Spartacus Butterfly clamps-Warning

Welcome to my most painful review ever. It was suggested to me by my Sir that I write the entire thing while wearing the clamps for a more authentic and honest review, but no one wants to read 400+ words of ‘Oh gods, owch. Owch. Owch. Breathe, remember to breathe. Ack, don’t breathe too deeply or the chain will move! Owch.’

Ok, really, they aren’t that bad.

Well, mostly.

Let me start out this review by saying that Butterfly (aka clover) clamps aren’t for beginners. This is definitely a toy for someone who is in to more intense types of pain…think of these as ‘Clamps 2.0′. If you’re looking for a beginners pair of clamps, I would recommend either the tweezer style or alligator clamps, both of which are adjustable. Butterfly clamps have only one intensity: HIGH!

The Spartacus Butterfly clamps are made of metal, with a textured plastic cover on the tips. Each clamp is around 3.5″ long, and the connecting chain is 12″ long. The texture on the cover is four small dots that are arranged in a square, and they will leave imprints on your skin after you remove the clamps! The texture keeps the clamps from moving after they’ve been attached to whatever body part you or your partner decides on. I’ve had my clamps used on my nipples and labia, and jokingly, on my lip for a minute!

To use the clamps, simply squeeze the sides, and the jaws open. They open smoothly, and wide enough that I don’t have to worry about inadvertently catching my nipple piercings on the jaws when I am trying to put them on. Once you’ve positioned them, simply let go of the sides. I recommend doing so slowly, unless you’re sadistic/masochistic. The smaller the amount of skin that gets grabbed by the clamps, the more intense the sensation. Like I said before, these are not for the faint of heart! If you want more than what the butterfly clamps offer on their own, tugging on the chain causes the clamps to tighten even further. Also, you can even add weights to the clamps or hang them off the chain for even more owchy fun. Also, the removal of the clamps usually hurts more than having them put on as all the blood rushes back to the area that was clamped.

Because the Butterfly clamps are made of metal, the care of feeding of them is fairly simple. You can wipe them down with a cleaner between partners if you are worried about any potential fluid exchange. I use an alcohol based antibacterial gel, as I am worried that water may cause the clamps to rust, and there’s been no issues with it. I keep my clamps stored in a cloth bag in my larger toy box, and they have no problems with things like picking up lint, but will occasionally snag on a stray thread if I am not careful. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to remove lube, blood come from them, though, as there are plenty of grooves and cracks.

The clamps are fairly solidly constructed, however, I have managed to break one of my two pairs during a scene. My Sir had attached one of the clamps to my nipple and the other to my labia, and while I was flailing, squirming, and trying desperately to get away, one of the clamps somehow became separated from the chain. I managed to re-attached the clamp and close the link in the chain again with a pair of needle nose pliers. Also, one of the plastic covers popped off at one point, but this was something I was able to fix with some contact cement.

If it wasn’t for these two incidents, I’d give the Spartacus butterfly clamps five paws up rather than four.