Clone a Willy Candle Kit

We were both really quite excited about trying one of these kit, it wasn’t something that we had tried before and the thought of been able to make a candle out of his erect penis sounded like a lot of fun.

It arrived very quickly in some super discrete packaging, well packaged in bubble wrap to prevent the tube getting damaged, this is particularly important as the tube that the kit comes in is also the tube that you use for casting your penis candle in.

It came with some supplementary instructions, I cannot stress enough how important it is to read the instructions 2 or 3 times before you even start, knowing what it is that you are doing is key to getting this right, and as you only get enough molding power and wax for one try you need to make sure you get it right.

We opened the tube carefully, the tube itself is made from pretty good quality plastic so its unlikely that you will damage it when you open it, and we removed the kit from inside it. This is what was included in this kit:

On the reverse of the lining of the tube are more clear instructions, we both took the time to read these 2 or 3 times before we started, I must stress again that it is important to read the instructions as the key to getting it right is making sure you follow them and you get it right.

So poured the powder into a bowl and used the thermometer which is included in the kit to measure out exactly 425ml of water at exactly 37C, this I found really tricky. We have a mixer tap so we thought that it would be pretty easy but it wasn’t; it took quite a bit of fiddling with the taps to get it to just the right temperature. In the mean time my other half was trying to get and stay hard, as you can imagine it was quite a surreal experience for the both of us!

Once I managed to get the water to the correct temperature and the other half was ready, I started the timer for 2mins. In the instructions it says to start the timer before pouring the water onto the powder, and then to mix the water with a wooden spoon like crazy until it started to look like pancake mix; it really does thicken up quickly so it is important to work as quickly as possible.

I poured the mixture into the tube that the other half had trimmed to the required length and then he placed the tube full of the gooey mixture over his erect penis and held it there whilst it set. After about 30 seconds I asked him how the gel feels and his answer was ‘squishy, strange and cold!’.

He said that the gel started off feeling warm, as the water used is body temperature, but it very quickly started to go cold and by the time the gel had solidified which only took a matter of a couple minutes it was feeling very cold indeed.

Now it does state in the instructions that it doesn’t matter if your penis doesn’t remain hard for the whole of the casting process so long as it is initially hard there will be enough time to be able to take a clear accurate cast of your penis, this is good as my other half felt that the gel became to cold for any man to be able to maintain an erection for the time that it takes.

Once the gel had set we removed the mould from his penis, it slid off really easily and didn’t stick at all, there was no pain involved in the removing of the gel cast, and even where it had got stuck to any hairs it was easily and painlessly removed.

Once the mould is made you need to use the wooded skewer to make a hole in the bottom and push the wick through. In the instructions it says to put it through where the urethra is but it is quite difficult to work out just where that is, and it is sort of guess work.

After that you use the skewer to attach the wick to over the base of the mould so keep it in the centre of the candle.

Then we started to melt the wax, in the instructions it says to microwave it for 4.5mins, we found that it took a lot longer than that, we took it out repeatedly and checked it but it took 10-12 mins to fully melt, obviously this will depend very much on your microwave just how long it will take.

The hot wax, don’t melt yours in a bowl use a jug

I made a mistake with this, I melted it in a bowl and then tried to pour it into the mould, it just ran down the side of the bowl and onto my fingers, and when it says in the instructions that it is hot, they don’t lie it is very hot when it comes out of the microwave! So you need to be very careful. I transferred the wax into a glass jug and poured it into the mould with that. I would advise you to do the same and not be a fool like me and try a bowl.

Once I had filled the mould with the hot wax I left it to set for a couple of hours, the wax does shrink a little bit and after the 2 hours I re-melted the remaining wax and top it up, we found that the shrinkage was very small and only a small amount of wax was needed to do this.

Then I needed to clean up everything while it was setting, the bowl and jug that had the wax in were not that easy to clean, obviously you can’t put it down your drain as it won’t stay liquid and wax will make a very good plug in your pipes to block them, we poured the wax out while it was still melted straight into out outside bin, and then used red hot water and a scourer to get the wax off the bowls and a plastic scraper to get it off the kitchen worktops. The gel is much easier to clean up – it literally just peals off. Don’t be tempted to leave the wax in the bowl/jug before cleaning, you won’t get it off and you will lose your container.

Once we had done all of this we removed the candle from the mould and this was the result, it’s not perfect, but we didn’t really expect that it would be as we hadn’t tried it before, although it’s pretty damn close and we are really pleased with it.

Overall: We both thought that this was really good fun, we loved doing it and had a real giggle trying to get it right, the instructions are really clear, the kit has everything that you need including a thermometer and we were both really pleased with the results although not perfect, we would love to try another one of these kits just because we would love to try and get it perfect.