Body Wand Original Massager

Ever since I first got my hands on the Hitachi, which seems years ago, I’ve grown very fond of wand style vibrators. I’ve had my eye on the Body Wand Original Massager for quite some time after reading many positive reviews. So when SexHealth asked us if we’d like to test one out we couldn’t wait to give one a go.

The Body Wand is a mains powered massager that can be used for a soothing massage or a satisfying orgasm. Mains powered massagers tend to follow the design of the extremely popular Hitachi Magic Wand and the Body Wand is no different. With a large balled head and a long handle it seems to be a great combination for comfort and pleasure.
This massager is made of plastic including the head of the toy making it easy to clean and easy to care for. The head of the wand is 7.5″ in circumference whilst the handle has a maximum circumference of 6.5″ which makes it comfortable to hold. Even with the large balled head the Body Wand Original is well-balanced in weight and the weight of the toy was lighter than expected for me weighing in at 475 grams.

The entire length of this massager is 12.5″ in length. The balled head of the massager is on a flexible neck like many other massagers. The Body Wand’s neck seems to be a little more flexible than the other wands I’ve tried (especially Hitachi) which is a good thing.

The good thing about wand products is that they can usually pass as a standard body massager to most people. The Body Wand is very well designed and definitely is my most stylish wand massager in our collection. The build quality of this product seems very high also with no noticeable defects and it seems solidly built.

As this product is mains powered you need to be located quite close to the mains due to the shorter than liked 2 metre long cable. There have been times that I’ve become frustrated when using this massager due to the short cable especially when giving a normal body massage. I would have liked the cable to be at least 3 metres in length as it would allow me to be more mobile with this sex toy.

Functions / Controls

The Body Wand is controlled via an easy to use scroll wheel which is located half way down the handle. The placing is perfect for sole use and also when used by someone else. This type of scroll wheel can cause issues with cleaning and even gives the possibility of damaging the toy. This is due to lubed up hands on the wheel that once rotated goes inside the toy itself. Without opening the massager up I cannot tell if there are any safeguards inside to stop lube from damaging the internals.

The vibration strength of the Body Wand varies from strong to extremely powerful for a mains powered product. Thanks to the scroll wheel the vibration strength can be finely tuned to my desired setting. This is great as I’ve always felt limited by the Hitachi’s basic 2 speed settings. I find myself varying the strength regularly throughout a session making my orgasms more powerful and satisfying compared.

Volume wise I never thought the Body Wand was going to be a quiet toy, and it isn’t. I wouldn’t suggest use in a shared house unless you want to be found out. This sex toy can easily be heard outside a closed-door even when used on a moderate vibration strength. Most people would know it’s a sex toy if they heard it being used even though it doesn’t have that telltale rabbit style noise.

Even though the vibration strength is extremely powerful the handle doesn’t vibrate much which is great. Other toys of this power sometimes make my hands numb due to strong vibrations on the handle but I haven’t experienced this at all with the Body Wand.

Using this product as a general body massager works very well. The variable strength option allows massages to be very relaxing. I’ve actually fallen asleep during receiving a massage from Steve using the Body Wand. Using some good massage oil or bar is important with this product.

I would highly recommend the Body Wand to people who like their sex toys to be powerful. The main things I like about this toy are the variable strength, flexible head and low vibration feedback on the handle. If I could change this product I would have to say get rid of the scroll wheel (even though it’s great to use) due to the issues of cleaning and product wellbeing and also increase the cable length.

Even with these issues this product is my new favorite wand style vibrator in my collection.

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