Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Review

cobra libre 2I have never used a male vibrator before, I’ve always stuck to sleeves (poor choice of words, hah!), and so trying the Libre II for the first time was a new experience. At first I missed the immediate pleasure you get when you slide into a sleeve, the Libre II covers the top of your head and possibly an inch-ish more (internal length is 3.5 inches) and yet I find that it’s now my go-to toy – and I’ll now explain why.

The box was very unassuming, simply stating Fun Factory, nothing too conspicuous, and it was very nicely laid out inside, which made me feel like I was getting my value immediately. The blowjob toy itself looks very sleek, I have the black model and it has a low-profile, minimal design – which makes it a lot easier to clean.

Now, onto usage.

To start with, you need lube. Not an insane amount, though you can if you want I guess, go crazy – but enough so that you can slide in without friction. I did a dry test, for science, and it’s pretty uncomfortable though I came to no serious harm. It doesn’t really seem to matter what lube you use, so long as it’s water based. I prefer LH’s Liquid Silk, but the Durex Feel one was fine too.

You turn the Libre II on and off using the Fun button (yay!). There are a lot of different vibration speeds and styles, the first few are constant and they’re the ones I use the most, and you can flick through using the + and – buttons with ease to find the setting best for you. The lowest vibration I imagine I could probably sit with indefinitely, it’s a nice, tingly buzz, it’s good for using if you’re close to climax but want to calm down for a while.

The highest constant vibration speed, however, is intense. There’s no other word for it. There’s a small recess inside the Libre II where you can rest your head and the vibrations run all the way down your shaft, more so if you tense up. Oh and my hand went numb once, that was cool.

The other settings are alternating pulses, broken up into ‘slalom’ and ‘rock’n’roll’ mode, (there’s a booklet included explaining the ‘shape’ of the vibrations) which I quite liked, as the alternating power means your pleasure comes in waves.

I found there were two ways I mainly used the Libre II. I would either keep it in one place and massage, ahem, other areas, or you can use it a little like a stroker, but with gentler movement. With the latter there can sometimes be a vacuum effect which feels amazing though I have found my orgasms just as mind-blowing with either method. Seriously, I love this toy.

Clean-up is relatively easy, there’s not a lot of surface material, and it’s all smooth… and in theory waterproof. I found one or two wipes did the job and it never had any residual smell. The downside to the small surface area is that cum doesn’t have much place to go, and so it usually sort of flows with gravity. Easy way around this is to have a tissue at hand as you orgasm. Not a big deal, really. Alternately just come all over yourself.

Charging the device is wonderful, the battery lasts for a very long time, and the vibrations are only weakened right near the end of battery life. The usb magnetic charger is great and I am yet to electrocute myself, which is always a plus. The lights on the buttons are good indicators of charge, too.

If I was going to point out one issue, with the Libre II, and this really would be my only complaint, it’s the noise. This thing sounds like an electric toothbrush on steroids. I tend to only use it when it’s during the day or when I know everyone is out of the house, and even during the day I tend to put music on. But then, you can’t have such intense vibration without the noise, so there isn’t really a compromise.

Overall I loved this toy, it’s easy to clean, it looks good, it feels good (even if it’s a little noisy). The reason I prefer it to strokers is purely down to the orgasm. It’s just a better orgasm, it’s more intense, I feel I get more release. That’s it.

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You deserve some new masturbation toys

There is a lot of fun to be had with masturbation toys. Why not get some new masturbation toys for yourself?

Get these new masturbation toys and you will have fun

These masturbation toys are some of the best I have ever found. I didn’t really think that it was possible for toys to be as fun as these are, but then again I had only owned one before that. I picked up a pocket pussy when I was at the local porn shop and was seriously disappointed by it. I didn’t really believe that I would ever buy any toys again after that.

When I found out about these masturbation toys I thought it is too good to be true. I mean, how could you have a realistic sexual experience with a four pound pile of rubber? Well, the guys who make these toys did a great job molding that rubber and silicone into something that not only feels like the real thing, but it also looks like it, too. They made sure that it was set up just right so that you could mount and fuck it, as well.

These masturbation toys are both made by Mangasm. The first is the DSRV, which I believe stands for doggy style rear view, and it is one hell of a view. It does look like you are staring at a woman who has bent over to present her pink lady to your cock. It has a vagina that feels great and if you are in the mood for something dirty you can go ahead and get in the butt, too. I didn’t expect there to be anything greater than this, but then I found out about another toy in their lineup of ultra realistic fake pussies.

These masturbation toys are great. The Pussy Paradise is almost identical to the DSRV except that it is positioned for missionary style fucking. You can lay down on top of it and slip your dick inside because it is at the right angle. The butt is there for your taking, too. If you are really looking forward to being able to actually let your hips take care of the action then these are the toys that you should be thinking about purchasing. Again, I really thought that these toys wouldn’t be as great as they are, but now I am a believer.

If you get either of the items I mentioned you will be glad. You can find them both at, and one of the best things about that site is the discreet shipping. They will send it to you without a single mark on the package that indicates what is inside. Your credit card statement also won’t show that you bought yourself a sex toy, which is important if there are any ladies looking over the bill. Go over to the site and check out all of the masturbation toys that they have because I am sure you will find something that pleases you.

Don Wands Swirled Blue Glass Dildo

When I ordered this from the US I was expecting it to take some time to get here since I live in the UK, but it surprised me when it arrived pretty quick, within a couple of weeks of ordering it. I did have to pay duty on this to bring it into the country, I was expecting to have to do this so I wasn’t surprised when I got a note through from parcelforce asking me to pay a small amount online to them before the parcel would be released.

It is quite normal for you to have to pay some charges when ordering something from outside of the UK, the charges can be quite high depending on the object and its value and Parcelforce very kindly also add on a handling fee. Edenfantasys are nothing to do with these charges and you cannot pay them in advance so don’t be surprised if you receive a notice when you order from the US.

When the glass dildo arrived it was in a plain box with the normal customs sticker on it, stating that it contained a massager, I am pretty sure that the postal service know what massager is code for but I have never let that worry me when ordering from a company, they have to put something and at least it doesn’t say DILDO in big letters on the box, the inside of the box was very well packaged and my Don Wand Glass Dildo had made it all the way across the Atlantic without a single scratch.

The Don Wand Glass Dildo comes in some stylish packaging, just a grey box with the companies branding on it and some clear information about the dildo including how to clean it.

Cleaning a glass dildo is so easy as glass is non porous and doesn’t react with other materials this dildo can be washed in the sink with some anti bacterial cleaner, with any sex toy cleaner or even in the dishwasher. It really couldn’t be simpler.

This dildo looks stunning, it has a clear glass bulbous end and a lovely tight blue swirl which runs all of the way down it, the blue swirl is ridged and feels lovely in the hand.

The glass is lovely and smooth and there aren’t any annoying seams anywhere on this dildo, it has a nice flared base which make it super easy to hold when it is been used.

As this dildo is made out of glass it can be used with any lubricant of your choice, it can also be warmed up easily in warm water or cooled down in a fridge or if you’re feeling particularly hot the freezer. The tempered glass that this toy is made from is chip and shatter proof and completely safe to be used without any worry of it breaking, this doesn’t mean that you can go juggling it outside without worry but you really can be quite rough with this dildo while you are using it without having to worry about it breaking or chipping.

That said, I still think that it is advisable to check your glass toys regularly for chips and marks to ensure that there are no sharp edges.

The tight blue swirls on this dildo really do feel good against the g-spot when it is been used. I really liked it when my partner twisted the dildo in the opposite direction to the swirls as he used it on me. We also tried this dildo anally and found that it is a very good anal toy aswell, the bulbous end means that you can use it for double penetration without any worry that it might slip out while your busy elsewhere. It is lovely and solid and gives a great full feeling.

The overall length of this Dildo is 7.5 Inches, with the majority of this being insertable (7 inches) it has a nice circumference of 4 3/4 inches and a Diameter of 1 1/2 inches, it has a good weight, it weighs in at 1lb, which is enough to make it feel solid in your hand without it making you feel like it is too heavy.

For me the size of this Dildo is just perfect, although I do like the larger toys, this was great for sex and play with my partner and on my own.

Glass is a very firm material and this should be taken into account when you are playing with it, don’t be too rough with your partner, glass doesn’t have any give in it at all and if you are too rough you may cause bruising, which isn’t any fun for anyone.

Overall: I really like this glass dildo from Don Wands, It looks like a piece of art it’s so pretty, the way that the light reflects off it really is stunning, the ridges feel really good and it’s great for Vaginal or Anal play making it a great all round toy.

New Comers Beginners #StrapOn Set

It arrived in really good time, even with the Christmas post and it was packaged nice and discretely, on the box it has a nice clear picture of the strap on, some basic instructions of how to fit the harness and a picture of the dildo including its size. The details of how to fit the harness are here

It really is that easy to fit, it fits up to a 60inch waist and it is very easy to adjust, I am not as slim as the woman in the picture but I found that there was plenty of room in the harness to make a nice secure fit, the harness is made from nice strong nylon straps and is fully adjustable. The section at the front where the dildo is fitted will hold a larger dildo than the one which comes with it, up to 1.25inches in diameter.

The Dildo that comes with is a Sportsheet please dildo, it is made from silicone and is just the right amount of flexible, bendy and soft but not to bendy and soft, it makes penetration easy without feeling too hard for the person on the other end.

The dildo is also nice and small and slim which makes it perfect for the absolute beginner which is more or less what we are, whereas I am more than used to a bit of anal play, my partner isn’t so we wanted something that would be perfect for beginners and this fitted that bill perfectly. He said that the dildo felt just right for him it wasn’t too big or to small and it was quite short in length so it didn’t feel like it was going to deep for him either.

We tried the strap on in a number of different positions and actually found that the shorter length didn’t work for us in some positions, maybe that is because it is new to us and we need more practice or it might just be that as this is a smaller beginners dildo it isn’t big enough for every position, the harness was perfect in use, it held everything where it should be and was very comfortable to wear, as it is open at the bottom my partner was able to manipulate me whist I was wearing it without any problems.

When using a strap on dildo anally it is important to use plenty of lube as the anal area is not self lubricating, as this set comes with a silicone dildo you should stick to water based lubricants which are safe to use with silicone toys.

After use we found cleaning this set to be really easy the dildo is simple to remove from the harness and can be washed in hot soapy water or with a good quality sex toy cleaner and the harness is machine washable.

Overall we both really liked this strap on, it is a great introduction into pegging and would be perfect for any beginner, the harness is comfortable and easy to put on and take off, the dildo is easy to fit and as the O ring will take larger dildo’s to you can always upgrade the dildo to a larger one when you feel ready to move on. I can see this becoming something that is used more and more in our bedroom as my partner really enjoyed it.

Icicles No.6 Glass Dildo

Once I removed it from the packaging, I could see that it was is a lovely box, with some great design which shows the toy off beautifully, the bright pink of the dildo contrasting excellently with the grey of the box and the clear glass.

On taking it out of the box I could feel that this was a top quality product, the glass has some weight to it and the nubs and ridges feel really tactile and lovely in the hand. The base of the toy is quite large and flat meaning that you can stand this toy on its base; it almost looks good enough to be used as a glass ornament rather than a sex toy.

Just like an ornament

The dildo is a nice size, it doesn’t seem to large or to small, and the width seems just right for me, the ridges really add to the way that it feels both in the hand and when been used.


The ridges are raised but they don’t feel uncomfortable when the toy is been used, instead they massage the g-spot perfectly, the contrast between the pink swirl and the pink bumps feeling absolutely exquisite.

How it measures up

Now it’s no secret that I love glass because I love the way that it can be used for temperature play, and this glass dildo is no different, you can pop it in the fridge, or the freezer if you’re feeling brave and you can cool it right down, or you can put it in warm (not hot water, you don’t want to burn yourself) and it will give totally different sensations, equally using at room temperature can be fun to.

If using it cold from the fridge the glass slowly warms to body temperature whilst been played with, at a speed which means that you get to enjoy both sides of it.

As this is a glass toy, it is super easy to clean, you can even pop it in the dishwasher if you have one, it does say on the box that it is dishwasher safe.

It is also safe to use with all lubricants unlike some toys where it is advised you avoid certain lubes, with glass there isn’t this problem, but please remember that silicone lube shouldn’t be used with condoms so although it is safe to use it with the toy, if you are going on to have sex with a condom afterwards do not use silicone lubricant.

As this dildo is glass it is very solid, and if your partner is using it on you s/he needs to be aware of this and try not to be too rough, it has absolutely no give in the material at all, and although it does feel amazing when been used right, if used wrong you could easily become uncomfortable.

Overall I really love this dildo, I love the contrast of the pink on the clear glass, the feel of the raised bumps and swirl as it is been used against the g-spot. The way that is seems to be the perfect size, and stands up on its base to give the look of something much more innocent is great  and of course how simple it is to clean and store. I would highly recommend this glass dildo to anyone wanting to try a glass toy.

Tantus Alumina Flow Dildo

I don’t have many metal toys and the shape and size of this dildo looked just perfect.

The Tantus Alumina Flow Dildo comes in a luxurious looking box with just a silver outline of the dildo on the lid and the name of the dildo, no tacky half naked women with this one, it looks like it is a good quality toy right from the outset. When you take the lid off the box the dildo is in a foam cut out to stop it from rattling around and getting damaged, the box is very well designed and can be used to store the dildo in when it is not been used.

The Tantus Alumina Flow Dildo is made from lovely shiny purple metal and metal has some great properties for keeping heat and can be warmed up in warm water or cooled down in cool water or the fridge, I found that the dildo felt cold without having to cool it down before use, any colder would be too cold for me, but if you like it really cold try popping it in the fridge for half an hour before use.

The Tantus Alumina Flow Dildo is suitable for use with all lubricants as it is made from metal you can also submerge it as it is waterproof and use it in the bath or shower. This also makes it super easy to clean you can clean it in hot soapy water, a dishwasher, in boiling water or with a good quality sex toy cleaner which is available from the majority of online sex toy stores.

The Dildo has two different sized ends that can be used for play, there is the large bulbous end and the slimmer end, to me the slimmer end feels more like a handle but it can be used for penetration if you prefer a slimmer dildo. The dildo also unscrews in the centre, I initially thought that I might have damaged it by unscrewing it but after reading about the dildo online I saw that this is deliberate as you can buy other toys from the range and interchange different pats of different dildo’s to make a variety of toys.

The Tantus Dildo feels quite substantial in the hand, even though its not a huge dildo this is down to its weight, it is made from metal so it is not a light toy, not exactly back breaking heavy but it does have some weight to it, I actually like the feel of a heavier toy when I am using it, for some reason it just seems to feel better.

The Tantus Dildo is completely smooth and whereas some people might prefer something with a bit more texture to it, I liked the feel of it, the shape and sizes of the bulbous end did feel good when been pressed against the g-spot, I did find that the dildo was very solid though and unforgiving, meaning that my partner had to be careful not to be too rough with it by accident. This is something that you should always think about when you use a solid metal or glass dildo on a partner.

Overall I really like the look and feel of this dildo, its lovely and smooth and solid and has a real quality feel about it, I like that it is interchangeable with other toys in the range and can’t wait to try some more so that I can check this out for myself. Been able to use all lubes with it is great, and it is really easy to clean, but personally I would avoid using it for anal as it doesn’t have a flared base and accidents can happen.

Icicles No 24 Rose Tentacle Glass Dildo

The Icicles dildo comes in some lovely clear packaging with some great pictures of the toy on the box; the packaging makes this look and feel like something special. It has a front cover which opens like a book to display the toy through a window in its protective foam; the packaging is just perfect for the toy, great cushioning to prevent any damage, but good clear pictures to ensure that you can see the toy in all its glory.

When I slid out the dildo from the box the first thing that I noticed was its color, it is a fantastic rose pink color which glimmers in the light. The glass is colored pink it is not a coloring that is painted on to the glass like you might get in some cheaper glass toys, this toy will not fade with washing and there is no fear of the toys color coming off onto you whilst in use which I have had happen with cheaper toys which started off pink but ended up clear, this is pink glass, and it looks fab!

The next thing I noticed is its size and weight, obviously as this is a solid glass toy it has a little bit of weight to it, it’s not light and flexible like some silicone dildos this is a solid glass dildo, it will not bend or flex and it has the weight that you would expect a solid piece of glass to have, the glass that it is made out of is specially tempered to ensure that it is totally safe and shouldn’t chip or shatter when it is been used. I have dropped glass toys outside before onto patios and they haven’t even ended up with a scratch, they are also safe to use at different temperatures, just think Pyrex.

The size of the No 24 is nice, it sort of fits into your hand and the loop at the end makes a useful handle when you are using it to ensure that you get a good grip of the toy, I would describe this toy as short and fat rather than long and thin, you can certainly feel its width when you are using it, and where I have had other glass toys which are quite long and if used roughly have left me feeling bruised, as this isn’t as long as those, and I haven’t had this problem. I found the size of this glass dildo to be just right for me, not to thick but thicker than some of the other glass toys I have and not too long.

Glass is a great toy to use if you like temperature play, as you can cool it right down in the fridge or if you dare the freezer, or you can warm it up in some warm water, just be careful not to use water that is too hot, glass keeps it temperature for a fairly long time and if you’re not careful you might burn yourself, remember you are more sensitive to temperature change in that genital area so just a couple of degrees will be enough for you to feel it.

The No 24 is safe to use with all lubricants as it is glass and glass doesn’t react with any ingredients in lube, it is also waterproof and safe to use in the bath or shower and you can even clean it in the dishwasher.

The tentacle glass dildo has some great textures, on one side it is lumpy and bumpy and on its other side it’s veiny and looks like a tongue, both sides feel totally different against the g-spot when the toy is been used, the lumps and bumps feeling very noticeable but the other side of the dildo feeling nice and smooth. I personally preferred the more textured side against my g-spot to the smooth side, but when you have 2 options it is nice to switch between one and the other.

Lumps and Bumps

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Overall I love this dildo, I always love glass toys especially ones as well made as this one, it’s a lovely color, the design is fantastic even if it does look a little different, I like the length, the width and how easy it is to clean, the loop at the end is even a great little addition as not only does it add to the way that it looks but it is functional to.

The Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls

The Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls come packaged in a clean-looking white box with some tasteful design on the outside. There is a window and on the front of the box to allow you to see the Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls through.

Inside the box the Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls are and presented in some shaped foam with the charger cable, underneath this is the leaflet telling you how the vibrating balls work and there is also some information about the rest of the range.

Size and Shape

The Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls are essentially two vibrating balls linked together with a loop to make removing them easier when you have finished playing.

The shape of these kegal balls is the same as most silicone ben wah or Kegal ball sets and the size is about right for anyone to be able to securely hold them in place when they are being used, not to big or to small as conversely the smaller ones are the harder ones to use as they take more muscle control to hold them in place.

How do they work?

When you first get these balls they will have a small amount of charge in them,  I would advise that you still give the balls a charge before the 1st use.

They come with a USB lead that can be used to charge it either with a computer or an adapter plug which most people have from phone chargers or apple devices. This fits into a small hole on the side of the Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls.

Another thing to note is that when they arrive the Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls have the travel lock on, simply press the power button three times quickly and this will be turned off, then hold down the power button and the vibrations with start, they start off slow initially but keep your finger on that button and they will get faster and stronger.

I like toys that have this kind of speed settings as it means that you can choose exactly how fast or slow you want them to go, on toys which don’t have this you might find that they are either not quite fast enough for you or just too fast.

The button to control the power is on the main body of the toy, I personally didn’t like this and I would prefer the controls to be on the retrieval cord if at all possible to allow it to be controlled whilst it is in use. With it being on the side of one of the balls you can’t do this, once you set the speed and insert the balls you are stuck with the speed that you have.

Feel and Power

As I have already mentioned this is vibrator with variable speeds, it does not have any patterned vibrations just the simple speed setting, it is also rechargeable.

The vibrations are of a medium strength when they are on full which is more than enough for me when been worn internally. They are small enough to be easily inserted with a small amount of lube and comfortable when worn, the silicone loop does feel a little cumbersome at times as it is pretty solid but it’s not something that would put me off from using them.

These vibrate and most people will find it hard to wear vibrating balls to walk around and do anything with as the vibrations make is almost impossible for your muscles to grip it properly, add to that lube making it super slippy and it is a recipe for disaster. I would therefore recommend wearing them without the vibrations turned on if you wish to be able to do other things, but using them with the vibrations turned on if you are just playing and planning on having some fun.

The vibrations do feel good and I would use these whilst playing with my partner but if I wanted something to use as an exercise for my kegals I would use something such else which doesn’t have the vibration option.


The Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls are made from some superb quality silicone which is free from seams and feels soft and warm to the touch. It has a slight stretch to it which means that the balls have some flexibility to them; this makes them comfortable to wear.

Cleaning and Lube

This is a toy that is designed to be used internally and therefore it is super important that it is kept as clean as possible, it is made from body safe silicone and it is also waterproof. This means that it can be washed in some super hot soapy water (but not a dishwasher due to its electrical components). I would advise doing this both before and after each use. I would also recommend that you use a good quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner when you have finished cleaning it with soap and water to ensure that you get rid of any nasty bugs.

As for lube, as always I would recommend a good quality water based lubricant, avoid anything with silicone in it as this could damage this silicone toy.


As vibrating kegal balls go these Calexotics Silhouette Vibrating Pleasure Balls are pretty good, they do exactly what you would want and exactly what you would expect them to do The vibrations are of a good strength and easy to control, although I would prefer to be able to control them when I am using it not just before and after.

They are rechargeable and easy to recharge with the included lead. They have a travel lock so that they will not go off whilst they are being stored and this should save the battery. The instructions which come with them are very brief but they are so easy to use that you really don’t need much.

They are easy to clean and the box that they come with is good enough quality that you can use it to store them in when they are not been used.

Clone a Willy Candle Kit

We were both really quite excited about trying one of these kit, it wasn’t something that we had tried before and the thought of been able to make a candle out of his erect penis sounded like a lot of fun.

It arrived very quickly in some super discrete packaging, well packaged in bubble wrap to prevent the tube getting damaged, this is particularly important as the tube that the kit comes in is also the tube that you use for casting your penis candle in.

It came with some supplementary instructions, I cannot stress enough how important it is to read the instructions 2 or 3 times before you even start, knowing what it is that you are doing is key to getting this right, and as you only get enough molding power and wax for one try you need to make sure you get it right.

We opened the tube carefully, the tube itself is made from pretty good quality plastic so its unlikely that you will damage it when you open it, and we removed the kit from inside it. This is what was included in this kit:

On the reverse of the lining of the tube are more clear instructions, we both took the time to read these 2 or 3 times before we started, I must stress again that it is important to read the instructions as the key to getting it right is making sure you follow them and you get it right.

So poured the powder into a bowl and used the thermometer which is included in the kit to measure out exactly 425ml of water at exactly 37C, this I found really tricky. We have a mixer tap so we thought that it would be pretty easy but it wasn’t; it took quite a bit of fiddling with the taps to get it to just the right temperature. In the mean time my other half was trying to get and stay hard, as you can imagine it was quite a surreal experience for the both of us!

Once I managed to get the water to the correct temperature and the other half was ready, I started the timer for 2mins. In the instructions it says to start the timer before pouring the water onto the powder, and then to mix the water with a wooden spoon like crazy until it started to look like pancake mix; it really does thicken up quickly so it is important to work as quickly as possible.

I poured the mixture into the tube that the other half had trimmed to the required length and then he placed the tube full of the gooey mixture over his erect penis and held it there whilst it set. After about 30 seconds I asked him how the gel feels and his answer was ‘squishy, strange and cold!’.

He said that the gel started off feeling warm, as the water used is body temperature, but it very quickly started to go cold and by the time the gel had solidified which only took a matter of a couple minutes it was feeling very cold indeed.

Now it does state in the instructions that it doesn’t matter if your penis doesn’t remain hard for the whole of the casting process so long as it is initially hard there will be enough time to be able to take a clear accurate cast of your penis, this is good as my other half felt that the gel became to cold for any man to be able to maintain an erection for the time that it takes.

Once the gel had set we removed the mould from his penis, it slid off really easily and didn’t stick at all, there was no pain involved in the removing of the gel cast, and even where it had got stuck to any hairs it was easily and painlessly removed.

Once the mould is made you need to use the wooded skewer to make a hole in the bottom and push the wick through. In the instructions it says to put it through where the urethra is but it is quite difficult to work out just where that is, and it is sort of guess work.

After that you use the skewer to attach the wick to over the base of the mould so keep it in the centre of the candle.

Then we started to melt the wax, in the instructions it says to microwave it for 4.5mins, we found that it took a lot longer than that, we took it out repeatedly and checked it but it took 10-12 mins to fully melt, obviously this will depend very much on your microwave just how long it will take.

The hot wax, don’t melt yours in a bowl use a jug

I made a mistake with this, I melted it in a bowl and then tried to pour it into the mould, it just ran down the side of the bowl and onto my fingers, and when it says in the instructions that it is hot, they don’t lie it is very hot when it comes out of the microwave! So you need to be very careful. I transferred the wax into a glass jug and poured it into the mould with that. I would advise you to do the same and not be a fool like me and try a bowl.

Once I had filled the mould with the hot wax I left it to set for a couple of hours, the wax does shrink a little bit and after the 2 hours I re-melted the remaining wax and top it up, we found that the shrinkage was very small and only a small amount of wax was needed to do this.

Then I needed to clean up everything while it was setting, the bowl and jug that had the wax in were not that easy to clean, obviously you can’t put it down your drain as it won’t stay liquid and wax will make a very good plug in your pipes to block them, we poured the wax out while it was still melted straight into out outside bin, and then used red hot water and a scourer to get the wax off the bowls and a plastic scraper to get it off the kitchen worktops. The gel is much easier to clean up – it literally just peals off. Don’t be tempted to leave the wax in the bowl/jug before cleaning, you won’t get it off and you will lose your container.

Once we had done all of this we removed the candle from the mould and this was the result, it’s not perfect, but we didn’t really expect that it would be as we hadn’t tried it before, although it’s pretty damn close and we are really pleased with it.

Overall: We both thought that this was really good fun, we loved doing it and had a real giggle trying to get it right, the instructions are really clear, the kit has everything that you need including a thermometer and we were both really pleased with the results although not perfect, we would love to try another one of these kits just because we would love to try and get it perfect.

Lovehoney Love Bear Bullet

A Lovehoney Love Bear Bullet was given to us as a free gift as part of an order we made at Lovehoney a while ago. I’m not usually one for cutesy toys especially ones shaped like animals except for the odd rabbit or Bad Dragon dildo. The Love Bear actually performed really well however even with its uncomfortable smile and piercing eyes but it’s got one major flaw.

Unlike many other cutesy toys on the market, the Love Bear isn’t made of nasty materials like jelly nor is it made of plastic. The vibrator is actually covered with soft silicone even the head of the toy. Most of my other bullets are made of plastic but it’s nice to have a silicone one as it’s one of my favourite sex toy materials.

The box in which the Love Bear comes supplied does make me feel like I’m on acid. I’ve never seen such a cutesy looking box in my life and I’m not just including sex toy boxes here. The box isn’t in my taste at all but I guess people who are interested in bear headed vibrators could like this box.

We have a flourescent green Love Bear which I think maybe discontinued now as Lovehoney are currently only selling Pink and Purple versions. The green is very bright and does make a change from the standard colours of pink, purple, black and white so it certainly stands out in our toy box.

Decapitated Bear HeadThe bear on the head of the bullet vibrator is not just for show as I’ve found it allows me to more accurately stimulate my clitoris. This is down to the head being much larger than the shaft and the raised detailing on the bears face allows better grip for when my hands are slippery.

To replace the N battery you unscrew the bear’s head which is easy to do by rotating it via the ears. Screwing it on again can be a bit hit and miss due to the threading. A lot of the time the head won’t sit on the shaft flushly which is a pain.

When screwing the head on it makes a grinding noise. Upon inspection I’ve found the metal section of the shaft rubs against the head shaving some of it off. This makes it quite messy, possibly a health risk and will most likely shorten the lifespan of this toy considerably.

Functions / Controls

The vibrations are activated by pressing a raised section on the top of the bear’s head between the ears making it difficult to accidentally press. The Love Bear has a single vibration strength which is powerful for a battery-powered sex toy.

Lovehoney’s product page for the Love Bear states that its extra quiet which I cannot say this is true. It’s quite loud for its vibration strength and can be heard outside a closed-door quite easily.

Her Experience
I didn’t expect to even slightly like this toy but it has never failed to give me an orgasm. This is down to the soft silicone, powerful vibrations and oddly the bear’s head allowing more accurate clitoral stimulation. I’m still not a fan of the bear’s face or the cutesy feeling to the entire product but if I close my eyes then I can try to forget its stare.

His Experience
I’m also very surprised at how well this bullet vibrator performed. As soon as I turned on the vibrations I knew Rox would like it. The vibration noise is a little loud and buzzy for my liking. I really dislike how the copper battery connection is being shaved off when screwing the battery compartment.

Overall Opinion

I’m quite torn with this product as it performs brilliantly even with its cutesy styling but the battery compartment shavings really drag it down for me. If it doesn’t raise a health issue, it could easily lead to the product not working once it has shaved off even more copper. Therefore I’ll hold off recommending it to others which is a real shame.