Anal Sex

So, August is apparently Anal Sex Month! Had I realized this earlier, there would have been much more anal play in the last few weeks. (Do I get half points for having bought a new butt plug last month?)

So, here’s some basic info for safe anal play from Pixel!

Clean up first! Go to the bathroom before you play, clean with soap and water (I’ve always found that dragging a partner into the shower with me worked well.), a cleaning wipe, or, if you feel like it’s needed, use an enema.

Foreplay! It’s your friend. The more relaxed you are, the less tense your muscles will be. A massage is great for this, and some oral and/or heavy petting are usually part of my pre-anal foreplay.

Use lube. It seems like a blindingly obvious statement, but lube (how much, and what kind you use) is really the best thing to make your butt sex feel good. I love Sliquid. Their Sassy formula is a thicker gel and great for use with toys, and their Silver (silicone based, because the extra slickness makes friction no longer an issue) is my ‘go to’ lube for fucking. Just remember, silicone toys+silicone lube=a bad idea, and possibly a ruined toy.

Try some clit stimulation. Seriously. The Mimi is the toy I generally I grab, as it’s small enough to not get in my way during sex, and the vibration levels aren’t overwhelming. For me, lower levels of vibration are what my body needs to relax before penetration, and once I’m comfortable with penetration, I turn it up! The Tango also rocks for this.

Try switching up positions. Missionary not working out for you? Try doggy, or spooning, or cowboy. The angle just may be wrong for you and your body!

Don’t use numbing sprays or lubes. If things are hurting during anal sex, you need to know about it!

Watch for lubes that have parabens-some people are allergic to these chemicals, and experience a burning sensation when they come in contact with them.

Take your time. This isn’t a race, and if it takes you a half hour or more of teasing and being fingered before you’re ready to be fucked, then that’s how long it takes.

Above all, communicate with your partner. If something doesn’t feel right, if you need more lube, or just aren’t up for anal play today, tell them! Otherwise, how are they going to be able to make the experience better for you?

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