A review of Vixen’s Leoweenie!

When you are a sex toy company that comes out with an orange dildo, you have my attention. When you come out with an orange dildo that is body safe and has freaking BATS all over it, though… Not only do you have my attention, but also my love, promises of undying affection, and all the flailing fangirl enthusiasm a former goth can muster. This translates to lots, but I’m too cool to show it. That, and if I get too excited I’ll overheat, and then my eyeliner runs.

The Vixen Leoweenie is a special edition of their Leo dildo, which normally comes in purple and black. It’s a pretty awesome shade of orange. Not quite a ‘fake Halloween pumpkin’ shade, but it’s not a neon colour either. Inside the dildo, there are a bunch of small black bats, each around an inch long. Depending on where the bats are in the silicone, some of them may look more grey than black. Mine had 7 bats, most of which were perfectly in silhouette, and one or two were on a slight angle. The Leoweenies are hand made, so how many bats you get and their placement is going to vary. The base to the Leo is a suction cup, and it sticks really well. I stuck it to the side of my shower, you know, like you do, and it stayed there for about an hour before losing it’s grip.

The shaft is almost entirely smooth, with some subtly raised pieces that remind me of melted wax dripping down a candle. The head is more realistic, with a pronounced corneal ridge, slit, and foreskin wrinkles. I don’t care for hyper-realistic toys for the most part, but this is just the right combination of realistic and artistic for me. There’s an upward curve to the shaft, which means the head will rub against your g-spot or prostate during use. The head is larger and defined enough that there is a bit of a popping sensation when you pull the dildo all the way out.

The Leo isn’t a huge dildo. For me, it’s on the medium size, but then I’m a bit of a size queen. The length is 8 inches over, and 7 inches are insertable. The diameter is 1.75 inches, which I think is pretty reasonable for both anal and vaginal use, especially when you take into account the way Vixen’s silicone feels.

This toy has a lot of squish to it. Like…way more than what I am used to a ‘regular’ (not dual density) silicone. I can bend the shaft of the Leo completely in half, so it’s pretty bendy. It picks up lint like crazy, so unless you’re keeping it in the tube it came in or a ziplock bag, expect to have to wash this toy before and after you use it. There’s a fair amount of drag to this silicone as well, so you may want to use some water based lube with this. You should always use water based lubes with silicone toys unless you’re willing to take the chance of the silicone reacting badly to your toy. Cleaning options are varied and awesome. You can stick it in the dishwasher, clean it with a toy wipe, use a toy cleaner, and use antibacterial soap/water. To completely sterilize the you, you can boil it for 3-5 minutes or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.

If you’re into pegging, I’d definitely recommend this as an intermediate sized toy. The angle is great for prostate stimulation, it’s got some squish to the silicone, and hey, if you’ve ever wanted to hum the Batman theme song while you’ve got someone bent over, this is going to give you a reason excuse reason to. The base is wide and sturdy and works well with strap on harnesses (I tried it in my RodeoHs, the Spareparts Joque and my Outlaw Leather Annie O), and the upward curve of the shaft means you don’t have a sagging strap on cock.

For vaginal play, the Leo is definitely the Baby Bear of cocks. It’s not too small, not too large, not too hard…well, you get the picture. The head of the toy and the textured details there rub against my g-spot when I use the toy for thrusting, but it’s not overly texture or annoying. For me, it isn’t firm enough to make me gush, but it’s still a really good and wet orgasm. The diameter is enough that I have something to clench around when I orgasm, and the base isn’t so big that it gets in the way of me using my Hitachi.

I’m a fan and I’m giving this 5 black nail polished paws up out of 5!

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