Lelo Smart Wand Massager Medium

Ever since I got my grubby hands on my Hitachi I’ve wanted to extend my collection of wand style vibrators. When Sh! Womens Emporium asked us if we would like to test and review the much talked about Lelo Smart Wand we literally jumped at the chance. As many people have had experience with the Hitachi and I’ve had requests about comparing the two I shall be comparing them in this review.

When the product arrived we were immediately shocked at how small this product is compared to the Hitachi. We’d seen some photos of the vibrator before it arrived but it still didn’t prepare us for how small it really is. The weight of the wand is much less also which is great for prolonged usage.

The main section of this product is covered in soft silicone with a gold plastic section at the handle. I would have preferred the entire product to be silicone as there’s a small gap where the silicone meets plastic. This allows fluids and dirt to collect in this gap which can be difficult to clean. Having a silicone wand vibrator, even though it’s not 100% covered, is very welcomed as it feels softer in use and more hygienic.

The Smart Wand isn’t straight like the Hitachi as there’s an angle about a third of the way up the product. I found this angle helps me get it into position easier and also makes the vibrator easier to hold.

The head of the Smart Wand is quite flexible but I wouldn’t suggest people get over-vigorous with it as it may cause internal damage. It’s easy to tell how much you should flex the head as it suddenly becomes very difficult to flex it further. The head of the Lelo is much smaller than the Hitachi Wand which allows me to rest it on my clitoris much easier.

Unlike the Hitachi the Lelo is rechargeable making it wire-free. Trailing wires can be a pain as they sometimes distract me from the task at hand and I always have to think about my distance to a mains socket. Having a rechargeable wand allows me to go where ever I want to and never have to worry about trailing wires.

The Smart Wand states that it’s 100% waterproof which is absolutely brilliant. I feel wand vibrators lend themselves to use in the bath of shower. However the charging point at the base of the Smart Wand is totally open with no cover. This makes me really unsure if to trust this claim and won’t test it out until I know for sure.

Functions / Controls

The control unit on this vibrator is not where I thought it would be as it actually begins half way up the product. This for me is perfect as it stops any accidental presses of the buttons at the worst possible time. Having the control panel not where I hold the wand isn’t a hassle though as the curve of the wand makes it easy to change strength or pattern.

The Smart Wand has variable strengths ranging from extremely mild to above average for a rechargeable vibrator. The strength is definitely enough to make me orgasm and I liked how there’s a variety of strengths but I sometimes cannot help but crave more power. Before I got this product I knew it wouldn’t be as powerful as the Hitachi as it’s not mains powered but I really hoped that Lelo kicked the power up a few notches.

This vibrator has 8 patterns which are controlled by the centre button on the control panel. For each pattern you can change the vibration strength by pressing the + and – buttons. Having a variety of strengths and patterns on a wand vibrator is new to me but I’m very happy to have them compared to the 2 basic strengths on the Hitachi.

This vibrator is quiet for its vibration strength. There was no need to do a behind the door noise test for this sex toy as we knew straight away that it wouldn’t be heard even on its highest setting.

Her Experience

There’s so much to like about the Lelo Smart Wand which makes it a big contender. The size, shape, being rechargeable and having multiple vibration modes are a great combination of features. Don’t get me wrong I would’ve loved this sex toy to have more power as I feel it could be much better. Lelo are known to listen to user feedback and improve their toys so hopefully they’ll hear my cry for more power.

His Experience

The only bad things I can say about this vibrator are that it lacks strength and that the join between the plastic and silicone lets fluids and dirt in. I can see this sex toy being used a lot in the future thanks to the other great features it has. Compared to the Hitachi the Lelo Smart Wand is a dream to hold and use and will most likely replace the Hitachi on many occasions when we don’t want something bulky.

Overall Opinion

I would definitely recommend the Lelo Smart Wand as it’s got lots of great things going for it. If you like really powerful vibrators however you may be better looking elsewhere as you might be a little let down. For me it’s a great versatile toy that will see plenty of use even though deep down I would’ve liked more power.

Wahl All-Body Massager

I’d heard lots of great things about the Wahl Massager before I purchased it. It kind of reminded me of the Hitachi being a large brash product that wasn’t really meant to do what many people use it for.

Wahl without headThe Wahl all-body massager almost resembles a hair dryer when you hold it, especially when a couple of the attachments are on it. It is quite a heavy product but it’s quite well-balanced meaning the weight seems less than it really is.

The Wahl has 7 different attachments which all have different purposes;

Facial – This attachment is smooth for a gentle face massage
Muscle Kneading – This stimulates blood flow
Scalp – Stimulates blood flow to the scalp and provides a good head massage
Knuckle & Joints – The triangular shape helps to get into harder places
Deep Muscle – Helps with those tight knots and eases pain
Spot Application – This attachment is for pin-point massages
General Body – For an all over soothing massage

All of the attachments are made of PVC and are slightly flexible. These attachments are easy to push onto the massager and are just as easily removed when you have finished. As they are PVC, they are porous which is unfortunate but at the price point of the Wahl I cannot really complain.

AttachmentsThe attachments are a mixed bag with some performing brilliantly for clitoral stimulation whilst others are great for massaging my stresses away. There isn’t one attachment I really hate which surprised me with saying there are 7 different ones.

Functions And Controls

Controller on the WahlThe Wahl All Body Massager is a mains powered product which has a 9ft cord. We found the length of the cord was great as we don’t have to worry about plug socket locations. As this is an american product a UK plug adapter will be needed.

On the handle of the Wahl there’s a switch that easily slides up to switch on the two settings and then slides back down to switch off the massager. This product is very powerful even on the lowest speed which is perfect for me.

Switching the Wahl to top speed is something I’m going to need to work up to much like I did with my Hitachi. The Wahl is definitely in our top 5 most powerful vibrators and most likely in our top 3. I feel the Wahl is for people who are lovers of power.

With headThis massager is very quiet, even on the most powerful setting, so it can be used discreetly if needed and I was able to fall asleep with it on. This is great as I’ve always hated the loudness of other mains powered vibrators like my Hitachi. I can safely use this toy in the bedroom without Steve noticing even if he’s behind the door.

I can feel the vibrations on the handle during use but not much to become irritating or numbing even after long periods of use. The handle does get a little warm after using it for a while but it doesn’t get anywhere near too hot to handle.

Her Experience

I really like the Wahl Massager as it’s very powerful making me orgasm very quickly if I let it. Even though it’s quite heavy it’s quite well-balanced making it comfortable to use. It’s also great as a standard massager especially thanks to the 6 different attachments available.

If I had to choose between my Hitachi and this I would choose the Wahl. It adds variety of sensations thanks to the attachments, it’s much quieter and more ergonomic.

His Experience

I can see why Rox loves this product as I’ve had a few massages with it and it’s very powerful but still relaxing. It’s great at relieving all of my aches and pains which is great as I get them a lot due to my spine and neck conditions. Having 7 interchangeable heads means that each one has its own job to do and they all feel so different.

Overall Opinion

I would highly recommend the Wahl All-Body Massager to anyone who enjoys really powerful products. Not only does it perform brilliantly as a clitoral stimulator, it works great at giving a relaxing massage at the end of a hectic day.

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

The original Sqweel came out a few years ago which intrigued and impressed many. I was quite impressed by the original product but did feel it could have been made better. As soon as we heard that the Sqweel 2 was about to be released we couldn’t wait to see if the niggles we had with the original had been ironed out.

Sqweel 2 without lidThe exterior of the Sqweel 2 has a gloss finish unlike the original which has a matt finish. I prefer the gloss as it doesn’t show fingerprints as much. Another exterior change is instead of a solid black plastic removable lid the Sqweel 2 is transparent showing the tongues inside. I feel this makes the product look more stylish.
One change I do like about the new version of this product is the change in design cut out of the clam shell. More surface area of the tongues are exposed making placing them on my clitoris easier and more comfortable as the plastic casing is further away.

One of the biggest changes to the look of this sex toy is the control panel. Instead of a sliding mechanism at the base there are 2 buttons on the face of the product. Unlike the original, the Sqweel 2 is available in two colours. I have the black version, which I prefer as I felt the pink tongues contrast better against the black compared to the white version.

Speed Comparison

One of my biggest gripes about the original Sqweel was cleaning due to the internal texture of the clamshell case. This issue has been resolved with this new version as it’s completely smooth making cleaning a breeze. The Sqweel 2 has a new locking feature which stops the case coming off when you don’t want it to which is a nice addition.

10 tonguesThe Sqweel 2 tongues look very similar to the original only sporting a more striking colour and being made of silicone. The amount, the size and the angle of tongues stay true to the original. The only important functional difference I can tell is that the Sqweel 2 tongues are more rigid and less squishy.

The extra rigidity of the tongues may only seem slight to the touch of the finger but once on my clitoris this difference is more noticeable. This rigidity causes more drag compared to the original even when lubed up. I prefer the original’s more flexible tongues by a long way to a point I’ve put the old tongues in the new casing as they are compatible.

Overall I feel the styling of this product has improved in most ways except for the tongues which for me is the most important aspect. The redesign of the Sqweel makes it look more expensive than it is and it looks more of a finished product.

Functions and Controls

PackagingAccording to the marketing blurb, the Sqweel 2 is 30% more powerful than the original. After comparing the two side by side at their top speed I couldn’t tell a difference. So after some slow motion video recording I found the original Sqweel to actually be slightly faster than the Sqweel 2. I double checked the batteries and swapped with the original Sqweel winning every time.

This makes me feel the 30% more powerful claim is to do with the other 2 speeds as they are much more powerful. Like its predecessor the Sqweel 2 has three speeds but it also has the ability to reverse the direction of the tongues and has a ‘Flicker’ Mode.

The Flicker mode of the Sqweel 2 changes the direction of the tongues every 3/4′s of a rotation. You can change the speed of the Flicker mode by pressing the play button which is good to see. I prefer the standard rotation feature of this product but I think others will like this function.

The biggest difference between the original and this one by a mile is the 3 selectable speeds. As I said before I much preferred the slower speeds of the original Sqweel. So as you can imagine much to my huge disappointment the slower speeds of the Sqweel 2 are much more powerful than its predecessor. The first speed of the new Sqweel is probably just a little more powerful than the second speed of the original.

Slow Motion Analysis

The reason why I like the slower speeds so much is that it feels much more like oral sex than the higher speeds. I spend much of my time on the slowest speed on the original and only move up to the second speed now and again but usually move back down soon after. This slower speed causes less drag also which is extremely important for a product of this nature.

Spinning Sqweel TonguesWhen I heard that the Sqweel 2 was going to have 30% more power I felt that they might just increase the power of the top speed which wouldn’t have bothered me. By basically removing the two lower speeds they’ve removed the only reason I liked the original Sqweel which is a massive shame.

One of the other new touted features of the Sqweel 2 is that it’s “Quieter than ever”. The two toys definitely sound different with the new version having a deeper, less sex toy sound and would agree that it’s quieter than the original. There’s quite a big difference between the two but Steve still can hear it outside a closed-door. I feel volume is always going to be a big obstacle with a toy like this due to the mechanism so I have to applaud Lovehoney for improving this.

With lidControlling the Sqweel 2 is much easier and I’m less likely to accidentally change the mode I’m on thanks to the buttons. The buttons also light up once the unit is on so controlling this sex toy in the dark is simple.

Eroscillator 2

The Eroscillator 2 is one of the most unique vibrators on the market. Not because of the styling of the toy but the fact that it doesn’t actually vibrate, it oscillates. The meaning of oscillation for people who aren’t sure is to ‘swing back and forth with a steady, uninterrupted rhythm’. This motion is designed to simulate the motion of a real finger but at high speeds.

There are two versions of this product… The Eroscillator 2 Plus which we’re proud owners of and the Eroscillator 2 Deluxe which is said to be 20% more powerful and it comes with more attachments. The attachments can be purchased separately so people who have purchased the basic version can upgrade without purchasing the deluxe version.

I have to say the Eroscillator is really ugly-looking with a rusty coloured exterior and looks very similar to an old fashioned electric toothbrush. There has never been such a right time to use this saying.. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. This sex toy is ugly as hell, but it currently stands at the best sex toy I’ve ever used.

Included in the Eroscillator box are three separate attachments which easily clip onto the top of the handle. The attachments are made of soft rubber with strong plastic clips at the base to secure them to the main unit. Each attachment is double-sided so there are six different sensations to try. Each of the 6 sensations are very different to each other and we feel there’s something for everyone.

What sets this toy apart from everything else in our collection is the motion on the head. It feels nothing like a vibrator and that’s definitely a good thing. The head can oscillate up to 60 times per second which is seriously fast. Even if I’m not in the mood before using the Eroscillator 2 it quickly changes that.

About the included Eroscillator heads..

Ball and Cup – The concave side is designed for clitoral stimulation whereas the convex side may help exercise the vagina.
Grapes and Cockscomb – The grapes provide a bumpy stimulation to the clitoris and body whilst the cockscomb head is made to stimulate the labia.
Golden Spoon – One side to stimulate the clitoris and nipples and the droplets side is designed to stimulate the inner and outer labia.
Included in the box is one of the most useful instruction manuals we’ve seen for a sex toy. It is extremely informative and not only gives a lot of information about the Eroscillator but it also has a lot of advice about how to learn to orgasm if you never have.
What I didn’t expect from the Eroscillator is that it’s completely waterproof apart from the plug. I’d never really trust a mains powered sex toy underwater but according to Eroscillator it’s 100% waterproof but that’s just me being overly safety conscious.

Functions And Controls

A big plus about this toy is that it is mains powered as I never have to worry about it running out of power. The plug fits into the bottom of the toy very snugly and actually locks into place. The cable is very long at 12ft so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a plug socket too close by.

There are 3 oscillation settings on the toy which are controlled via a sliding panel on the side of the main unit. There’s a good step-up with speed on each setting with setting 1 and 2 being my current favourites but I’m sure I’ll use setting 3 more once I get more used to the oscillation movement. Working myself up from setting 1 I’ve found the best way to get the most out of the toy as going straight to setting 2 or 3 is just too much too soon.

Even though the Eroscillator 2 is very powerful, it’s very quiet even on setting 3. This was a big surprise to me as such power usually means lots of noise (like the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Rock Box). Steve is unable to hear the oscillating noise from outside a closed door so it would be great for people who live in a shared house but crave power.

Her Experience

The Eroscillator may not be the most attractive sex toy on the market but it’s my go to toy which I keep very close by in the bedroom. I’ve used many powerful vibrators including the very popular Hitachi Magic Wand but the oscillating motion of this product sets it apart from everything else I’ve currently tried.

I love the fact that it has 3 different attachments which are double-sided making 6 different sensations making this product great value for money. Normally if I wanted a different type of sensation mid-session I would need to get out an entire new toy but with the Eroscillator I could just turn it around or simply clip on another attachment.

I could talk about the Eroscillator for hours and hours as it’s a wonderful product. I would encourage everyone who has the spare money to spend on this product to get one asap as I feel it’s a great investment.

His Experience

It’s a shame some people will disregard the Eroscillator due to it being an ugly duckling. As designer sex toys are becoming more popular I feel there’s too much emphasis on looks which is a shame. Yes a sexy looking toy might look nice but if it can’t perform as well as it could then it will just collect dust and be a waste of money.

The design of this product has actually been thought out very well. The cable is so long that it will almost stretch to the other side of our living room, the settings are easy to control and the product is even waterproof. I was very surprised with the low noise level of this toy as it’s a very powerful product but it’s also very quiet.

Overall Opinion

I can see why the Eroscillator 2 is the only device ever to be endorsed by Dr.Ruth. The Eroscillator is simply amazing and my current favorite sex toy of all time. I implore everyone who even has just a slight interest in sex toys to try this product out.

Body Wand Original Massager

Ever since I first got my hands on the Hitachi, which seems years ago, I’ve grown very fond of wand style vibrators. I’ve had my eye on the Body Wand Original Massager for quite some time after reading many positive reviews. So when SexHealth asked us if we’d like to test one out we couldn’t wait to give one a go.

The Body Wand is a mains powered massager that can be used for a soothing massage or a satisfying orgasm. Mains powered massagers tend to follow the design of the extremely popular Hitachi Magic Wand and the Body Wand is no different. With a large balled head and a long handle it seems to be a great combination for comfort and pleasure.
This massager is made of plastic including the head of the toy making it easy to clean and easy to care for. The head of the wand is 7.5″ in circumference whilst the handle has a maximum circumference of 6.5″ which makes it comfortable to hold. Even with the large balled head the Body Wand Original is well-balanced in weight and the weight of the toy was lighter than expected for me weighing in at 475 grams.

The entire length of this massager is 12.5″ in length. The balled head of the massager is on a flexible neck like many other massagers. The Body Wand’s neck seems to be a little more flexible than the other wands I’ve tried (especially Hitachi) which is a good thing.

The good thing about wand products is that they can usually pass as a standard body massager to most people. The Body Wand is very well designed and definitely is my most stylish wand massager in our collection. The build quality of this product seems very high also with no noticeable defects and it seems solidly built.

As this product is mains powered you need to be located quite close to the mains due to the shorter than liked 2 metre long cable. There have been times that I’ve become frustrated when using this massager due to the short cable especially when giving a normal body massage. I would have liked the cable to be at least 3 metres in length as it would allow me to be more mobile with this sex toy.

Functions / Controls

The Body Wand is controlled via an easy to use scroll wheel which is located half way down the handle. The placing is perfect for sole use and also when used by someone else. This type of scroll wheel can cause issues with cleaning and even gives the possibility of damaging the toy. This is due to lubed up hands on the wheel that once rotated goes inside the toy itself. Without opening the massager up I cannot tell if there are any safeguards inside to stop lube from damaging the internals.

The vibration strength of the Body Wand varies from strong to extremely powerful for a mains powered product. Thanks to the scroll wheel the vibration strength can be finely tuned to my desired setting. This is great as I’ve always felt limited by the Hitachi’s basic 2 speed settings. I find myself varying the strength regularly throughout a session making my orgasms more powerful and satisfying compared.

Volume wise I never thought the Body Wand was going to be a quiet toy, and it isn’t. I wouldn’t suggest use in a shared house unless you want to be found out. This sex toy can easily be heard outside a closed-door even when used on a moderate vibration strength. Most people would know it’s a sex toy if they heard it being used even though it doesn’t have that telltale rabbit style noise.

Even though the vibration strength is extremely powerful the handle doesn’t vibrate much which is great. Other toys of this power sometimes make my hands numb due to strong vibrations on the handle but I haven’t experienced this at all with the Body Wand.

Using this product as a general body massager works very well. The variable strength option allows massages to be very relaxing. I’ve actually fallen asleep during receiving a massage from Steve using the Body Wand. Using some good massage oil or bar is important with this product.

I would highly recommend the Body Wand to people who like their sex toys to be powerful. The main things I like about this toy are the variable strength, flexible head and low vibration feedback on the handle. If I could change this product I would have to say get rid of the scroll wheel (even though it’s great to use) due to the issues of cleaning and product wellbeing and also increase the cable length.

Even with these issues this product is my new favorite wand style vibrator in my collection.

Ultimate Beginner Anal Plug

The Ultimate Beginner Anal Plug from The Adult Toy Shoppe is from the Love Pacifier range from California Exotics. It is my first experience into anal play with myself. Being a newbie to anal play, I was hoping for a beginners toy to start off with before moving onto some of the much larger toys that are out there. I’ve been looking forward to my first butt plug for a while actually.

When a website gives the dimensions of the various parts of the toy, I sometimes wonder how large, or small, the toy may be, and whether the dimensions really are a true representation of the actual toy. The Ultimate Beginner Anal Plug dimensions are as the website describes, and in fact, it actually looks slightly smaller than the dimensions say it is. I knew that I wouldn’t have much trouble to begin with, and I sure wasn’t disappointed.

The plug is certainly a beginners plug. The bulb is approximately the diameter of my thumb, and with a little coaxing I was able to slip it inside my anus. Being a butt plug, plenty of lube never goes astray, and as they say, any amount of lube you use will never be enough. One problem I did have was that the narrow neck made insertion of the toy difficult when your hands and finger and the toy are covered in lube. Relaxing enough to get the toy inside makes it slightly simpler, however trying to insert it on my own proved a little more difficult then I expected the first time I used it.

Subsequent times I tried different angles of insertion, as well as different positions, I haven’t tried them all yet, or at least all the ones I have come up with to determine the best position to make insertion rather easy. I’ll keep at them and report back once I have worked it out.

This butt plug is manufactured from silicone, an excellent material for butt plugs and sex toys in general, and it is phthalates free which is a definite must. One word of warning, even though silicone lube has a longer lasting time in which it acts like a lubricant, it should not be used with this product. It will destroy your lovely toy.

The more I used the Ultimate Beginner Anal Plug, the more comfortable I felt inserting and removing it. Being new to the whole anal insertion experience I was initially hesitant, but as I have used it, I grew more confident each time. I’m sure that you will find the same thing as you experience and play with your anal toys.

I have also recently posted a list of my top tips when it comes to anal toys, and I hope that you find it useful.

Being new to most adult toys in general, this butt plug is also my first experience with anal penetation, and I would certainly recommend this toy to any man or woman who are new to anal plug, and looking to purchase their first butt plug.

Glow Stroker Beaded Lips

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips is a male masturbator. As with most mastubating sleeves, the Glow Stroker gives a different texture to most of the other strokers that I have, as well as M’s hand, and also masturbating myself.

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips has 4 beads inside the stroker that rub against the upper side of my cock. They don’t touch directly, however they can be felt with mild pressure.

The stroker itself is manufactured from TPR, and doesn’t appear to have any residual smell like I expected given my experience with other TPR products. Being manufactured from TPR, only water based lubricants should be used.

The length of the Glow Stroker Beaded Lips appears to be rather short, and will be sufficient for an average sized cock. Larger cocks will find that they poke out the end of the stroker during use. Â The open is rather narrow as well, but with the flexibility and stretchy-ness of the TPR, most cocks can fit inside the Glow Stroker.

We found the product reasonably easy to clean. We simply rinsed with water and a small amount of soap, and we let it air dry before storing in a zip lock bag in our bedside table.

The Glow Stroker Beaded Lips is probably not a stroker that I would buy having tested the product, however the packaging would possibly entice me if I saw it on the shelf in an adult toy store.

Check out bestmalestrokers.com for more male stroker review.

Lia Love Ring

The Lia Love Ring from Calexotics is a silicone cock ring, vibrator and probe.

We found that the ring slipped over my cock and stayed there long enough for me to turn the vibrator on, and slip my cock inside M’s pussy. Once I had slipped my cock inside, the vibrator stayed in place, and put pressue on M’s clitoris. Due to the size of the ring, unless I got my cock inside quick enough, we found that the Lia Love Ring could slip and not face the right direction.

The Lia Love Ring comes with a vibrator the has 10 different vibration patterns. You may or may not like some of the vibration patterns but they are strong enough, and well placed that both myself and M could feel them at full strength.

Lia Love Ring Highlights

The texture on the probe portion of the Lia Love Ring felt great, and would rub on M’s clit as I drove my cock inside M’s pussy. It rubbed just enough, and would even work without the vibrator. We were surprised that the bumps worked as well as they did.

Lia Love Ring Let Downs

One let down with the Lia Love Ring is the lack of stretchability. It would be great to have the ring stretch slightly more to allow the ring to be behind my balls. Maybe it is something to do with my cock and ball size, but getting the ring behind my balls was very much impossible.


The Lia Love ring is an excellent cock ring, vibrator and probe. While it has a minor let down, the highlight of the bumps definitely outweighed the let down.

We would recommend the Lia Love Ring to our friends.

Bound by Diamonds

Bound by Diamonds consists of four velcro straps connected together in a hog tie fashion. We have used the Bound by Diamonds hog tie a number of times and found it quite easy to use.

The wrist and ankle straps are quite soft and we didn’t find them to cut into the skin, and were actually smooth enough to enjoy the feeling of them. The cuffs aren’t padded in any way, shape or form.

The Calexotics website indicates that the wrist and ankle straps are two different sizes, however upon inspection the difference in sizes are minimal. They are large enough, even for my larger wrists and ankles than my sexyasianminx.

It would be nice if the cross straps were actually adjustable as I felt they were just a tad too long. It would also be nice if the clips were on the cuffs rather than the cross strap. It means that in order to use the cuffs you always need the cross strap, and with the straps being too long it isn’t ideal.

Overall, sexyasianminx and I enjoy using the Bound by Diamonds hog tie cuffs and strap, and found them to be fairly comfortable. I would recommend that the cross straps be adjustable to pull the wrists and ankles closer together, but at the same time, it means that they won’t separate at inopportune times.

Dr. Joel Kaplan Compact Prostate Massager

Calexotics kindly provided the Dr Joel Kaplan Compact Prostate Massager for me to review, and I am looking to share my thoughts with you in a way that words just don’t quite express. I’m thinking a video would be more appropriate but for some reason my webcam isn’t working too well as the moment.


As with many of the Calexotics toys that I have reviewed, the toys are manufactured from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) with a polyurethane (PU) coating, and a Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) button, or at least that is what I can discern from the packaging and the Calexotics website. All of these are considered to be hypoallergenic and phthalate free, however the TPR is mildly porous and will hold retain smells. So don’t expect a smell free toy after use, especially without a condom.


As all of these materials are safe for use with silicone lubricant, both water-based and silicone-based lubricants can be used safely with this prostate massager. In my experience, anything used anally is best used with a silicone-based lubricant.


My first thoughts were that the shape of the toy won’t work with the shape of everybody’s body, and it certainly wasn’t going to work with my body. Not only was that the case with my body, it didn’t work well with my wife’s body either. (Yes we know that it is designed for men, but we wanted to see how it worked for women as well.)

The rigidity of the massager allows for easy insertion, unlike some of the other anal toys that I have used that were more flexible. However the rigidity also limits the position that the massager will also sit. Being a slightly larger man, I found that the massager didn’t quite sit as I think it is intended. It didn’t seem to sit flush against my perineum as I believe it is supposed to do.

The vibrations outside the body felt strong, but not overly strong. My experience is only with butt plugs, and none of our butt plugs vibrate, so I didn’t know what to expect with a vibrating anal toy. The vibrations from the prostate massager were strong enough to be felt, but I didn’t find they were directed enough. If I moved to some positions, they disappeared altogether, except as my anus where the toy penetrated me. I didn’t really feel the prostate massager pressing against my prostate, I don’t think it is angled enough to hit mine.


The Dr Joel Kaplan Compact Prostate Massager indeed does vibrate, and is easily insertable, something which is new to me when it comes to anal toys. The vibrations were strong enough to be felt, but I didn’t find them directed towards my prostate as I think they were intended. Overally I believe it is a average toy.