Bound by Diamonds

Bound by Diamonds consists of four velcro straps connected together in a hog tie fashion. We have used the Bound by Diamonds hog tie a number of times and found it quite easy to use.

The wrist and ankle straps are quite soft and we didn’t find them to cut into the skin, and were actually smooth enough to enjoy the feeling of them. The cuffs aren’t padded in any way, shape or form.

The Calexotics website indicates that the wrist and ankle straps are two different sizes, however upon inspection the difference in sizes are minimal. They are large enough, even for my larger wrists and ankles than my sexyasianminx.

It would be nice if the cross straps were actually adjustable as I felt they were just a tad too long. It would also be nice if the clips were on the cuffs rather than the cross strap. It means that in order to use the cuffs you always need the cross strap, and with the straps being too long it isn’t ideal.

Overall, sexyasianminx and I enjoy using the Bound by Diamonds hog tie cuffs and strap, and found them to be fairly comfortable. I would recommend that the cross straps be adjustable to pull the wrists and ankles closer together, but at the same time, it means that they won’t separate at inopportune times.

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