favorite artificial vagina, a product that is often used vigorously. Extreme care should also be given to any device made of this material because it is porous in nature.

This flexible material is made natural rubber derived from plants. However, some people are allergic to the feel of latex on their skin.

There are fruits and vegetables with flesh-like textures, which is why they are used fake pussies. Aside from that, they are widely available and are quite inexpensive, making them ideal as male masturbators. Some of the plants used as improvised vaginas include banana skins, cucumbers and papayas.

No matter the kind of artificial vagina you use, it is important to keep it well-lubricated to achieve intense pleasure all throughout.

Oxballs Nutt Pure Silicone Ball Stretcher

You’ll have to forgive the Home Improvement reference in the title, but when you’re reviewing a toy that oozes ‘powertool wielding dude’ vibes out of every inch, I’m not going to pass up a cheesy Tim Allen reference.

The Oxballs Nutt is a thick silicone ball stretcher and/or cock ring, shapes like a nut. Nut as in ‘nuts and bolts’, not acorns. My mate and I are always interested in adding new toys to our play, so he was more than willing to test it out when Uber Kinky sent this to us for review!

First off, I was a bit surprised by the minimalistic packaging Oxballs uses. The cock ring arrived in a small ziplock baggie, with a company sticker on the front. This isn’t a complaint, as I am all for getting rid of useless and extra plastic being thrown away, it just wasn’t what I normally see. The second impression was ‘Holy crap, that’s thick!’. The Nutt is 1.25 inches thick, has a 2.5 inch diameter, and the inner diameter is 1 inch (unstretched). I was able to stretch it so that the inner diameter was almost 3 inches, so there’s a lot of give to it! It weighs 2.5 ounces. One thing I should note is that the Nutt we received was trimmed slightly roughly on the back-there were a few lumps on one side, but some gentle paring with an X-acto knife soon made it uniform. I’m not complaining about it, though, as it was a tiny cosmetic flaw that was easily fixed.

The silicone is ‘Skin-Flex platinum silicone’, and it has no scent or taste that I could detect, which is how silicone should behave. The silver colour, Zinc, is really gorgeous. There’s a metallic shimmer to it that honestly does make it look like real metal from a distance. If silver isn’t your thing, UberKinky also offers it in black, orange, or red. If you’ve not used a silicone toy before, cleaning it is really simple. You can wipe it with a 10% bleach solution, put it through the top rack of a dishwasher (without soap), or boil it for 5 minutes to sanitize it. For day to day cleaning, I just use antibacterial soap and water, but you could also use a toy cleaner if you wanted. Silicone toys may react badly to cheap silicone lube, so do a ‘patch test’ on your toy first! If the place you tested the lube is gummy or doesn’t look or feel the same, you should probably stick to water based lubes. However, Uber Kinky does say that this is compatible with all lube types!

Guys, before you use this toy, you’re going to want to do some manscaping. Unless having the hair on your balls ripped out by the roots is your kink, then go right ahead and just slide it on! My mate decided to go the trimming route as he was worried about violent hair removal. We slicked up the toy (inside only so I could keep a decent grip on it) and his balls with water based lube, and had no problems with the stretcher not being flexible enough to allow his balls to pass through without too much squishing. He has said that he would be a bit worried to try putting the Nutt on by himself, as he fears he might lose his grip in the middle and the ring would close quickly around his balls. I don’t even have balls of my own, but imagining that made me cringe! This may just be beginner jitters, though, as we haven’t used cock rings or ball stretching toys very frequently. There’s a lot of stretch to it. As you can see in the picture, I can get it over my hand, and I wear a size medium glove!

We also tested this out as a cock ring (around the base of the cock, both behind and in front of the balls), and it was an interesting experience. With the Nutt in front of his balls, the added thickness to Bloodound’s cock at the base was pleasurable for me, and while he didn’t experience the same sort of orgasm delay he would get from a cock ring, the pressure on the base of his shaft was “surprisingly comfortable”. ‘Surprisingly comfortable’ seems to be the repeated theme for this toy. No matter how we experimented with it, Bloodhound was thoroughly pleased with the toy’s performmance, and didn’t have any issues with unwanted pinching or having the ring shift during use. I’m glad he likes it, because I get to benefit from longer play sessions and harder erections-everyone wins!

So, it’s time for a quick bit of cock ring safety. Because a cock ring restricts the flow of blood in the cock to the rest of the body and vice versa, you need to watch for any abnormal swelling, numbness, or paleness. These are all signs that the cock ring is too tight. Also, an erection for several hours is potentially dangerous, because the blood can start to coagulate in the penis, which will end with you having to visit the ER to resolve the issue. Just be smart…if it feels bad or wrong, take the ring off. Try a larger size, try a different day, just be smart about your toy usage!

Overall, the Oxballs Nutt Pure Silicone Ball Stretcher is an excellent toy. It’s made of high quality materials, is aesthetically pleasing, and works well. I’m glad we have it in our toy box.