How to make sure your sex toys are safe

These days it seems like everything will give us cancer. A new report comes out each week saying that sunscreen, potato chips, styrofoam or your cell phone is slowly killing you. At this point, we might as well live in a bubble.
While we can’t avoid everything that may or may not be bad for us, we can certainly steer clear of the products we know for a fact are harmful–especially products we use in our most intimate areas, like sex toys.

Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate sex toy production, meaning that while many are safe for us, others have some less than appealing chemical make ups. Without regulation and education, many men and women are getting theirs and possibly getting something else and as sexy as chemical induced sexy time is… it isn’t.

Use this guide to make sure you know your sex toy materials, what is and isn’t safe and what you should look for.
Sex toys come to us a in a variety of materials like silicone, metal, plastic, jelly and glass. Many can look the same at first glance, but we’re told a different story under the microscope.

Silicone–This is one of the most popular materials used in sex toys and for good reason. It’s non-porous, hypoallergenic, hygienic, and pliable. These are all great things to find in a sex toy. Silicone, especially medical-grade, is a great and healthy choice.

Metal–Typically made of stainless steel, these super safe toys are a wonderful non-porous, durable option. These toys pair well with lubes and will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Kick your safety up even higher by looking for medical grade stainless steel.

Hard Plastic–Plastic toys can be confusing. Make sure yours is in fact hard plastic to ensure that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Hard plastic is an okay option for sex toys. It’s completely safe, non-porous and durable, but it doesn’t have much bend and can be very uncomfortable.

Jelly–These toys are made from a mix of PVC and rubber and should be completely avoided. You will commonly find cheaper toys made out of this material. Jelly not only contains phthalates (more on that later), but it’s also porous meaning it will collect (and grow!) bacteria. You will find that no amont of cleaning will truly remove all of the bacteria and your toy will eventually begin to smell.

Glass–Glass toys are typically made out of medical-grade borosilicate glass (think Pyrex) and are another great sex toy option. Glass toys are non-porous, durable, beautiful, and very hygienic due to the fact that you can disinfect it by dropping it into boiling water. Fun fact: glass retains temperature, so you can heat or cool these toys down. You can find beautiful glass options and other sex toys at Adam and Eve.

You should also avoid any toy made with PVC, rubber, soft plastic, or worse, any toy that does not list it’s ingredients. All of these products are likely to contain phthalates. And unlike potato chip, phthalates are actually proven to harm your body.

Phthalates are chemical softeners used to soften plastic. The chemical itself is unsafe for intimate contact, but it also has the tendency to breakdown over time and can begin outgassing through the seams of a toy.

Look for toys that specifically state they are phthalate-free or are made from glass, medical grade silicone, metal or hard plastic.

Buying a body safe toy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe though. Keeping your toy clean and stored properly are important components to you and your toy’s health.

Uncleaned toys can allow bacteria to build up over time, bacteria that can ultimately cause infections and/or spread disease. Be sure to clean your toy after every use. Use this toy cleaning guide to know how to properly clean each kind of toy material.

When it comes to storing, make sure you keep your toys separated. When mixed with others, certain toys can cause the material to break down or even break other toys. Wrap them individually in small cloth bags and keep them out of reach of children and animals. Take the batteries out in between use to ensure you get the longest battery life possible and avoid any battery leakage.

Now that you know, be proactive! Have any toys you aren’t 100% sure about? Don’t risk it. Throw them away and get toys you can be confident in. Plus, it was probably time to change them out anyway!

Jopen’s Key Comet G

I’ve not been a fan of Jopen before now. I know, blasphemy. But the Vanity line was completely done in a neon fushica purple with no variation, and the Intensity was pink and both were out of my price range. With the Key line, Jopen’s toned down their ‘all pink all the time’ stance, and lowered the prices. While the new line is still ‘luxury’, it’s much more affordable, and they come in more colours now (Pink, purple, teal, and an awesome shade of blue.). That’s some classy tequila right there. The toy ain’t bad either.

Eden sent me the Key Comet G by Jopen to review, and I was utterly thrilled. I’d been lusting after it ever since I caught a press release for the line, because it looked like it would make my g-spot happy, and I was so very right. By now, I’m pretty sure everyone has compared this to the Pure Wand, and guess what? I’m going to do it too. Don’t worry, Pure Wand, I still love you. I’m just have a bit of a dirty affair with the G Wand. I’ll come back to you, really! What we have, it’s *real*.

The differences between the Comet G and Pure Wand are fairly noticeable. The Comet G is made of glass, with the lower 2/3rds of the shaft dipped in silicone. The handle has a small silver medallion stuck to one side of the handle’s grip. The shape of the Comet G is more of a ‘J’, rather than the Pure Wand’s semi-circle. There’s also a huge weight difference between the two. Stainless steel is a lot heavier then glass and silicone. Also, the Pure Wand tapers dramatically after the balls on either end. The Comet G’s shaft is thicker overall, and I actually like it a bit better for that reason. I tend to clench really hard when I orgasm, and with the Pure Wand it’s almost uncomfortable to do that because there’s so little to.

Just because it’s being compared to the Pure Wand doesn’t mean this toy isn’t awesome in it’s own right. I love the silicone. It’s got a bit of drag, so I usually put some water based lube on it before I use it. The drag to the silicone does mean that the bulb will feel a bit larger than it is. There’s also a ridge running down the side of the toy, but I didn’t find the texture to be really noticeable while I was using it. For me, it’s decorative, rather than functional. But if you’re really sensitive to texture, this may not be for you. I do love that the ridges start in the glass and are continued into the silicone…it’s a unique touch and makes the piece look more finished.

The Comet G isn’t a huge toy. The end measures 1.5 inches, which is the same as the Pure Wand’s larger ball. End to end it’s about 8 inches, which isn’t that long, either. The length is one of the few places I have an issue with the Comet G, though. I have short arms (I’d love for you to think of me as a T-Rex, but with multicoloured hair, freckles, and cleavage that doesn’t stop for days), and chronic pain/occasional mobility issues. That means there’s going to be days I’m not going to be able to use this on myself to thrust, as the short length means I have to stretch my arms or twist in a way that’s going to make me hurt worse or in new ways. Of course, there’s always the option to delegate to my mate, and I have taken advantage of willing partners before. Just be clear in your communication with your partner when they’re using a toy on you! Angles change, and with a harder toy like the Comet G, accidentally thrusting too hard or hitting the wrong place is possible.

So far, my favourite way to get off with the Comet G has been to sit down at my computer desk chair with the head of the toy inside me and use a vibrator on my clit at the same time. I can rock in the chair to change the angle of the toy on my g-spot, and the constant pressure is amazing. It makes it easier on me, because again, T-Rex arms, and can tweak my wrist or shoulder sometimes to jack off using the handle of this toy.

Cleaning is a bit different with this toy than a straight up silicone or glass toy. The silver emblem on the handle is glued on, and boiling or putting this toy through the dishwasher could wreck it. I suggest sticking with a 10% bleach solution or just washing with antibacterial soap and water.

I’m definitely a fan of the Key Comet G. The design is sleek, the material combination unique, and I’m glad that Jopen is branching out!

Oxballs Nutt Pure Silicone Ball Stretcher

You’ll have to forgive the Home Improvement reference in the title, but when you’re reviewing a toy that oozes ‘powertool wielding dude’ vibes out of every inch, I’m not going to pass up a cheesy Tim Allen reference.

The Oxballs Nutt is a thick silicone ball stretcher and/or cock ring, shapes like a nut. Nut as in ‘nuts and bolts’, not acorns. My mate and I are always interested in adding new toys to our play, so he was more than willing to test it out when Uber Kinky sent this to us for review!

First off, I was a bit surprised by the minimalistic packaging Oxballs uses. The cock ring arrived in a small ziplock baggie, with a company sticker on the front. This isn’t a complaint, as I am all for getting rid of useless and extra plastic being thrown away, it just wasn’t what I normally see. The second impression was ‘Holy crap, that’s thick!’. The Nutt is 1.25 inches thick, has a 2.5 inch diameter, and the inner diameter is 1 inch (unstretched). I was able to stretch it so that the inner diameter was almost 3 inches, so there’s a lot of give to it! It weighs 2.5 ounces. One thing I should note is that the Nutt we received was trimmed slightly roughly on the back-there were a few lumps on one side, but some gentle paring with an X-acto knife soon made it uniform. I’m not complaining about it, though, as it was a tiny cosmetic flaw that was easily fixed.

The silicone is ‘Skin-Flex platinum silicone’, and it has no scent or taste that I could detect, which is how silicone should behave. The silver colour, Zinc, is really gorgeous. There’s a metallic shimmer to it that honestly does make it look like real metal from a distance. If silver isn’t your thing, UberKinky also offers it in black, orange, or red. If you’ve not used a silicone toy before, cleaning it is really simple. You can wipe it with a 10% bleach solution, put it through the top rack of a dishwasher (without soap), or boil it for 5 minutes to sanitize it. For day to day cleaning, I just use antibacterial soap and water, but you could also use a toy cleaner if you wanted. Silicone toys may react badly to cheap silicone lube, so do a ‘patch test’ on your toy first! If the place you tested the lube is gummy or doesn’t look or feel the same, you should probably stick to water based lubes. However, Uber Kinky does say that this is compatible with all lube types!

Guys, before you use this toy, you’re going to want to do some manscaping. Unless having the hair on your balls ripped out by the roots is your kink, then go right ahead and just slide it on! My mate decided to go the trimming route as he was worried about violent hair removal. We slicked up the toy (inside only so I could keep a decent grip on it) and his balls with water based lube, and had no problems with the stretcher not being flexible enough to allow his balls to pass through without too much squishing. He has said that he would be a bit worried to try putting the Nutt on by himself, as he fears he might lose his grip in the middle and the ring would close quickly around his balls. I don’t even have balls of my own, but imagining that made me cringe! This may just be beginner jitters, though, as we haven’t used cock rings or ball stretching toys very frequently. There’s a lot of stretch to it. As you can see in the picture, I can get it over my hand, and I wear a size medium glove!

We also tested this out as a cock ring (around the base of the cock, both behind and in front of the balls), and it was an interesting experience. With the Nutt in front of his balls, the added thickness to Bloodound’s cock at the base was pleasurable for me, and while he didn’t experience the same sort of orgasm delay he would get from a cock ring, the pressure on the base of his shaft was “surprisingly comfortable”. ‘Surprisingly comfortable’ seems to be the repeated theme for this toy. No matter how we experimented with it, Bloodhound was thoroughly pleased with the toy’s performmance, and didn’t have any issues with unwanted pinching or having the ring shift during use. I’m glad he likes it, because I get to benefit from longer play sessions and harder erections-everyone wins!

So, it’s time for a quick bit of cock ring safety. Because a cock ring restricts the flow of blood in the cock to the rest of the body and vice versa, you need to watch for any abnormal swelling, numbness, or paleness. These are all signs that the cock ring is too tight. Also, an erection for several hours is potentially dangerous, because the blood can start to coagulate in the penis, which will end with you having to visit the ER to resolve the issue. Just be smart…if it feels bad or wrong, take the ring off. Try a larger size, try a different day, just be smart about your toy usage!

Overall, the Oxballs Nutt Pure Silicone Ball Stretcher is an excellent toy. It’s made of high quality materials, is aesthetically pleasing, and works well. I’m glad we have it in our toy box.

Sex and Metal’s Vanquisher

I’m sure it’s shocking to exactly none of my readers that I’m kinky. I’m active in my local scene, run a kinky educational group, and my fiance and I have an entire wall dedicated to our toy collection. So, when posted that they were looking for toy reviewers who might be interested in reviewing some of their toys, I jumped at the chance. I’d been admiring their products for a while, especially The Vanquisher, The Reaper, and The Bird Cage (seriously, please click over. It’s well worth a look and worth drooling over.) Sadly, my apartment is too small for the Bird Cage, so they sent me the Vanquisher.

This toy is a dragon’s tongue (Dragon’s tail is another name I’ve seen used) style impact toy. It’s essentially a length of thin silicone that has been rolled into a tube, leaving a single curling tip at the end. The handle is utterly gorgeous. It’s steel, though it comes in gorgeous candy apple red finish as well, and has been etched with a tribal design on the sides. The edges of the design feel like they’ve been lightly buffed so there’s no sharp edges, and it does add a bit of extra grip to the metal. There’s a loop at the end to hang your toy from or to thread a handle through as extra security during use-mine came pre-threaded with a leather lacing loop.

Materials: raw powder coated steel and silicone
Handle length: 7 inches
Length of tail: 20.5 inches
Width of tail: 3 inches at the widest point

When it arrived, Sexandmetal had packaged it well in a plain box with paper packing to keep it safe. The return address was listed as ‘S.A.M.’, with nary a mention of ‘Kinky Sex Toys inside this box!’. The silicone tail had been folded over, but because silicone is such a resilient material, it instantly bounced back to it’s normal shape and this didn’t effect the accuracy of the toy during use.

The Vanquisher is easy to take care of. Silicone and metal are both non-porous, and they can be disinfected between partners by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. I bring this up because I could maybe see this toy breaking skin, and unlike a leather toy, you can actually clean this material and use it with other partners afterwards! I’ve also used medical grade cleaning wipes on mine, and have seen no discoloration of the metal or any issues with the silicone. Storing your toy is also simple. Hang it up, tuck it into a drawer, or just leave it in your toy bag! The one downside I’ve noticed is that the silicone of the tail loves to pick up dust and cat fur in my house, so I’ve taken to storing it with a plastic ziplock style bag over the tail. Also, if you’re a material snob, you can rest easy. This silicone arrived with no smell, no taste, and while I’m not going to perform a flame test on it, I’m fairly confident that it is 100% silicone!

This is definitely a versatile toy! There’s so many ways you can use it, and the variety sensations that are produced are pretty impressive. I wouldn’t recommend this for the beginner kinkster, though, unless you already know that they’re a masochist. All of the different types of sensations the Vanquisher can produce are pretty intense and on the stingy side. I have left a variety of marks on my bottoms from pink marks to bruises to welts with this toys.

You can throw the Vanquisher in a variety of ways. Here’s a few of the ways that I’ve used it the last few times I’ve had a scene:
1. Like a flogger. I use a ‘figure 8′ pattern when I flog, bringing the toy down in longer strokes along the back. The more of the toy that makes contact with your bottom, the thuddier it is.
2. Like a whip, or a ‘rat-tail’ towel. I tend to hold on to the very tip of the tail to aim the toy for better accuracy. Using the toy like this tends to be a far stingier impact.
3. Flicking it. I was shocked at how much sensation (and squeaks and whimpers) was produced by just flicking the tip over my bottom’s skin.
4. Doubling the tail in half and using it the silicone portion as an incredibly thick and thuddy impact toy. I usually hold the very tip against the handle with my palm so I don’t lose my grip.

These will all feel different, but are all fairly intense sensations. I’ve also noticed that there can be a bit of a delay between the impact and actually feeling it. When I first tried the toy out (Soapbox moment: I think as a responsible top you should test what your new toys feel like on yourself before you use it on another person.), I flicked it against my outer calf. My thought process was “Oh, this isn’t so ba…wait, tingles…oh. Ow. Ow. Ow.” I’m pale, so my skin instantly pinked up too. It was an interesting sensation and reminded me yet again of why I am not a masochist.

I’ve used this on a few different bottoms at this point and they all have different reactions to it. T. loved it, and the sharpness of the sensation made her squeak and giggle. (She’s the lovely model in my pics sporting the pretty triangular marks). J. prefers thuddy toys, so we tried it once, and it was deemed ‘way too stingy’ for her. N.’s reaction was “Owch! That hurts…but I kinda like it!”. We ended up having to vary the stingy stuff with thuddier toys, but she said it was definitely something she wants to play with again. In all three scenes, I had warmed the bottom up well with other toys that were definitely on the thuddier side. I don’t see anyone handling this toy well without a good warmup unless they’re insanely heavy masochists.

Overall, this is a great toy. The quality and craftsmanship are excellent, it’s unique looking (Admit it, you like having toys no one else at the party has. Everyone does.), and it packs one hell of a stingy wallop. I’d recommend it for anyone who has a heavy bottom, folks who like stingier play, and kinksters who want to add something that’s a bit more evil to their toy bag. I personally love mine!

Tantus Twist and Juice Plugs

When this series of Tantus plugs came out, I remember having a Pokemon-esque moment of ‘Oh gods, I need all three!’. It’s not normal for me to want a trio of similar toys, but each one has unique differences that call to me.

The Twist, Juice, and Neo all have the same general shape. They’re tapered at top and bottom, with the middle being the widest point. The bases are also all the same, with a thin and long base that tapers at the end without become poke-y or uncomfortable. There’s a fair amount of flex to the base, but the part near where it turns into the ‘stem’ of the plug is much more solid, so I’m not worried about it being pulled into my body by a random muscle spasm. There is a small seam that runs down one of the sides of the Twist, but given the ridges that was to be expected. It’s barely noticeable to the touch, and not at all during use.

The material of these plugs is insanely awesome. I’m not sure what sort of black magic Tantus is cooking up to make these toys so freaking soft and plushy and smooth, but whatever it is, it works. The silicone is honestly the softest and smoothest (without having any drag!) that I’ve ever groped. Embarrassing story time, guys. When I got the package containing my Twist in the mail, I was rubbing it on my face within minutes of getting it out of it’s packaging. It’s that soft! The silicone has a medium amount of squish to it-it’s firmer than their Ryder, but not rock solid. Be sure to take your time with warming up, use lots of lube, and it’ll be just fine. Pet owners take note! This particular silicone does *not* pick up cat hair. I may have tested this out by rubbing one of the new plugs on my cats, but it was FOR SCIENCE, so that makes it ok, right? Right?

In use, these are hugely different toys. While the Juice is solid with only light texture (lines running down it’s length), Twist is an entirely different beastie. It’s highly textured, as it’s shape echoes that of a corkscrew, and while the material is smooth, it’s intense to use. If you’re new to anal play, I would suggest picking up the Juice or the Neo. (While I don’t own the Neo, it’s similar to the Juice in every way, except with even less texture, due to it’s lack of lines.) The Juice is inserted like any other plug, while the Twist is best, well, twisted as it is inserted. It’s a fairly intense sensation, and that was with a fuckton of Sliquid Sassy. I found the best way to get lube on the toy, short of dipping it, was to cover my fingers in it, and then follow the ridges from top to bottom, and also use a fair amount elsewhere. I wasn’t brave enough to try just inserting the Twist without twisting, but I imagine that would be too much for most folks unless they’re a huge fan of texture on their anal toys. The ridges are still noticeable, at least to me, once they’ve been inserted. It’s not uncomfortable, just different, and definitely not something any of my other butt plugs offer.

The Juice performs like most other plugs I’ve had. The light texture from the grooves is nice, but not too much, and I don’t notice it as much as I do the Twist’s texture. The material doesn’t have drag, and given the minimal texture, I didn’t near anywhere near as much lube as with other toys. The base on this series of toys is fabulous. It’s not so wide that it spreads my cheeks uncomfortably, but still sturdy enough that I’m not worried about it going anywhere. The base may look like it curves inward and is going to be pointy, but I promise it’s not! The softness of the silicone means it flattens and adjusts to your body so there’s not poking.

Cleaning these plugs is easy. Tantus’ silicone is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free of phthalates, and is going to last forever with just a bit of TLC. You can wipe your toys down with a 10% bleach solution, put them through the dishwasher (top rack, no dish soap!), or boil them in a pot for 5-10 minutes. For day to day cleaning, I just use anti-bacterial soap and water, and once every other month, gather up all my toys to make a giant pot of dildo soup and boil them. These do need a bit more care cleaning, as there are grooves in the Juice and the Twist has plenty of areas for lube and bodily fluids to collect. There is also the Tantus logo on the side of the base, which is set in slightly, so extra care should be used there. When in doubt, grab a spare toothbrush and scrub! (Make sure you label that toothbrush well, or tuck it into your toy storage. Otherwise, you may have an unpleasant tooth brushing experience. /voice of experience)

Overall, I love both these toys, but the Twist is my favourite of the two. The unique shape and texture offers me something no other toy has so far, and I adore the soft and silky material!

Nexus G-play

When I was contacted last month by Chloe of Nexus, and was offered a chance to review a toy of my choosing, I was a happy girl. I’d heard good things about the Nexus range, and was curious if their toys would live up to the hype. I picked the G-Play in large, as one of the few types of toys I don’t own is a vibrating butt plug, plus the shape of this intrigued me.

Ladies and gentlemen (and whomever else is reading this), I am in love.

The G Play large is a silicone vibrating butt plug that is designed to be used anally or vaginally, and stimulates the G-spot in women or the prostate in men. It has a very unique shape, with a hook at the top that is perfect for catching my G-spot or a prostate. While this toy is listed at a large, it’s a large in comparison to the G-play medium and small. It measures 4 inches long, with 3-1/3 inches insertable, and the diameter is 1-3/8 inches at its widest point. I would personally consider this an intermediate anal toy.

The silicone that Nexus uses is a plushy velvet with a bit of a drag to it. It doesn’t pick up lint or dust like some other silicone toys I own, which is a lovely change. (Having to wash your toys before and after use gets old after a while sometimes.) Because this is a silicone toy, you should only use water based lube with it, so as to not damage it. The G Play large is not a waterproof or even a splashproof toy, sadly. For cleaning, you can actually pop the vibrator part of this toy out of the bottom, and then clean the silicone plug the way you normally would. (Antibacterial soap and water, boiling, wiping down with a 10% bleach solution or tossing it in the top shelf of the dishwasher will all work!)

The vibrations are great. Slightly buzzy, but still strong enough to feel amazing. G-play large is also controlled by 1 button on the bottom. There are 5 different vibration patterns:

1.) a low to high oscillating pattern, followed by a fast pulse.
2.) long fast pulses with extended stops. (I really dislike this particular vibration setting when I am being teased by Sir with it! Every time I start getting close to that “ooh, I could just maybe orgasm from this” sensation, it stops. So frustrating!)
3.) constant high vibrations
4.) long high pulse with short stops.
5.) rhythmic oscillating pattern escalating low to high, punctuated by a pause. (This and the high constant are my two favourite patterns!)

To turn it off, just press and hold the on button for a few seconds. Because some of the patterns do have pauses in them, it make not be immediately obvious if you’ve shut down this toy properly, which I find slightly annoying.

Using the G-Play vaginally was interesting. The hook on the end found my G-spot and the vibrations felt good, but I need thrusting to have a G-spot orgasm, and this toy isn’t shaped ideally for thrusting, or at least for me. It’s not long enough for that, and the angles required are ones that make my wrists tired and sore quickly.

Anally is where this plug delivers. Dear gods, does it deliver. The shape is one of the first anal plugs that seems to fit my body perfectly…while I am definitely aware it is inside me, I don’t feel any discomfort or as though I’m constantly having to try to relax my muscles around it. It just…fits. It could be because of the odd shape, or maybe because that this plug isn’t round. The G-Play has an oval diameter, which may be part of the reason it’s so comfortable?

I had this plug in during sex with my Master earlier in the week, and he said that the vibrations really transferred well, and that it made me feel like ‘The best vibrating pocket pussy ever’. The base of the plug is a little large, and was slightly annoying during sex, but turning the plug to the side worked well, and didn’t take away from the sensations for either my Master or myself.

I give this plug 5 sated paws up out of 5. The G-Play Large is an amazing addition to my toy box, and I”ll definitely be recommending it to several of my play partners and friends. Thank you so much, Nexus, for letting me review this toy!

Fun Factory Teneo Duo

I just recently joined the Good Vibrations review program, and one of my first picks of toys to review was the fun Factory Teneo Duo. I own the Teneo Uno and really enjoyed it (until the retrieval cord snapped, that is) and wanted to see how the Duo compared. I really wanted to give these cute vaginal exercisers a second chance to impress me, and I’m glad I did.

The Teneo Duo are a pair of of brightly coloured and textured kegel exercisers. The Teneo Duo come in some fabulous colour choices, including orange, green, turquoise, purple, as well as various pinks and black. I kinda want one in every colour! When used regularly, they’re supposed to improve vaginal muscle tone and make orgasms better/stronger.

The Duo come in the usual Fun Factory packaging, which I like. It’s cute, I love the magnetic closure, and is fairly discreet. The cardboard is sturdy, and while it could definitely be used for long term storage, I found it more convenient to keep the Teneo Duo tucked in a cloth bag in my dresser. The packaging included a sample of Toyfluid, Fun Factory’s water based lube. (Toyfluid does contain glycerin, so be careful using it if you have sensitivities.)

The length of the two balls together is 4 1/2 inches, with the tail taking the total length to 7 1/2 inches. They measure 1 1/2 inches in diameter, so if you’re not used to larger toys, these might be a tight fit. There’s small weighted beads inside, that you can feel when you roll the toy in your hands, or when they’re inside you!

In use, the Duo are pretty awesome. For me, unless I am turned on beforehand, it is a bit tight to get both balls in. Lube helps! Just make sure to use a water based lube, as silicone or oil may damage your toy. Also, I found that if I use too much lube, it makes it harder to keep the Duo in. There’s a notch on top of the ball closest to the tail to help with insertion (yay ergonomic design!), and it does make things a bit easier. For me, the best positions for getting them in was to either be lying flat on my back, or to be standing with on leg up and resting on the side of the tub. To take them out, make sure you have relaxed your muscles as much as possible, or try ‘pushing’ them out as you pull on the retrieval cord. I learned the hard way that the cord will snap if you are still clenching around the toy when you try to remove it. (It was a sad day for me. Boo.)

Having these inside me was definitely arousing, and I was hyper-aware of them for about the first half hour, but soon relaxed and stopped noticing as much unless I did something that would set the small balls inside moving. (such as running down some stairs or bouncing.) Then I would go back to being very aware of them for a time before relaxing again. This may be because I am used to using a menstrual cup, or just because my brain decided that I didn’t need to deal with that much stimulation for an extended period and decided to ignore it. I also produce a lot of extra lubrication while I had the Duo inside me, to the point that wearing a pantyliner was a good idea if I didn’t feel like dealing with damp underwear all day.

They have an interesting texture to them…it’s criss-crossed bands that I imagine are they for your vaginal muscles to get a better grip on. However, this texture can make it a bit of a pain in the arse to clean this toy thoroughly. Come and lube like to hide in the little creases, and I usually end up having to scrub them with an old toothbrush to get them entirely clean. To sterilize your toy, you can use antibacterial soap and water, a 10% bleach solution, or even boil these, as they’re made of silicone.

I’ve been using the Duo for about a month now, and while I haven’t noticed my orgasms getting any stronger (which may be a good thing, to be honest. I occasionally pass out for a few seconds if they’re strong enough already!), I’ve definitely noticed that my body will clench down harder on toys if I’m using them to thrust as I come. I’ll have to see if I can get some feedback from my Master the next time he comes to town. For purely scientific purposes, that is. *grin*

Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream

Mmm, chocolate. One of my all time favourite indulgences. Milk, dark, I’m not picky, just as long as you don’t try to foist any of that white chocolate nonsense on me. (It’s not really chocolate anyhow!) When I was offered some of the Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream from Babeland, I was all over the chance to use a body product that has real chocolate in it!

The Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream is a really thick body cream. The base to the cream is a cocoa butter, and I’d consider it more of a body butter than a cream, really. (If I hold the pot upside down, it’s so thick it won’t spill out, which to me equals body butter.) It contains 100% natural ingredients, including organic, fair trade-certified chocolate (nom!).

The full ingredient list is: distilled water, grape seed oil, shea butter oil, capuacu butter and babassu seed oil infused with organic fair trade cocoa and nibs, cocoa absolute, vegetable emulsifying wax, glycerin, stearic acid, natural chocolate flavor oil, honeysuckle extract, citric acid.
All ingredients are natural and sourced responsibly, so this is something you can gift to friends who are eco-sensitive and who prefer fair trade goods! Because there’s no preservatives, this cream has a 6 month shelf life, and should be stored in a cool and dry place. You can buy it in a 2 oz. container for $8 or an 8 oz. container for $20. I know it may seem a bit steep, but it’s definitely worth the splurge (and this is coming from a cheap/poor student!).
You’re probably wondering how this stuff works. Ridiculously well is the answer. The cream is really heavy, and it moisturizes nicely. After using it for a month, my elbows no longer have the icky rough feeling leftover from the winter. I use it sparingly, and while it does take some extra work to rub in completely, I am not left with a sticky or greasy feeling on my skin. I’ve also used it on my face without having any issues with break outs!

Also, I smell freaking delicious when I wear this! The lotion actually smells like chocolate to me, and I’ve had several of my friends threaten to lick me (This is how we learned that while the cream isn’t edible, it doesn’t taste terrible if you accidentally get some in your mouth.) when I go out after putting some of the Chocolate Body Cream on. It’s definitely not a dark chocolate scent…more of a milk chocolate with some nuttiness to it.

Random side note: The label calls the little pot of lotion a ‘Pot de crème’ which makes my little linguaphile heart happy. ‘Pot de crème’ (pronounced POH-d?-krem) is a cooking term, and it refers to a type of custard!

Spartacus Fleece Lined Blindfold

The Spartacus Fleece Lined Blindfold is a leather blindfold with a fleece lining the inside. It has two elastic straps that hold it in place and is fairly solidly constructed. The fleece and the leather are sewn together with stitching around the outside, and the elastic band is sewn on between the piece of leather and the piece of fleece. The blindfold measures 8 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide, not including the elastic band.

Now, I should start the experience part of this review out by saying I hate sensory deprivation. I can’t stand having my eyes covered, even during non-kinky sex, so when my Master decided to start poking at my buttons and playing with this particular fear, I was not a happy girl. But…I’m his, and I trust him, so decided to try to take the experimenting with as much grace and as little hyperventilating as possible. I was told to kneel as he put the blindfold on, and then guided so I was half bent over the bed. Various painful and interesting things happened, but this isn’t the post to go into details. Another post later, maybe. Not being able to see where in the room my Master was, or see what the hell he just hit me with definitely made the experience a lot more intense for both of us. I found I was pushed into subspace a lot faster than I normally get there, and that I also was needier during aftercare and required more cuddling/reassurance than usual.

The blindfold was very comfortable against my face. The fleece lining isn’t perfectly soft or smooth, but I didn’t find it irritating. Well, not physically irritating, that it. I had my hair pulled back in a ponytail at the crown of my head, and we found the straps worked best when one was above and the other below the ponytail. Despite my best efforts during the scene to rub the blindfold off against the sheets so I could see *something*, it stayed firmly in place. Blast.

How does it work at blocking out the light? Far too well for my comfort. When it’s settled in place, I can’t see anything. Nada. Even with my eyes open, there’s total darkness. It’s a very disconcerting feeling for me, but I’m sure some will love it! It’s definitely comfortable enough that you could use it as a sleep mask. I’ve also used this with a male submissive I play with, and he found it worked quite well to block out the light for him and his facial structure as well, but said that it was a bit tight to be completely comfortable.

The nose piece of this blindfold is a bit on the small side, so if you have a broader nose, you may feel a bit pinched (although this may be something that amuses the top/sadist in your life) Another thing I have noticed is that the leather on the front has wrinkled slightly with use and storage, which hasn’t effected the use of the blindfold, but does spoil the aesthetics a bit.

To take care of your blindfold, simply wipe down the leather portion with a damp cloth after use to remove and sweat/bodily fluids from the leather and allow it to dry thoroughly before storage. You could also used Saddle Soap to clean the leather more thoroughly if you wanted. I am unsure how to go about cleaning the fleece part of the blindfold, as there were no care instructions included with it. I’d recommend storing it somewhere flat, to try to avoid more wrinkles or bends in the leather!

Wet Naturals Silky Supreme

Wet Naturals Silky Supreme is a silicone based lube. It’s ridiculously slick, lasts a decent amount of time, and washes off with soap and water. It’s a perfect lube for using in the shower…there’s nothing worse than trying to have some wet fun only to discover that the lube has washed off by the time you’re ready to play.

The ingredient list is: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone, Phenyl trimethicone, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E acetate)

Of these, only the Vitamin E is a natural ingredient. Vitamin E is thought to soothe irritated skin, while also being an antioxidant. The others are all silicone derivatives.

But wait. Doesn’t the label say it’s a natural lube? Natural Silicone? I asked my girlfriend (and resident hippie adviser), Haiku, if there was such a thing as “natural silicone anything”. Her reply was “Only if they are ethically raising and killing aliens to make it.” The conversation quickly went downhill from there.

So. I am going pretend to overlook the false advertising on the label, and try to review this as thought it’s any other silicone lube.

The packaging on this lube is fairly discrete. It’s a clear bottle with a purple fliptop lid, and the label on the front has a purple flower on it. While it does have the Wet logo on the front, it doesn’t say anything about sex or lube. If I didn’t know better, it could be mistaken for a bottle of hair or bath product.

The consistence of the Silky Supreme is very thin…slightly thicker than water, but not by much. It’s extremely slippery, and the slickness lasts fairly well. I have used it for anal play, and I found that the it started feeling a bit sticky after 20 minutes or so, and needed to be re-applied. I also noticed that when I used this experimentally (I don’t normally use lube for regular vaginal sex or for toys, as I get pretty wet on my own.) as a lube for vaginal sex, the lube ended up mixing with my come and making weird little balls. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just…odd and no longer slick. It did wash off with soap and water, though. There’s no scent or taste to this lube, but I wouldn’t be entirely comfortable switching between a handjob to a blowjob while using this lube.

If you are looking for a truly natural lube, I recommend checking out the Sliquid line, especially Sliquid Sea (with awesome seaweed-y goodness in it!) or any of the Sliquid organics.

Thanks for letting me review this lube, MyPleasure! I give it three slick paws up our of five.